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Charge Your Phone With Sound Waves

4:29 PM 08/14/2014

London researchers are working on a way to charge your phone with sound waves, so you won't ever have to be one of those wall-huggers again. According to Science Alert, when zinc oxide nanowires are subjected to stress, they produce an electric current. This "piezoelectric effect" was first discovered by Korean researchers, who found that the nanowires respond to sound waves.

We Might See HUGE Taxes Just For Using The Internet, Thanks To Harry Reid

5:19 PM 08/13/2014

State governments always seem to find creative ways to tax Americans, so why haven't they taxed us for using the Internet yet? It's because we're protected by the Internet Tax Freedom Act -- but if the Senate doesn't pass a permanent extension of the act by Nov. 1, we might see $15-$20 additions to our phone bills for Internet usage.

New App Measures ‘Sketchiness’ In City Areas

1:17 PM 08/08/2014

If you're walking alone at night, at least now you'll know where the creepers are. A new app, developed by two twenty-something New Yorkers, measures the sketchiness of city neighborhoods and lets you know if you're wandering into a dangerous part of town. Sound convenient?

Forget Baby Monitors, Use The ‘Sproutling’

5:59 PM 08/07/2014

What's the point of baby monitors? Parents always feel the need to know the moment their child wakes or makes a stir, because they're parents, and that's what parents do. But baby monitors are so '90s.