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Tiger Beat founder dies

Charles Laufer, the founder of the teen magazine Tiger Beat, passed away earlier this month in Northridge, Calif. at 87 from heart failure.

‘Anonymous’ hackers declare war on Sony

3:13 PM 04/06/2011

Is your PlayStation Network running slow, experiencing technical difficulties or not working at all?  If so, you have been directly affected by a digital war between Sony and the infamous Internet hacker subculture ‘Anonymous.’

The world’s best journalism job ad

11:51 AM 03/24/2011

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s Matthew Doig’s ideal journalism candidate has cursed out editors, had spokespeople hang up on them in anger and has “threatened to resign at least once because some fool wanted to screw around with their perfect lede.”

Hackers post Bank of America documents

12:01 AM 03/16/2011

The scattered hacktivist subculture “Anonymous” posted emails Monday from a former employee of Bank of America Corp., claiming the bank committed mortgage fraud and hid foreclosure information.

Who is Anonymous? A look at the hacktivists aiding revolution in the Middle East

9:42 AM 02/26/2011

Amidst the revolutionary turmoil of the Middle East, the shadowy online hacker group known as "Anonymous" has spread its influence. Government websites in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, and Iran – as well as Zimbabwe and Italy -- have been attacked and at times shutdown by the hacker group which claims it fights in its own way for freedom.