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Vaping Tide Pods, Should You Do It?

New York, NY - February 14, 2015: Sales girls display Tide Pods by Tide Procter & Gamble product during Fashion Week at Lincoln Center (Photo via Shutterstock)

By now most of us have heard about all those teens eating Tide Pods as part of a "challenge" right? I mean they look like bright colored fruity candy right? They must taste very good... Well, this challenge does not end well. Turns out eating chemical-filled laundry detergent pods will result in a trip to the emergency room.

Demon Killer Tiny Kit: Is It The Smallest Mod/RDA Kit On The Market?

12:34 PM 01/16/2018

The Demon Killer Tiny Kit includes a Tiny box mod and the Tiny RDA. The Demon Killer Tiny mod features an LED screen, a round fire button and a built-in 800mAh battery. It is as the name suggests, very little. The mod has a metal (zinc alloy) or resin finish, with some Demon Killer artwork on the side of the mod. The Tiny RDA is equally as tiny, and fits perfectly atop the mod. There are 3 resin finish colors available – red, black and blue and the same colors are available in the metal finish too.

Smoant Cylon: Does It Have The Best Screen Among Vape Mods?

3:42 PM 01/15/2018

The Smoant Cylon vape mod has a maximum power output of 218 watts which is powered by 2 18650 batteries. It comes with two different user interface options, which include: the normal one and one derived from a Lexus LS Sport's dashboard. It also supports a variety of output modes. The menu screen is a 1.3 inch TFT screen and comes included with multiple wallpaper options. Tanks up to 30mm will fit atop the Cylon. Firmware upgrades can be completed with the update cord supplied.

Smoker of 27 Years Makes ONE Major Decision After Cancer Diagnosis

5:14 PM 01/09/2018

Jenn Perry, age 46, from Eugene Oregon was a smoker for 27 years. She started when she was 16 years old. Every day for 27 years she smoked over 2 packs a day. Fast forward to December, 2013 when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was in such a traumatic state of mind, as anyone in that situation would be. It is unclear if smoking cigarettes was a contributing factor of this cancer, but she knew that smoking wouldn't help in her fight against it. She was at a crossroads in making healthier life choices for herself, ahead of what inevitably will be a tough battle.

Advken Dominator Tank Transforms From Sub-Ohm To Rebuildable

4:24 PM 01/09/2018

Advken's Dominator Tank is a 25mm in diameter tank that supports both 2ml and 4.5ml of e-juice. It is compatible with both an RBA (rebuildable base atomizer) and pre-installed coils, depending on which mode you use. This compatibility makes it a sub-ohm/rebuildable tank in one. There are two modes, which include both clearomizer and DIY. There is a slide top cap that is designed for top filling. It comes in black, silver and a 7-color blend.

Wismec’s Newest Kit: The Ravage Box Mod Kit

4:15 PM 01/09/2018

The Wismec Ravage box mod kit includes a Gnome Evo Tank. The tank provides you with 2ml/4ml e-juice capacity. The Ravage box mod has a maximum wattage potential of 230 watts and features a colorful 1.45 inch OLED screen. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries. The decision to create a centered 510 connector is a big plus. It can hold tanks up to 28mm in diameter. The fire button runs down the whole side of the mod.

Aspire Introduces New Features To The Vape World With The SkyStar Revvo

3:51 PM 01/05/2018

Aspire just introduced a new mod-tank combo to the vaping market. A few of its features have yet to be seen in the vape world, until now. Aspire's SkyStar Revvo box mod has a maximum wattage output of 210 watts, which is powered by two 18650 batteries. It features a large fire button and 1.3-inch touchscreen display that you can swipe up twice to access the wattage menu or swipe down twice to get to the settings menu. The Revvo tank is a top-fill, has top adjustable airflow and has a 3.6ml e-juice capacity. The mod comes in a variety of different colors.

Is The Cthulhu MTL MRDA A Major Fail?

4:49 PM 01/03/2018

The Cthulhu MTL MRDA is advertised to be a 22mm in diameter mouth-to-lung RDA. It has an unusual top airflow mechanism, 3 slits on the top cap. The drip tip also isn't typical of most tanks these days, it is not centered. It is off to the side and is attached to the top cap; it's all one piece. The wattage potential is 12-50 watts. It comes squonk friendly (BF Pin included). You have the choice of black and stainless steel.

Is Juuling Considered Vaping?

4:57 PM 12/20/2017

If you have or know someone in college or early 20s, then you've probably heard of "Juuling." But what is a Juul? Is it a vape? The short answer is yes, Juuling is absolutely a type of vaping. But, the longer answer is a bit more complicated and it includes my personal opinion. Keep in mind, I am in no way bashing Juul products when bringing up this question. Juul has been a miracle device for countless smokers out there; it has saved lives. But in comparison to other vape devices, I would put Juuling on the "low end" of true vaping. (For what it's worth, Juul also does not seem to consider its products vapes, as evidenced by its tagline "The Smoking Alternative, unlike any E-Cigarette or Vape.") Technically, a Juul produces vapor in a similar way to a box mod or any other electronic device. We are all still inhaling vapor instead of smoke, tar and crazy amounts of chemicals.

He Smoked Cigarettes For 30 Years, Here’s How He Quit In Just 1 Day

4:50 PM 12/18/2017

Charles "CJ" Heitz, 41 years old, from Baltimore, Maryland was a smoker for close to 30 years. Through those years of smoking, he has tried multiple methods of quitting. Nothing worked. He even attempted some methods several times without success, such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches. It simply did not work for CJ. He enjoyed cigarettes too much to make a successful clean break from them. Well, he didn't like the smell and the fact that they are bad for your health. But other than those things, he just loved his cigarettes. However, he did take notice to the negative effects cigarettes had on his own health. For example, he would wheeze just sitting on the couch watching TV. Also, he would have shortness of breath from time to time.

Woman Can Breathe Better After Quitting Cigarettes For Vaping

4:23 PM 12/15/2017

Pansy Flanagan, age 45, from Rocky Mount, North Carolina was a smoker for close to 30 years, with a pack and a half a day or more habit. She had been smoking since she was 12, and she started to notice a deterioration in her health. So, she decided she would give vaping a go.

MTV Showcases The Daily Vaper’s Favorite Trickster

5:52 PM 12/14/2017

On Friday December 8, MTV aired the first episode of Rob Dyrdek's new show "Amazingness." The talent competition show airs weekly after "Ridiculousness, another Dyrdek show.  "Amazingness" introduces viewers to some of the most ridiculously talented people around the world. There are six acts who all compete for the $10,000 grand prize.

‘Thank God For Vaping,’ Says 46-Year Smoker Who Finally Quit

4:30 PM 12/12/2017

Robert Noel, 56, from Arcadia, Ohio started smoking cigarettes at the extremely early age of 10. Everyone around him - both family and friends - were smokers, so he felt the need to fit in. He would sneak as many cigarettes in each day as he could, because he knew deep down that he wasn't supposed to be. This is what kids do, right? Well, it progressed from there until he was a full-blown smoker, every day for 46 years.