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The Eleaf iStick Pico Baby Kit Lives Up To Its Name; It Is Tiny

YouTube/ Mike Vapes

Eleaf's iStick Pico Baby kit consists of an iStick Pico Baby mod and a GS Baby atomizer. It has a 1050mAh built-in battery and is a tiny, very portable kit. The magnetic mechanism that locks the GS Baby tank onto the mod adds to its stealthiness because it is more of a recessed tank style. The tank diameter is 16.5mm and holds an e-juice capacity of 2ml. The airflow system is on the bottom of the tank, which is recessed into the mod, halfway down and is clearly visible. It comes in a variety of colors.

Honor The Men In Blue With This Badge-Shaped Vape Kit

3:28 PM 03/14/2018

Smok's Rolo Badge kit is a pod system vape kit. It is shaped in the form of a police officer's badge. It has a 250mah built-in battery that holds pods carrying 2ml of e-juice. The unique aspect of these pods is that you can re-fill them with your own e-juice; you are not bound to whatever flavors are typically available with other pod system kits. It comes in 5 different color options.

Joyetech ESPION Solo Kit: 10th Anniversary Touchscreen Edition

12:51 PM 03/14/2018

Joyetech's Espion Solo kit includes an Espion Solo mod and a ProCore Air atomizer. This setup celebrates Joyetech's 10 years in the vape industry. The mod is compatible with a 21700 battery, but still works with 18650 battery as well. The maximum power output is 80 watts. The menu settings can be adjusted via it's OLED touchscreen mechanism. There are 4 colors to choose from. The ProCore Air tank can hold up to 4.5ml of e-juice and has a bottom adjustable airflow.

Watching Grandpas Try Vaping For The First Time Is HILARIOUS

12:01 PM 03/14/2018

YouTube channel Zamplebox recently broadcasted a video of a couple older gentlemen vaping for the first time. Mind you, they have been smokers for many many years. As stated by Zamplebox, their approach to this is to explain that vaping is more common among younger people that may be hip to the technology. So, they wanted to introduce it to some older folks who have no clue about the subject and get their reactions.

This Kit Is What You Want For Retro Style Vaping

4:51 PM 03/12/2018

Eleaf's iStick Melo kit includes an iStick Melo battery mod and a Melo 4 D22 atomizer. The mod can fire up to 60 watts and has a built-in 4400mah battery. It is very slim and can be categorized as a "retro" type of vape mod. It is equipped with a 0.49' screen, allowing you to view all essential information with a simple glance while vaping. The Melo atomizer is a top-fill, with a bottom adjustable airflow. The kit comes in a variety of colors.

This Mod Is Perfect If You Are Into Its Skull And Hat Design

5:20 PM 03/08/2018

SMOK's S-Priv mod has a maximum output of 230 watts and is powered by two 18650 batteries. The S-Priv has a skull and hat design on its face-plate. The eyes of the skull are equipped with LED lights that have 12 different color settings. The up/down buttons can be found along the hat's brim. The display screen has 6 different color settings to choose from. The fire bar runs lateral down the side of the mod.

Lemon Fraise E-Juice By Le Banger Is Like Vaping PEZ Candy

4:39 PM 03/07/2018

Lemon Fraise e-juice by Le Banger has a flavor profile of a strawberry and lemon candy mix. Its advertising states, "Lemon Fraise combines the sweet sensuality of strawberry with a tart bite of lemon to make a mashup that tastes like putting a tiny little strawberry rectangle candy and a tiny lemon rectangle candy in your mouth together."

Purple Powder E-Juice By Le Banger Is Like Vaping A Pixie Stick

2:57 PM 03/07/2018

Purple Powder E-Juice by Le Banger has a flavor profile of a sweet grape powdered candy. You know the candy you eat with one of those white sugary sticks? Yep, that's the kind of grape powder we are talking about here. As advertised, "Purple Powder has a slight punch of sour candy that you can taste under your tongue during the inhale and to top things all off, Le Banger has added the distinct flavor of juicy pears." The grape powder seems to be mixed with other sugary flavored greatness as well.

Is Chantix A Better Way To Quit Than Vaping?

2:39 PM 03/07/2018

Given the option of taking a medication, a pill, that has multiple side effects or the option of vaping, which has close to no side effects, contains nicotine and resembles smoking, which would you choose? Well, Chantix is cleared by our government, the FDA, and is geared towards smokers looking to quit. If you watch a couple of hours of TV daily, you will most likely see several Chantix commercials. You will see no vaping commercials. Big Pharma is allowed to target you with its Chantix advertisements? Yet, more and more folks are witnessing the negative effects of the drug. On the other hand, vaping is growing in popularity for its tremendous value in harm reduction. If you don't already have an opinion on vaping, and just read the top "vaping news" articles on Google, you would think vaping is as bad or worse than traditional cigarettes. Two of the most extensive studies done on the harm reduction e-cigs and vaping have to offer are, The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England. In a country that provides healthcare to its citizens, you can assume with great certainty they did their due diligence in the extensive studies and research.

VGOD Pro Mech 2 Kit: A Top-Notch Mechanical Mod

3:40 PM 03/01/2018

VGOD Pro Mech 2 mod kit includes a VGOD Pro Mech 2 mod and an Elite RDA tank. The Pro Mech Series 2 kit is powered by a single 18650 battery and is equipped with a ribbed texture for extra gripping. The mod has a copper and delrin chassis with a Tricon switch for its firing system, located on the bottom. A few unique aspects of the Tricon firing system are (1) It has 3 independent pins to increase surface contact with the battery, (2) It has a built-in self-adjusting battery ring to lock battery in place, and (3) It has a carbon fiber switch. The Elite RDA is 24mm in diameter and has a well capacity of 2ml.

How Did Tommy Switch From Smoking To Vaping?

9:52 AM 03/01/2018

YouTube channel "Very Vocal Vapers" says they are dedicated to being your "vape advocates" within the vape community by letting a vaper's voice be heard by those who need to hear it. "Very Vocal Vapers" believes that by sharing an individual's story on how they were able to quit smoking using vaping, they will help promote the positive side of the vaping community. Let's help them spread that message!

Lemon Tart E-Juice By Dinner Lady: For Those Lemon Pastry Lovers

2:08 PM 02/28/2018

Lemon Tart E-Juice by Dinner Lady has a flavor profile of creamy and tangy lemon curd, pastry, and a sweet sugar meringue. As advertised, "The inhale brings the texture and taste of these flavors to its full potential and the exhale leaves behind a hint of light and airy crust." It is important to note that Lemon Tart is Dinner Lady's best selling e-juice and has won multiple awards for dessert flavored e-juices.

Hellvape VP RDA: Good Flavor, But Shallow Juice Well

4:43 PM 02/27/2018

The Hellvape VP RDA is a 24mm dripper with a black 810 PEI drip tip. (A 510 drip tip adapter is included). The VP RDA features an innovative two post design with a brass barrel and gold plated SS314L deck. The deck has a 3mm e-juice well for excess liquid. The airflow can be adjusted via it's side. A BF (Bottom Feeder) pin is included to be used with squonk mods.

SMOK Majesty Carbon Fiber Starter Kit: Well Built And Competitively Priced

3:52 PM 02/27/2018

SMOK's Majesty carbon fiber starter kit includes a carbon fiber Majesty box mod and a TFV8 X-Baby tank. The Majesty is capable of up to 225 watts and is powered by two 18650 batteries. It has a large 1.3 inch OLED display screen as well as a large fire bar that runs laterally down the side of the mod. The TFV8 X-baby tank is 24.5mm in diameter and can hold an e-juice capacity of 4ml. It has a top adjustable airflow mechanism. The kit is available is 4 colors, which include: blue, purple, red, and black.

In The UK, You Can Vape While You Drive, But You Risk Hefty Penalties

4:18 PM 02/22/2018

In the United Kingdom, it is not illegal to vape while you drive. However, it could be labeled as a distraction much like the law that bans talking on a cell phone while you are driving. It is said to be at the sole discretion of the police officer if a driver is unknowingly being distracted while holding onto a vaping electronic device and/or creating a reduced visibility for themselves.