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This Portable Personal Blender Can Also Be Used As A Bottle

5:16 PM 05/17/2018

The modern kitchen simply is not complete without a blender. Maybe you need to make smoothies or protein shakes in order to get in better shape for beach season. Maybe you need a way to make those margaritas or other frozen alcoholic drinks. Maybe you just like iced coffee! Whatever your preferences in the beverage department, a blender is a must. Just in time for the season, this personal blender is 42 percent off with the code POKR3DCE:

This Deal On Tiki Torches Will Help You Prepare For The Perfect Summer Night

2:31 PM 05/17/2018

What do you think of when you think "Tiki torches." I think of fun summer nights on the back patio with friends and family, or else quiet nights on the beach at a resort in the Caribbean. (I've never been to Hawaii or I'm sure I would think of that). When I think of Tiki torches, I think of summer. And now that summer is here, it is the perfect time to get some Tiki torches for yourself.

This 52-Piece Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Is 45 Percent Off Today

2:01 PM 05/17/2018

An oscillating multi-tool kit can help you cut, sand or scrape. The more accessories a multi-tool has, the more uses you can find for it. Porter-Cable's oscillating multi-tool kit comes with a grand total of 52 pieces accessories. It also offers improved durability and power with its 3.0 amp motor. In a one-day-only deal on Porter-Cable products, it is 45 percent off. The deal also includes a hammer drill kit and a bluetooth radio.

Relieve All Your Aches And Pains With One Of These 60+ Percent Off Massagers

11:30 AM 05/17/2018

If you’re like me, you often experience aches and pains. It comes with getting old, I guess. Whatever the reason, I often find that my neck hurts. And my back. And other parts of my body as well. For most of my life, I have found very few ways to alleviate this, so instead I’ve resorted to taking a bunch of Ibuprofen. But then I found another way.

These Stud Finders Also Locate Metal And AC Wires

5:21 PM 05/16/2018

You are a smart person. You know it is important when hanging things from the wall to rely on studs or else risk your entire picture or shelf crashing down. But instead of playing "let's guess where we think the stud is" you can add a little science to your home improvement by getting a stud finder. I'm talking about getting a stud finder. These devices will scan for the stud and beep to not only alert you to the existence of the stud but also the location of its center.

You Won’t Find A Bluetooth Speaker More Portable Than This One

4:37 PM 05/16/2018

Many bluetooth speakers call themselves "portable speakers." And for the most part, they aren't wrong. They can theoretically be taken anywhere and connect to your phone via bluetooth technology. But few if any bluetooth speakers are as truly portable as this one. At only 3 ounces, this ultra small speaker can fit inside your jacket pocket with ease. It truly is a go-anywhere device. No wonder it is an Amazon's Choice product.

Finally Get Around To Playing The Guitar With These Starter Packs, Which Include Lessons

2:52 PM 05/16/2018

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? I know I have. About a decade ago, I even went and bought a guitar. I still have it, in fact. Did I ever learn how to play it? No. But perhaps I would have if the guitar had come with Fender Play, an online lessons course. Today only, three different guitar starter packs are on sale, each of which includes a Maestro by Gibson guitar, lessons and other essentials.

Save On A New Water Heater, And Then Save On Your Heating Costs

1:21 PM 05/16/2018

Getting tired of the high cost that appears on your water heating bill every month? Be honest: When is the last time you gave two thoughts to your water heater at all? At least for me, the water heater is just something that exists, and if I want to pay less for it, I simply must use less water.