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Whose side is Michael Gerson on?

Ken Larrey

Friday, Michael Gerson became the latest former Bush operative to escalate the post-election war on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin when he published a Washington Post column entitled “The GOP’s Sarah Palin Problem.”  In his column, Gerson mangles the facts terribly, even blaming Palin and Senator Jim DeMint for Sharron Angle’s ill-fated nomination in spite of the fact that neither endorsed Angle until after she won the nomination.  Doug Brady dismantled the rest of Gerson’s specious argument at Conservatives4Palin.  But most ironic was his closing statement that “the leading figure of the Tea Party movement seems increasingly indifferent to Republican fortunes and increasingly tolerant of disturbing extremism.”

Suppressing the news: Revisiting the Duke lacrosse scandal

11:15 AM 07/26/2010

Newsweek commentator David Graham recently declared the Philadelphia Voter Intimidation controversy to be a non-story: “it's not about a real investigation; it's about staging an effective piece of political theater that hurts the Obama administration.”