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Julia Nista
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      Julia Nista

      Julia Nista is an Associate Editor at the Daily Caller. She is the cohost of Double Take a bi-weekly guest on Today In Media, two shows produced by The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller News Foundation. A native Southern Californian, Julia graduated in 2017 from UCLA, previously serving as Internal Vice President for the Bruin Republicans, and moved to D.C. to focus on written and broadcast journalism. You can find her in a mom-and-pop owned coffeeshop reading biographies or writing media hits.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Democrats Are ‘Too Pure’

8:41 PM 12/07/2017

MSNBC's Chris Matthews stated Thursday that the worst thing anyone could say about Democrats is that they are "too pure," even though Democratic Rep. John Conyers and Democratic Sen. Al Franken have recently announced they're leaving Congress due to sexual misconduct allegations.