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Charles C. Johnson

Reagan gets a bum rap over Mandela’s death

10:44 PM 12/08/2013

Although liberal commentators and Hollywood movies like "The Butler" blame Ronald Reagan for apartheid, Reagan repeatedly called for Nelson Mandela’s release and apartheid’s abolition.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince on why private militaries are the future

5:37 AM 11/26/2013

The founder of one of the most hated companies on Earth believes defense spending should "go on diet," worries about drone use, and was targeted by the IRS and Democrats for his troubles. He offered to help "save Darfur" and get warlord Joseph Kony yet was vilified by liberals and turned down by both the Bush and Obama State Departments. Meet the Erik Prince you don't know.

Washington city employee pension invests in Iran

1:01 AM 11/20/2013

The District of Columbia’s Retirement Board is invested in Iran through the state-owned, Putin-controlled Russian oil and natural gas company Gazprom, according to both local media reports and Gazprom itself.

Media skip disclosure of paid Obamacare shill

2:23 AM 11/04/2013

MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, who had a closed-door meeting with President Obama in Boston last week to discuss Obamacare, has resurfaced to defend the Affordable Care Act; but neither he nor the media that have given him a platform disclosed the $400,000 he was paid by the Department of Health & Human Services in 2009.