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Ken Blackwell
Former Ohio Secretary of State
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      Ken Blackwell

      Ken Blackwell, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, is a member of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s board, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, and Ohio’s former secretary of state.

Trump And Moore: Agents Of Change

5:45 PM 10/09/2017

It wasn’t supposed to happen. But Donald Trump was elected president. Establishment politicians, Washington pundits, foreign governments, and just about everyone else was shocked, even horrified.

Investigation Of Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ Set Precedent For Inquiry Into Iran’s ‘Summer Of Blood’

5:22 PM 10/06/2017

In the 1990s, I and my distinguished colleague Charlotte Ponticelli had the privilege of working with Dr. Clyde Snow, one of the world’s foremost experts in forensic anthropology, who played an instrumental role in bringing justice to Argentina by uncovering the mass graves left behind by the country’s “Dirty War.” His actions and investigation helped uncover the truth about what was an incredibly deadly series of crimes carried out over nearly a decade. Holding the regime in Argentina accountable set a valuable precedent and demonstrated the global community’s commitment to upholding justice and human rights, which must be maintained today.

Hystorical Revisionism

11:02 AM 08/18/2017

Look back on the great men and women of history.  Most of them fare poorly when subjected to modern scrutiny. They launched wars, murdered rivals, enslaved enemies, enriched allies and violated most every moral norm valued by people today.

The Time Has Come For Gridlock Reform

7:19 PM 08/17/2017

When the Senate confirmed Judge David Nye to a federal district judgeship in Idaho, he became an acute illustration of what’s wrong in Washington right now.  Judge Nye was originally appointed by President Obama for the judgeship and enjoyed wide support from Senate Democrats, but when President Trump – in a good will gesture toward bipartisanship – re-nominated him those same Democrats delayed his confirmation for the maximum amount of time under Senate rules.

Congress Can Fix Unfair System Of Tax Incentives

4:40 PM 08/15/2017

It’s no secret President Trump is working to create thousands more American energy jobs, reduce regulations on energy producers and restore parity to the tax code. Given these goals, it’s time for Congress to work with the president to end the unfair practice of granting tax incentives favoring one energy sector over another and give more promising American energy technologies a chance to flourish.

Stop The Presses!

12:29 PM 07/29/2017

There are moments when you almost feel the Earth’s axis shift. That happened the other day when Sen. Chuck Schumer blamed someone for something, and it wasn’t Donald Trump.

It’s Time to Clean Up Our Elections

4:56 PM 07/14/2017

Despite the massive media attention given to the claim that Russia attempted to influence last year’s election, the greatest threat to American democracy is vote fraud at home.

The Serpents Are Surfacing

2:09 PM 07/11/2017

If you want to read what official Washington thinks, you need only pick up a copy of The Washington Post. It’s the company newsletter for the federal government. And the Post is filled with doomsday articles about President Donald Trump’s administration.

Where Are The Decent Liberals?

3:01 PM 07/05/2017

President Donald Trump’s critics fixate on his tweets and then wonder why he spends so much time responding to their attacks.  But why do they devote so much attention to his tweets in the first place?  Maybe they realize that many Americans are happy to finally have a president who fights back.

Energy Week: The Importance Of Unrestricted Energy

4:04 PM 06/27/2017

 This week, the President is scheduled to talk extensively about U.S. energy policy and the administration’s push for “energy dominance” at a time when oil giants like OPEC are looking more fragile than ever.  The President and his team are putting in place policies to continue the boom in domestic energy and turn America into an energy exporter with fewer limits and regulations on American energy production.

Regime Change In Iran Is Increasingly Attainable

12:14 PM 06/26/2017

Thirty years after President Reagan seized upon an historic opportunity to bring down the Iron Curtain, there are growing indications that President Trump can make similarly historic strides in the conflict between the US and the new evil of our time: Islamic extremism.

No More Free Lunch

11:52 AM 06/15/2017

While the Left promotes fake scandals, President Donald Trump proposes real change. Congressional Republicans should keep their eyes on the ball and enact his reforms into law.

Last Mango In Paris

12:07 PM 06/09/2017

Washington is in constant crisis. Naturally the media blames President Donald Trump. But his critics are the ones to blame: they still don’t accept the results of last November’s election.

Free Trade Must Be Fair To American Workers

12:56 PM 05/30/2017

Trade with other nations is indispensable to America’s sustained economic vitality – and vital to maintaining our nation’s position of prominence within the global economy.   Over the last two-and-a-half centuries, American workers have consistently defined (and redefined) industry and innovation - giving rise to unprecedented opportunity and prosperity for generations of our citizens.

The OPEC Meeting Reminds Us: Pursue True Energy Security

2:20 AM 05/19/2017

This week, the energy ministers of petrostates around the world gather—yet again—in Vienna for the semi-annual OPEC meeting—an absurd confab in which the holders of the world’s cheapest and largest oil reserves discuss how they can manage global oil supply to their benefit. Let this meeting serve as a reminder to us in the United States that although our energy security has improved, there is far more to be done to protect us from the machinations of this cartel, and the other economic and security consequences of our oil dependence.