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GOP congressional candidate supported gun control, restrictions on hunting bows

Katie McHugh
Associate Editor

A New Jersey Republican running for the third district House seat publicly contradicted his views on citizens’ Second Amendment rights while on the campaign trail.

Maureen Dowd fantasizes about Games of Thrones characters murdering Republicans

2:32 PM 04/07/2014

Like many viewers of the hit fantasy show, "Game Of Thrones," New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd enjoys escaping reality for a few hours and fantasizing about brutally murdering her political opponents.

Bowdoin College publicly displays pictures of naked female students posing in groups, because art

3:02 PM 04/04/2014

A small student body in Maine just became a naked student body -- at least, its female parts.

Pro-Putin Russian oligarch dumps money into establishment GOP candidates’ campaign coffers

12:00 AM 03/31/2014

A pro-Putin Russian oligarch, billionaire, and proprietor of Access Industries, has taken a keen interest in the 2014 election cycle, contributing hefty donations to establishment Republicans and Democrats vying for congressional seats in 2014, according to

Want the tea party to win in 2014? Then end the student loan scam

5:15 PM 03/28/2014

If the tea party wants to win seats in Congress in 2014, it needs to go for the jugular -- and that means taking on the student loan crisis.

Police book intruder who assaulted GMU economist, made threatening online comments

3:38 PM 03/27/2014

Arlington police charged 31-year-old Jonathan Pendleton of Alexandria, Virginia with abduction and assault with a caustic weapon on Thursday after he attacked economics professor Tyler Cowen in a classroom at George Mason University with pepper spray.

Economist Tyler Cowen pepper-sprayed by lunatic performing ‘citizens arrest’

11:00 PM 03/26/2014

Mercatus Center Director Tyler Cowen suffered a pepper-spray attack at the hands of a deranged man on Wednesday at George Mason University, where he teaches economics.

FBI severs ties with liberal, domestic terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center

5:52 PM 03/26/2014

The Federal Bureau of Investigations removed links to the Southern Poverty Law Center from the civil rights division's web page last week, breaking ties with the group that inspired a would-be mass shooter with its "Hate Map."

OFA trolls tea party with ‘Don’t Tread on My Obamacare’ bumper stickers

5:56 PM 03/21/2014

Annoyed by Americans who resist the massive, corporation-backed push for a governmental takeover of healthcare, Organizing for Action sent out a Friday email blast touting a new bumper sticker mocking the tea party, titled "Don't Tread on My Obamacare."

App casually rents out comedian’s Manhattan apartment to ‘XXX FREAK FEST’ orgy

3:07 AM 03/17/2014

One New York City comedian found himself in a sticky situation after he rented out his apartment to a man named "David" Friday night -- and came back to the icky aftermath of an apparent orgy.

HHS set to blow $1 TRILLION in 2015 as health-care costs grow by leaps and bounds

4:32 PM 03/12/2014

The Department of Health and Human Services is expected to spend over one trillion dollars in 2015 -- but HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has never once testified before the Senate's Budget Committee on either Obamacare's costs or the president's budget at large.

Rand Paul slams NSA at CPAC: ‘What you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business’

4:06 PM 03/07/2014

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul gave a narrow, civil-liberties minded speech to a crowded ballroom of young supporters on Friday, slamming President Barack Obama for his administration’s surveillance sweeps.

Candy Crowley wins award for ‘excellence in journalism’

4:31 PM 03/06/2014

CNN host Candy Crowley received the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism award on Thursday.

Phyllis Schlafly: Republicans are ‘fools’ to back ‘any kind of amnesty’

1:10 PM 03/06/2014

Eagle Forum president and conservative author Phyllis Schlafly condemned GOP leadership efforts to compromise with Democrats on immigration, telling her audience that Republicans are "fools" to back any kind of deal that includes citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Enthusiastic Hillary 2016 supporters can’t think of a single thing she accomplished [VIDEO]

3:19 PM 03/05/2014

Democrats sure are pumped for a possible Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016, even if they can't point to a single thing she accomplished during her tenure as secretary of state, or her entire political career.

Housing market recovery hamstrung by buyers’ crippling student loan debt

10:39 PM 02/27/2014

High school seniors -- and the parents encouraging them to attend college on borrowed money -- may find the American dream of owning a home out of their reach after the bill for their student loans comes due.

Convicted terrorist who blew up Israeli students was once hired as Obamacare navigator

7:09 PM 02/27/2014

A murderer convicted of terrorism in Israel did a short stint as an Obamacare navigator in Chicago in 2013 after lying on her immigration papers and illegally obtaining U.S. citizenship, National Review Online reports.

NYT, federal judge overruling gay marriage ban confuse Constitution for Declaration of Independence

3:22 PM 02/14/2014

Both federal judge Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen and the one-time newspaper of record confused the Constitution for the Declaration of Independence during their haste to celebrate the overturning of Virginia's gay marriage ban Thursday night.

Law-abiding Connecticut gun owners may face FELONY CHARGES for failing to register weapons

6:05 PM 02/13/2014

Connecticut's gun control deadline requiring gun registration has come and gone -- putting tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens at risk of felony charges, should officials decide to crack down on what one gun owner called a stand of "civil disobedience."