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A setback for online ad freedom

Jeff Patch

The technology policy wizards at the Federal Election Commission rejected a request by Facebook Wednesday to allow more freedom for candidates and political parties to advertise on America’s most popular social networking site.

Why Buddy Roemer’s campaign finance pledge makes no sense

6:38 PM 03/10/2011

The 2012 battle for the GOP presidential nomination is heating up, and underdog candidates are grabbing the spotlight as marquee candidates continue to play coy about their political intentions.

Grass(roots) dies when sun shines too brightly

5:00 PM 05/03/2010

The Center for Competitive Politics has made it no secret that we think a campaign finance bill written behind closed doors by the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the past chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee—and a President facing a re-election campaign in 2012—might not really be about good government, as they claim.