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Marine General Questions Obama Revealing Afghan Troop Withdrawal Plans

Justin Smith
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) commander General Joseph Dunford speaks during an interview in Kabul August 13, 2013. (REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail)

Marine General Joseph Dunford told senators on Thursday that military commanders did not recommend that President Obama announce plans to completely withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2017, The Associated Press reports.

South Carolina Man Kidnapped By Cartel Members

10:43 AM 07/17/2014

Three members of a Mexican drug cartel kidnapped a man from South Carolina and held him for ransom for more than a week, authorities said Wednesday.

China Wants U.S. To Stay Out Of Its Conflicts

11:32 AM 07/15/2014

China has told the United States to stay out of its business amid the ongoing territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

Bill Looks To Add Names Of Lost Sailors To Vietnam Veterans Memorial

2:18 PM 07/14/2014

A bill that passed the House in May would add the names of 74 sailors' to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Former North Korean Spy Used Sex To Steal Secrets From South Korea

1:51 PM 07/11/2014

Won Jeong-hwa is a 40-year-old single mother living in a small town outside of Seoul, South Korea. She is unemployed and survives on a monthly government stipend of $800 a month. Won is also a former North Korean spy who used sex as her main weapon.

9/11 Conspiracy Group Wins Signatures For New York Vote

2:27 PM 07/10/2014

A 9/11 conspiracy group has acquired enough signatures to mount a ballot referendum questioning if 7 World Trade Center collapsed due to the terrorist attacks or due to other factors.

Rep. Graves Wants To Stop All EPA Rules

12:18 PM 07/10/2014

Rep. Sam Graves, a Republican from Missouri, filed a bill on Wednesday to stop all environmental regulations mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency until all of its current policies can be thoroughly reviewed, The Hill reports.

Are You As Bad Ass As These Bad Asses? [SLIDESHOW]

9:46 AM 07/10/2014

The term "Bad Ass" can have several different definitions. Here are a few people, animals and actual asses that we think fit this word:

Wreckage From 1952 Air Force Plane Found

1:53 PM 07/08/2014

A team of underwater explorers have discovered the wreckage of a U.S. Air Force twin-engine plane in the depths of Lake Ontario.

Rand Paul, Cory Booker Unite To Reform Criminal Justice System

12:33 PM 07/08/2014

Sens. Rand Paul and Cory Booker are teaming up to push criminal justice reform through the Senate.

The Job Of Marijuana Critic Gains Popularity In Colorado

7:56 PM 07/07/2014

There's a new job in Denver, Colorado in lieu of the state's decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use: the marijuana critic.

Former Gov. Gary Johnson Takes On The Marijuana Industry

1:19 PM 07/02/2014

Former governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson is doing something that no successful politician has done before: he is venturing into the world of drugs.

The Most Dangerous Man In The Middle East

12:37 PM 07/02/2014

Qassem Suleimani is the deadliest man in the Middle East that you've never heard of.

China Blocks The Sale of Hillary Clinton’s Book

2:45 PM 06/30/2014

Hillary Clinton's memoir, "Hard Choices," has effectively been banned in China less than a month after its release, according to publisher Simon and Schuster.

Janet Yellen’s Security Detail Infuriates Gated Community

1:22 PM 06/30/2014

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen's security detail has ruined the calm and sanctity of her new neighborhood, according to unhappy and rather displeased neighbors.

Report: North Korea To Indict Two American Tourists

12:51 PM 06/30/2014

North Korea has detained and is looking to indict two American tourists who entered the country in April for committing hostile acts against the country, according to the Associated Press.

Calling All Teachers: Guantanamo Bay Is Hiring

4:18 PM 06/26/2014

Are you a teacher looking for a new and exciting job opportunity? Well, Guantanamo Bay is hiring.

CIA Told To Hand Over Torture Accounts

11:59 AM 06/26/2014

A military judge has demanded that the CIA release its torture accounts after rejecting the U.S. government's attempts to keep them secret.

Two Teenagers Left In Holding Cell Without Food For Weekend

12:28 PM 06/25/2014

Two teenagers were left in a courthouse holding cell in Douglas County, Georgia, over the weekend without food, lights or toilet paper, WSB-TV Atlanta 2 reports.