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The Triple Exhale Is All About Muscle Memory

4:37 PM 11/06/2017

The Triple Exhale is similar to the "Dragon's Breath" vape trick, which we explained how to do. They both sort of look the same, in that you blow multiple trails of vapor out of your mouth. The difference is that with the Dragon's Breath, you exhale out of your nose simultaneously while exhaling out of your mouth. (It looks like a dragon breathing).

Is This The Hottest Vaper In America?

3:50 PM 10/31/2017

Katy Perry just might be the hottest vaper in America. I mean, show me another woman celebrity who has Katy beat in that regard. What's even hotter is that she doesn't try to hide it...

How Many Cheerios Can You Blow?

3:51 PM 10/24/2017

You may know Cheerios as a delicious cereal, but in the world of vape tricks it is a term d'art for small O's. When you blow Cheerios, you make O's that are small and plentiful in number. Let's see if you can pull off Cheerios yourself.

Kat Timpf: The Daily Vaper ‘Is My Life Now’

5:42 PM 10/13/2017

Early Friday afternoon, Fox News personality Kat Timpf tweeted out a screenshot of a recent Daily Vaper article titled "'OMG' -- Kat Timpf Shocked She's The Big New Hit At The Daily Vaper." Along with the screenshot, she wrote "So this is my life now":

This Is How You Can Pull Off a Dragon’s Breath

4:19 PM 10/06/2017

Dragon's Breath is a very easy vape trick to master once you get the technique down. Many of the other tricks we have looked at are more on the advanced side and take quite a lot more practice. Dragon's Breath can be completed simply by positioning your mouth correctly while exhaling, and at the same time exhaling out through your nose. To complete this trick, you must have four vapor exhale trails: 2 through your mouth (1 on each side) and 2 through your nose (1 through each nostril).

Chocolate Chip Cannoli Continues To Set The Bar When It Comes To Dessert Flavor

4:43 PM 10/04/2017

The "Cannoli Be Reserve" is Cassadaga's latest e-juice creation. We have reviewed the other three cannoli-based flavors, Cannoli Be One, Cannoli Be Nuts, and Cannoli Be Mine. Of course, Cannoli Be Reserve gives you the smooth and creamy vanilla cannoli experience but it also includes the flavor of chocolate chips mixed. We have seen pistachio and strawberry blended into a traditional cannoli and each was a success. I would expect no different from this one. It is advertised to be just like biting into the airy, crisp shell of an authentic cannoli that has been coated in chocolate chips. It is an upscale take on cookies and cream. I love the original "Cannoli Be One" e-juice, and I have no doubt that the "Cannoli Be Reserve" lives up to that standard.

How To Turn Your Thick, Milky O Into A Triangle

11:49 AM 10/04/2017

In order to pull off a "Triangle," first you must be able to blow an O. Not just any O, but a nice, milky, dense one. One that is very thick while in mid air. To get the dense O you are looking for here, you must take a mouth hit, not a direct lung hit. A mouth hit will keep the vapor production thick, instead of having it dissipate through your lungs.