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Tech problems plague Obama’s Obamacare conference call

Josh Peterson
U.S. President Barack Obama talks about Affordable Health Care to volunteers at the Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas, November 6, 2013.    REUTERS/Larry Downing   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTX1535U

Technical difficulties and a frustrated audience plagued President Obama's attempt on Monday evening to address criticisms of Obamacare and the debacle.

Google: The government has been rifling through Internet data A LOT more lately

4:42 PM 11/14/2013

Google's latest transparency report reveals a major uptick in U.S. law enforcement user data requests over the past four years, illustrating a grave concern of civil liberties groups fighting to modernize a 1980s-era electronic surveillance law.

Visit the WWII Memorial with your smart phone

3:04 PM 11/11/2013

Users looking for an interactive, barricade-free way to experience the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. can now do so from their smart phone.

David Cameron warns UK could act against papers publishing Snowden leaks

5:37 PM 10/28/2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament on Monday that the British government may take action against the newspapers publishing the intelligence documents leaked to the press by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, Reuters reports.

Facebook cooperating with Chicago police to block posting of criminal content

10:06 AM 10/25/2013

The Chicago Police Department and Facebook have teamed up to stop users of the social network from posting "criminal" content.

Feds unveil preliminary cyber standards for US companies

11:23 PM 10/23/2013

The federal government will soon give private companies associated with the nation's critical infrastructure rules to follow to protect themselves from hackers in cyberspace.

Russian surveillance for 2014 Olympics would monitor phone and Internet usage

9:37 AM 10/07/2013

Travelers heading to watch the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia can expect to be watched closely by the Russian intelligence community.

DARPA looking to create undersea drones named after a sea monster

8:59 PM 09/13/2013

As a response to budget cuts affecting the U.S. military, a U.S. agency is proposing that the Navy consider adding seaborne drones to its arsenal to deal with threats in international waters.

Report: Snowden impersonated NSA officials to access some files

6:14 PM 08/29/2013

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden impersonated the electronic identities of top NSA officials in order to access the highly classified documents he leaked to the press, NBC News reports.

Snowden reveals the US intelligence ‘black budget’

3:03 PM 08/29/2013

A summary of the 2013 classified budget of the U.S. intelligence community was revealed on Thursday through a Washington Post report on documents obtained from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Who is the Syrian Electronic Army?

9:14 PM 08/15/2013

In response to U.S. support for the al-Qaida affiliated rebels inside of Syria, a pro-Assad collective of hackers is waging its own war on the U.S. media.

Rep. King: Obama NSA ‘reforms’ a ‘monumental failure’

5:29 PM 08/09/2013

New York Republican Rep. Peter King lashed out at President Obama following the president's announcement on Friday that he would work to reform the federal government's counter-terrorism surveillance programs.

Former NSA chief ‘imagines’ hackers could retaliate if Snowden extradicted

10:55 AM 08/07/2013

The former head of the National Security Agency warned that hackers and activists could retaliate through cyber terrorism "if and when" the U.S. government apprehends former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

NSA’s ‘Homeland’ includes Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Central America

7:15 PM 08/02/2013

Americans now have responsibility for a bunch of new places they can't find on a map.

Greenwald invited to appear before Brazilian Senate committee

3:00 PM 07/15/2013

Glenn Greenwald was invited to testify before a Brazilian Senate committee on Tuesday over details about the National Security Agency’s clandestine surveillance in South America.

Obama jams rush hour DC traffic for DNC fundraiser

8:56 AM 07/12/2013

WASHINGTON - Local residents making their way home from work in the nation's capital Thursday evening were greeted with traffic congestion due to a Democratic Party fundraiser President Obama was attending in downtown D.C.

Russia uses Snowden leaks to justify internet crackdown

9:51 PM 07/10/2013

Using the revelations of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden as political cover, Russian officials are looking to crack down on Internet freedom in their country.

Report: NSA Internet spying program collected half-a-trillion records in 2012

4:57 PM 06/27/2013

Half-a-trillion Internet metadata records were processed in 2012 by one NSA surveillance program alone, The Guardian reported Thursday.

FBI admits to using drones for domestic surveillance

12:43 PM 06/19/2013

The head of the FBI told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the bureau is using drones as part of its domestic surveillance capabilities.