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Get Your Cold Brew Fix By Supporting Vets

12:22 PM 09/19/2017

The cold brew phenomenon has grown in this country into a full-blown movement. Unfortunately, when you are fixing for a cold brew, you typically have to pay an arm and a leg at your local coffee shop. (Which, lets be honest, is probably a Starbucks). Obviously, that is less than ideal.

These 7 Car Mounts Will Hold Up Your Phone While Driving Or Riding A Bike

2:41 PM 09/16/2017

Last night, I had to drive 120 miles so I could visit my parents for the weekend. Although I've made this drive before, I actually had to take a different route on this occasion. As such, I needed to constantly look down to the Google Maps on my smartphone to make sure I took the right exits. Honestly, that was probably quite a hazard. I should have a car mount that plugs into a vent or something to hold up the maps for me.

You Can Save $70 On A Ninja Coffee Maker Today, So That’s Pretty Cool

2:26 PM 09/16/2017

Ninja coffeemakers are all the rage these days. Anyone who has ever had coffee made by one of these "coffee bar brewers" knows why - the flavor is so much richer than that from a typical coffeepot. If you want dark, intense coffee, you can brew it. If you want smooth, balanced coffee, you can brew that, too. This ability comes via their "Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology" which allows you to choose a brew from among Classic, Rich, Over Ice and Specialty.

FLASH DEAL: This Desk Lamp Is A #1 New Release, And It’s On Sale For The Next 5 Hours

2:57 PM 09/15/2017

This desk lamp is a #1 new release. Because it's new, there aren't that many reviews. But there are still 42, which isn't nothing. Especially since the conclusion of these reviewers is overwhelming. Eighty-eight percent of them (that's 37 out of 42) gave the lamp 5 out of 5 stars. And a look at the reviews shows that a large number of them include some variation of the phrase "love this lamp."

This Machine Enrages Palestinian Activists And Turns Water Into Soda

12:43 PM 09/14/2017

When I was in college, there was a big controversy on campus over a company called SodaStream. I had never even heard of this Israeli company before, but apparently the location of their factory in the West Bank had raised the ire of the school's Palestinian activists. After months of protests, the dining hall caved to the protestors' demands and stopped buying appliances from SodaStream. (I think this decision may have since been reversed).