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Senate Votes To Block Trump's 'Historic' Deal With ZTE

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Now on to the House...

Obama's Campaign Against Gerrymandering Fails Despite Him Using It To Prop Up His Political Career

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Helped him win his state senate seat

POLL: More People Are Satisfied With Country's Direction Since 2005

Politics | Kyle Perisic
A 12-year high

Facebook Testing AI That Can Manipulate And Retouch Users' Photos In A Very Convincing Way

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Similar to Adobe's 'context aware fill'

Chinese Telecoms Company: We're Not Controlled By China

Tech | Kyle Perisic

Senators Want Answers About Amazon's Privacy Policies

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'We are concerned that the device in this instance performed precisely how it was designed'

White Nationalists Make Strides In Lawsuit Against Twitter For Banning Accounts

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Twitter has 30 days to respond

Big Tech Dumping Lots Of Cash On Not Having To Disclose The Data They Collect

Tech | Kyle Perisic
All those tech giants

With Net Neutrality Repealed, Comcast Says It Stopped Throttling Internet Users

Tech | Kyle Perisic
The opposite of what net neutrality alarmists said would happen...

Trump Admin's Warning To Congress: Stop Trying To Block 'Historic' ZTE Deal

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'The Administration will work with Congress'

Wilders Announces 'Draw Muhammad' Contest The Day Before Muslim Holiday Ramadan Ends

Politics | Kyle Perisic
'Freedom of speech is most important of all!!'

Retailers Stop Selling Baby Monitoring Stuffed Animals After 2M Devices Leaked Recordings Of Children

Tech | Kyle Perisic
A year later

Aussies Can Sue Google For Defamation In Search Results, Court Rules

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'Somehow associated [him] with the Melbourne criminal underworld'

Zuckerberg: We 'Mishandled' Diamond And Silk Controversy

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'Their frustration was understandable'

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Seek To Override Trump's Deal With ZTE

Politics | Kyle Perisic
The Senate may keep penalties on ZTE in the NDAA

Accidentally Send A Nude To Your Bro Instead Of Your Girlfriend? Snapchat Can Fix That

Tech | Kyle Perisic
It only works for Memories

'TICKING TIME BOMB': MS-13 Brings Its Terror And Recruiting To Middle Schools

Education | Kyle Perisic
School officials deny there is a gang problem

Media Outlets Are Not Happy With Facebook Labeling Them The Same As Political Activists

Media | Kyle Perisic
'Blurs the lines'

FCC Ends Obama-Era Internet Regulation Today

Tech | Kyle Perisic
The FTC now has jurisdiction over the internet

'Free Tommy Robinson' Rally Galvanizes Thousands In Support Of Free Speech And Immigration Reform

World | Kyle Perisic
'Tommy Robinson is the greatest freedom fighter of Britain today'

NY Considers 'Publicity' Law Could Harm Reporting On Politicians And Celebrities

Politics | Kyle Perisic
Celebrities have used similar laws to silence reporters

Facebook Gave Secret Access To User Data To Companies Long After It Claimed To End The Practice In 2015

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Including the Royal Bank of Canada and Nissan Motor Company

Shia LaBeouf Launches 'He Will Not Divide Us' Season 7 After Getting Mercilessly Trolled Before

Video | Kyle Perisic
How long will season seven last?

Google Could Face An $11 Billion Fine In EU For Antitrust Violation

Tech | Kyle Perisic
10 percent of the company's annual turnover

ZTE Apologizes For Sketchy Practices, Blames Leadership

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'The firm has paid a disastrous price'

Facebook Thinks There's A Connection Between The Poop Emoji And Hate Speech

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'How to action on Emojis'

Instagram Copies Snapchat Again With This New Feature

Tech | Kyle Perisic
At least the third feature Instagram copied from Snapchat

Activists Run By Terrorist Sympathizer Plan Day Of Protest For Net Neutrality

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'Conspiracy to provide material support to al Qaeda'

Google Is Solving Discrimination Through Inclusive Emojis

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Also includes an inclusive vegan salad

These People Who Still Use The MySpace Ghost Town Say It's A 'Huge' Part Of Their Lives

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'When I didn't have a girlfriend or lovers, at least I had Myspace'

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