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Jason Stverak is the President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a leading journalism non-profit organization. The Franklin Center is dedicated to providing reporters and non-profit organizations at the state and local level with training, expertise, and technical support. For more information on the Franklin Center please visit www.FranklinCenterHQ.org.

Andrew Cuomo's Fracking Ploy Hurts New Yorkers

Opinion | Jason Stverak
Punting on opening drilling in his state will come back to haunt him.

Congress Should Let The Wind Production Tax Credit Bite The Dust

Opinion | Jason Stverak
The House retroactively extended the 2014 credit. The Senate should kill it.

Andrew Cuomo Needs To Come Clean About Fracking

Opinion | Jason Stverak
There's probably a reason a major fracking study is being delayed until after the election

The Bottleneck For BP Spill Claims: The Freeh Group

Opinion | Jason Stverak
At the current rate it will take 12 years to process them all.

France's Opportunistic Defense Double-Dealing

Opinion | Jason Stverak
They're trying to sell helicopter carriers to Russia, and missile defense systems to Poland.

McAuliffe And The Clintons: Ties That Bind

Opinion | Jason Stverak
The Macker and Hillary are as close as ever, and she'll need him come 2016.

This Independence Day, Let's Remember What We Fought For

Opinion | Jason Stverak
How Thomas Jefferson gave us freedom of the press

The War Isn't On Coal, It's On The People Coal Helps

Opinion | Jason Stverak
The new EPA rule is estimated to reduce household disposable income by $550 billion per year

For Energy Efficiency, Let's Get The Corn Out of Our Gas Tanks

Opinion | Jason Stverak
Ethanol mandates destroy the environment and scramble the energy market

Chuck Schumer's shield law misunderstands the nature of journalism

Opinion | Jason Stverak
And could open the door to licensing.

Green policies are making California's drought a killer

Opinion | Jason Stverak
It shouldn't need to be said that people must come before fish.

All eyes on Nebraska as America awaits Keystone XL approval

Opinion | Jason Stverak
The state has already caused one delay in the past, the Public Service Commission shouldn't hold it up a day longer.

Conservation easements are a waste of taxpayer money and land

Opinion | Jason Stverak
Paying people not to develop is a bad idea, and the system is often abused.

Collecting DNA is an unwarranted government intrusion

Opinion | Jason Stverak
The FBI's database includes many who were never convicted, and some who were never charged.

Worst of Washington on display in shutdown

Opinion | Jason Stverak
Americans are starting to realize the federal government's non-essential employees might be just that.

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