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      John Ransom

      John Ransom is finance and economics writer/editor with offices in DC, Singapore and SE Asia specializing in global markets and security.

Black Voter Gains By Trump Show Opportunity for GOP

5:29 PM 05/03/2017

Voter dissatisfaction is largely cited as the key to Republican victories in key states like Ohio and Michigan in 2016. And according to new data provided by the Stars and Stripes Coalition -- a group created to provide GOP outreach to black voters -- no dissatisfied group provided more impetus for victory than the dissatisfied black voters of 2016.

Conspiracy Of Vultures: How Unethical Asbestos Lawyers Feed On Human Misery

4:54 PM 01/30/2017

A showdown in an Austin courtroom Tuesday may unseal the 20 year old deposition of renowned plaintiff’s attorney Russell Budd that might help lead to the exposure of the illegitimacy of thousands of asbestos lawsuits. We have all seen the ads from the most high-profile and politically connected law firms in America seeking mesothelioma plaintiffs – but now it is coming to light how these attorneys may have been engaged in corrupt conspiracies

Vietnam’s Independence And Self-Defense

1:16 PM 10/04/2016

As China continues its foray in the South China Sea in defiance of international law, it is almost impossible to describe the loathing ordinary Vietnamese have for China.  Equally, it’s difficult to calculate the ignorance in which ordinary Vietnamese labor under regarding the very real danger that conflict with China could break out at any time.