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Jonathan Strong, 27, is a reporter for the Daily Caller covering Congress. Previously, he was a reporter for Inside EPA where he wrote about environmental regulation in great detail, and before that a staffer for Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA). Strong graduated from Wheaton College (IL) with a degree in political science in 2006. He is a huge fan of and season ticket holder to the Washington Capitals hockey team. Strong and his wife reside in Arlington.

Star Harkin witness's testimony under fire

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Documents obtained by TheDC bring into question a key witness's testimony on regulating for-profit colleges

Closed-door meeting erupts as GOP leaders hammer conservative faction

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'We're on the same team, how could you do this?'

Harkin staff collaborated with interest group, outside law firm to edit witness testimony

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'That's not an investigation, that's just a charade'

Document suggests witness tampering by Sen. Tom Harkin's office

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'In order to get out ahead of this issue we might have the chairman straight up ask you if you're suing Westwood'

Bachmann releases letter from House Attending Physician regarding migraines

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Letter confirms that Bachmann suffers 'infrequently' from migraines, that she controls them 'well'

Bachmann long suffers from 'painful' migraine headaches

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Bachmann has made multiple hospital visits due to severe stress-induced migraines

Appropriations Committee slaps GAO, racing ahead of Issa on error-ridden report

Politics | Jonathan Strong
The report provided a major boost to the push for strict new regulations on for-profit colleges

Huntsman's Clintonian dodge on government bailouts

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Former Utah governor won't say whether he thinks bailouts were successful

Issa hearing on new regulation skips scandals

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Tough new rules on for-profit colleges --- minus the scandals --- to get a House oversight hearing

Is Obama ignoring signs that Gaddafi is desperate to make a deal to leave Libya?

World | Jonathan Strong
Letter from Libyan prime minister offers to make a deal on frozen assets

President Obama's war on facts

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Presidential press conference responses littered with inaccuracies

NRCC slams Richardson, Dems

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'This is just another disturbing example of a major ethics violation plaguing Nancy Pelosi’s caucus'

Richardson issues non-denial denial

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'The allegations in today's letter released by CREW are not new'

Rep. Laura Richardson could face jail time for ethics violations

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'Rep. Richardson didn’t just violate House rules, she likely committed crimes'

Democrats rip Romney on job creation

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Romney's business experience 'suggested he would be good at job creation, when in fact he was terrible at it'

Obama jokes about Biden f-bomb in video for donors [VIDEO]

Politics | Jonathan Strong
'To use one of his favorite expressions, that's a big deal'

Issa warns ATF not to retaliate against Gunrunner whistleblowers

Politics | Jonathan Strong
The ATF is 'a very retaliatory agency,' in the words of an unnamed 'special Agent Number 3'

Issa plans hearing on scandal-ridden education regulation

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Top GOP oversight official to investigate how new Education Department rules on for-profit colleges affect the economy

Did Elizabeth Warren lie to Congress?

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Questions raised over Warren's role in establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Democrats try to turn ATF scandal into gun control push

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Oversight Committee Dems tie NRA lobbying for less gun regulation to bungled ATF 'Fast and Furious' program

Top two ATF officials 'briefed weekly' on 'Fast and Furious'

Politics | Jonathan Strong
New emails reveal intimate involvement in the operation by top Justice Department officials

ATF agents contradict Justice Dept. account on 'Fast and Furious'

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Testimony raises question of whether deputy to Holder lied to congressional investigators

In contrast to new report, Club For Growth defended Romney in 2007

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Romney 'was forced to contend with a liberal Legislature that rejected many of his positive reforms,' 2007 report says

Inside the budget battle

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Little progress as debt ceiling vote looms

Morgan Stanley's bizarre theory on copyright infringement

Business | Jonathan Strong
Bank demands email with Education Dept. official be taken off the Web, despite innocuous content

David Brock on Jill Abramson: No comment

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Media Matters president quiet on new New York Times' executive editor, partly because of decade-old feud

Conservatives, Boehner face off over balanced budget amendment

Politics | Jonathan Strong
The Republican Study Committee is hand delivering its 'cut, cap and balance' plan

Amid scandals, Education Department finalizes regulation on for-profit schools

Politics | Jonathan Strong
Inspector general investigating Wall Street influence, House oversight official looking into error-ridden GAO report

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