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Jeff Utsch
Jeff Utsch
Vice President of Educational Development, Compact for America
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      Jeff Utsch

      Jeff Utsch is the Vice President of Educational Development for Compact for America, Inc. and a founding member of Heirs of the Republic Educational Foundation – an Arizona-based grassroots 501 c 3 dedicated to teaching Founding principles. An aerospace engineer by training, Jeff currently consults with Paradynamics, a Tucson-based company contracted to develop parachute-type canopies capable of flying specific missions as required by the Defense Advance Research Agency. Using the skills he developed as an All-American swimmer and Captain of the University of Arizona swim team, Jeff currently serves as an Instructor to the Navy SEALs / Naval Special Warfare community where he teaches Navy SEALS and support personal in specialized tactical swimming. He also served as a Director and Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation. He currently can be heard Mondays for the weekly constitution segment of the James T. Harris Show on 104.1 The Truth FM radio in Tucson.

Can Frodo Save The Nation From Obamacare?

5:18 PM 04/10/2017

Funny how the literature we adore as children winds up with parallels in our adult lives. Take it from a geek who read The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings series – and then reinforced the lessons as J.R. R. Tolkien’s books went to the big screen.