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      Kevin Mooney

      Kevin Mooney is an investigative journalist and reporter in Washington D.C. He has written for the the Washington Times, the American Spectator, Washington Examiner,, the Capital Research Center and blogs for and NewsBusters. He has also made several appearances on Fox News to discuss pending legislation and public policy disputes.

      Kevin broke several news stories concerning border security policies, drug cartel activity and potential acts of terrorism. After obtaining documents from an internal audit of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), he found that almost half of the illegal aliens that had found their way into the U.S. in recent years were from terrorist-sponsoring or “special interest” nations.

      In his subsequent reporting, Kevin also revealed evidence that suggests well-funded individuals from the Middle-East had entered into the U.S. from Mexico, after blending into the culture and becoming proficient in Spanish. Texas sheriffs and public officials came forward with documents that showed a growing nexus between illegal immigration, human trafficking, drug trafficking and potential terror networks.
      Kevin also has written extensively on the environmental movement, its impact on economic activity and new scientific data that questions the premise of man-made global warming. In his reporting Kevin has also called attention to a new legal standard known as the “pre-cautionary principle” green activists are now using in an effort to impose European-style regulations on the U.S.

      Most recently, Kevin has been involved in covering domestic policy initiatives on Capitol Hill favored by organized labor and other special interest reports. He also appeared on the “Glenn Beck Program” several times to discuss the connection between The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN). Kevin was also the first to report on the $53 million in federal funding ACORN has received since 1994, and the $8 billion that has remained on the table, despite on-going investigations.
      Prior to arriving in Washington D.C., Kevin worked as a reporter for the Trenton Times and Forbes Newspapers in New Jersey. He also held editorial positions with Dow Jones and Company and Bloomberg News in Princeton, N.J.

      Kevin is a graduate of Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J. and holds degrees in communications and political science. He also took part in a study abroad program at Hertford College in Oxford University as part of his graduate work for Regent University in Va., where he earned a degree in public policy.

It’s Time To Limit Abusive, Taxpayer-Funded Environmental Litigation

              FILE  - In this undated photo provided by Jayne Belsky via the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, is a gray wolf in a wooded area near Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Federal officials removed Great Lakes wolves from the endangered species list in January. Given free rein to manage the species, Wisconsin and Minnesota lawmakers pushed aside the concerns of some environmentalists and established their first seasons allowing hunters to bait, shoot and trap wolves.  (AP Photo/Jayne Belsky via the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, File)

Instead of allowing environmental groups with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets to file an endless chain of lawsuits at taxpayer expense, Congress should move decisively to end abusive practices that subtract from local conservation efforts, according to recent testimony delivered before House committees.

Elon Musk And The American Taxpayer

2:01 PM 01/16/2017

If you’re ambitious to be among the first humans who travel to Mars, and you’re not afraid to die trying, you may be able to hop a flight with the blessing and financial support of Elon Musk.

On Immigration, Conservatives Should Look To Justice Scalia, Not Trump

2:13 PM 10/05/2015

When the conservative movement went in search of an articulate, unifying presidential contender, the kind of candidate who could persuade the public to embrace constitutional renewal in anticipation of the 2000 election cycle, National Review magazine offered up Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

Stonewall Jackson Never Slept At Liberty Farm

3:33 PM 02/10/2015

Democracy broke out in Richmond, Va. on Thursday November 6, 2014 much to the consternation of a well-funded, well-connected land trust known as the Piedmont Environmental Council. That was the day dozens of property rights activists from across Virginia and other parts of the country showed up in force to express support for an organic farmer who has accused the council of colluding and scheming with realtors and government officials in an effort to force her into selling a highly coveted parcel of land.

The courts may be ready to overturn mandatory union dues-paying

1:20 PM 11/20/2013

As a condition of their employment, California school teachers must pay a portion of their union dues to support political activism that runs counter to their own personal convictions. That’s because the U.S. Supreme Court effectively carved out an exception to the First Amendment where labor law is concerned in a series of decisions that reach back to the mid-20th Century. That’s why classroom instructors like Harlan Elrich feel disadvantaged each Election Day. But this could all begin to change in just a few weeks if a pending legal complaint gains traction, as is widely expected.

ACORN 8 whistleblowers push for transparency in government

3:37 PM 11/08/2013

Within conservative circles, the name ACORN remains synonymous with voter fraud and the misallocation of public funds for partisan political activities. But former insiders who played a critical role in exposing the organization’s many financial transgressions have worked under the name to champion the cause of whistleblowing. ACORN 8, which is named for the eight board members and whistleblowers who were blocked from investigating a multi-million dollar embezzlement scheme, has grown to include dozens of members across 15 states.

Sen. Vitter: Deport illegals who vote

1:51 AM 11/03/2012

Illegal aliens and noncitizens who vote in U.S. elections would be put on an accelerated path toward deportation under new legislation introduced by Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.

Tea Party network emerges as counterbalance to state-level green pressure groups

5:00 PM 04/20/2011

Across the country, private citizens and business owners are joining forces with Tea Party activists to push back against well-funded green pressure groups that work with government officials. Over the past few decades, the environmental movement has worked to undermine property rights, block entrepreneurial activity and expand regulatory control without a serious, concerted response, according to free-market advocates