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Chuck Schumer’s shield law misunderstands the nature of journalism

Jason Stverak
President, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) delivers remarks about the Rise of the Tea Party and How Progressives Can Fight Back at the Center for American Progress Action Fund in Washington January 23, 2014. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

After disturbing revelations last year that the Department of Justice was treating the privacy of U.S. citizens with the disdain it once reserved for enemies of the state, hopes were briefly raised that Congress would finally get around to legislating some long overdue protections for journalists. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently announced that the Senate has the votes to pass a media shield law to do so. Unfortunately, Sen. Schumer’s bill,  the Free Flow of Information Act (FFIA), falls disappointingly short.

Green policies are making California’s drought a killer

5:14 PM 03/27/2014

California’s historic drought is getting worse by the day, as water providers are now levying unprecedented cutbacks on municipalities and farmers. The federal Bureau of Reclamation had already announced that there’s a 50 percent chance that parts of California will face water rationing at some point next year, and the state government has cut off over 1 million acres of farmland from the state’s reservoirs. Although many Californians have never before experienced water shortages of this magnitude, water scarcity has long been a reality for the state’s farmers, who find it more difficult to make a living each year thanks to green policies crafted by politicians and activist judges clueless to the value of this scarce resource.

All eyes on Nebraska as America awaits Keystone XL approval

10:06 AM 02/24/2014

Just as the Obama administration exhausted its arsenal of stall tactics and seemed resigned to approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, Nebraska threw one final roadblock in the way of this job-creating project. Lancaster County Judge Stephanie Stacy overturned the law that allowed Gov. Dave Heineman to give formal approval to Keystone, and the fate of the pipeline now rests in the hands of the state’s Public Service Commission. The commission has no reason to further delay the project, and should act quickly to deliver jobs to Americans eager to pick up a shovel.

Conservation easements are a waste of taxpayer money and land

11:26 AM 12/12/2013

Growing up in the Dakotas, I learned firsthand about the value and many uses of land -- from family farms and real estate development to the spectacular protected wilderness of our national parks. Responsible land development is foundational to economic growth, but the federal tax code actually disincentivizes development by encouraging the creation of “conservation easements,” which permanently bar land from productive use. As our lawmakers seek to close loopholes and eliminate wasteful deductions, conservation easements should be at the top of the list.

Collecting DNA is an unwarranted government intrusion

12:13 PM 11/22/2013

The American Civil Liberties Union and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia don’t often agree, but the increasingly widespread practice of collecting DNA from arrested individuals is bringing progressives and conservatives together in opposition. Our DNA is our most intimate personal information, and government should not have the right to seize it and store it in a permanent database merely because a person is suspected of having committed a crime.

Worst of Washington on display in shutdown

9:29 AM 10/07/2013

The federal government shutdown has shown us the true face of Washington, and it’s ugly. The partisan bickering, grandstanding, and persistent refusal to compromise we’ve seen over the past two weeks is emblematic of everything Americans don’t like about their president and Congress.

Foxx is underwhelming choice for transportation secretary

4:35 PM 05/09/2013

When President Obama nominated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to be the next secretary of transportation, he gave the rising politician a chance to become one of the youngest cabinet members in history. But Foxx isn’t qualified for the job.

Philadelphia’s blogger tax is a slippery slope

3:46 PM 08/24/2010

Local and state governments around the nation are struggling to move out of the red. Some are cutting spending while others are laying off government employees. But one city has decided to levy a new tax on a group of individuals who voice their lives, problems, and concerns via the internet. Yes, bloggers in Philadelphia beware: you are now subject to a $300 “business privilege license.”

Technology can do more than ‘inform and engage’

12:00 AM 05/19/2010

During a commencement address at Hampton University, President Obama bemoaned increasing use of technology by Americans to stay entertained instead of “informed and engaged.”

Rule change could increase government secrecy

12:00 AM 04/22/2010

Now we should call it anti-social media.

Non-profits beat government subsidy of news

12:05 AM 03/23/2010

Every day, more and more newspapers are forced to shut their doors, leaving communities around the nation at a loss for quality news coverage. Many have suggested that government subsidies are the solution, but government intervention will create greater problems than the struggling newspaper business is currently enduring.