Ken Allard

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Colonel Ken Allard (U.S. Army, Ret.) is a draftee who eventually served on the West Point faculty, as dean of the National War College and as a NATO peacekeeper in Bosnia (which seemed like a huge deal at the time). His most recent book, Warheads: Cable News and the Fog of War, is a memoir of his 10 years as a military analyst with NBC News and MSNBC, where he and Tucker Carlson were conservatives-in-residence.

Elevating Politically Incorrect Statements Above Honorable Service Is Just What Democrats Do

op-ed | Ken Allard
Mike Pompeo and Ronny L. Jackson are the latest sacrifices to the cult of the Democrats

Finally Striking Syria

op-ed | Ken Allard
How can American strategic interests be pursued without risking something bigger?

Speaking The Truth About The National Guard Isn't Easy

op-ed | Ken Allard
Why not encourage more to serve their country?

Here Is How Trump Can Use The Military At The Mexican Border Right Now

op-ed | Ken Allard
Presidential outbursts can become coherent policy

Honoring Vietnam Veterans Is The Right Thing To Do But We Now Fight Our Wars Using Other People's Kids

op-ed | Ken Allard
A widening gap exists between our soldiers and the society they swear to defend with their lives

This Week's Texas Primaries Were Bad For Trump And TERRIBLE For Republicans

op-ed | Ken Allard
Here is what the tea leaves say for about the bubbas and good-ole-boys of Texas politics

Billy Graham's Century

op-ed | Ken Allard
Not even this absurdly secular society is beyond the reach of God's amazing grace

Robert Mueller's Endless Investigation Is Aimed At The Wrong 2016 Presidential Candidate

op-ed | Ken Allard
The special prosecutor's show is a scene-stealing diversion that Richard Nixon would have admired

No Congressman Is More Deserving Of A Disgraceful Downfall Than John Conyers

op-ed | Ken Allard
His exquisite skills at dissembling finally proved inadequate

Treason Doth Never Prosper. What's The Reason?

Opinion | Ken Allard
Barack Obama betrayed the American soldier by commuting the sentence of a traitor.

For Republicans, This Will Be A Bumpy Ride

Opinion | Ken Allard
Trump's schemes might occasionally win battles, but they're guaranteed to lose wars.

Lying: Hillary's Persistent Health Problem

Opinion | Ken Allard
Hillary's biggest health problem is that unrelenting speech defect whenever she is expected to tell the truth.

Debating Retired Officers' Decorum While American Decline Continues Apace

Opinion | Ken Allard
Our Constitution and civil-military tradition recognize their full First Amendment rights

The Other Side Of Elizabeth Warren

Opinion | Ken Allard
When taking on predatory banks is beyond politics

Ted Cruz's Bogus 'Conscience' Dodge Makes President Hillary More Likely

Opinion | Ken Allard
He left his own party naked and confused before what will certainly be an impassioned Democratic response.

What To Do When Barbarism Comes Calling

Opinion | Ken Allard
Maybe those dead-even polls suggest that the country may finally be ready to change?

Director Comey's Disgraceful Punt

Opinion | Ken Allard
Director Comey left the ultimate decision on Hillary Clinton's guilt to the American voter.

A modest proposal for the Washington Redskins

Satire | Ken Allard
It's time for some truth in advertising

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