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Walmart Declares War On Christian Music

Shutterstock/kevin brine, courtesy of Jeffrey Podoshen

Walmart recently announced that it would not be carrying -- in its stores -- Christian metal act Stryper's newest release, "God Damn Evil." I have listened to this record nearly a hundred times (and reviewed it here) and it is an incredibly well-crafted heavy metal record; quite possibly one of Stryper’s very best over a storied, decades-long career.

Antifa Is Violently Threatening Norwegian Heavy Metal Bands Now

1:14 AM 02/28/2018

Over the past two weeks, noted radical leftist organization Antifa decided (rather arbitrarily) to impose its own interpretation and enforcement on what should and should not be consumed by American music fans. Norwegian black metal band, Taake, was set to perform a number of shows on its upcoming North American tour but ran into trouble as Antifa members reportedly threatened venues where Taake was performing. Antifa members also appear to have threatened concertgoers and individuals involved in the production of Taake's shows.

Here Are The Three Ways Disney Can Fix Star Wars

2:00 AM 01/18/2018

Disney's "The Last Jedi" opened with tremendous anticipation and a whopping 94 percent positive pre-release score on Rotten Tomatoes. Unfortunately, at the middle of the film’s opening weekend, the audience score hovered around 57 percent (eventually hitting its current nadir of 49 percent) and message boards and social media apps were abuzz with disappointment from many long time Star Wars fans. And while the box office numbers overall look quite good, the film had little to no competition in the theaters and once competition did arrive in its third week of release the "The Last Jedi" slipped out of first in the revenue rankings. With Disney already in the precarious situation of having to find profitable solutions for disastrous brands like ESPN, their Star Wars property is key to the firm’s long-term viability, especially as The Mouse has made massive investments in future films and the $1 billion+ Star Wars attractions in the theme parks.

Rosie O’Donnell Is A Dehumanizing Propagandist

3:09 AM 12/29/2017

As a professor who has taught courses about propaganda at a Top 50 liberal arts college for nearly 14 years, I engage students with the study of techniques used to dehumanize individuals and groups of people. One of these methods of dehumanization is centered on the focus on parts of the body and physical characteristics of the intended target that become caricatured in an effort to vilify or make seem foreign.

No, Kathy Griffin, Donald Trump Is Not An ‘Actual Nazi’

12:36 AM 12/21/2017

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently posted an interview on her YouTube channel that appeared on the BBC show "HARDtalk" and used the opportunity to call President Donald Trump an “actual Nazi.” Griffin states on the show, “I think our president is a Nazi. I think that people should be very frightened. I think there is an actual Nazi -- or at least someone with Nazi leanings -- in the White House.”

In The Wake of Myanmar’s Ethnic Cleansing, It’s Time To Scrap The Nobel Peace Prize

4:11 PM 12/06/2017

Recently, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Myanmar’s crackdown on the Rohingya “ethnic cleansing.” With these reports of the ethnic violence centered on Myanmar’s largely Muslim ethnic minority that has been forced to flee the country, calls have grown increasingly louder to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize. The Burmese leader, Kyi has been inactive and silent on the situation unfolding in her country.