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Father demands legislators remove developmentally disabled daughter from voting rolls

Laura Byrne

Cecil Pearson isn't getting any help from legislators in North Carolina in his effort to remove his illiterate, developmentally disabled daughter from the electoral register, more than a month after officials at her group home helped her vote for President Barack Obama.

New Zealand shelter taught dogs to drive cars [VIDEO]

1:35 PM 12/06/2012

Syria’s chemical weapons now ready for attack

1:41 AM 12/06/2012

The Syrian military is ready to attack its own citizens with chemical weapons as soon as Syrian President Bashar Assad gives the word, according to NBC News.

The 25 dogs of Christmas [SLIDESHOW]

12:15 AM 12/06/2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year. But decorating the tree or sitting by the fire just wouldn't be the same without your favorite pup nuzzled up beside you.

Report: New Orleans Hornets now the Pelicans

6:00 PM 12/05/2012
Other name contenders were Krewe --- what New Orleanians call a Mardi Gras association --- and Brass

Nudists protest new ban on nudity in San Francisco…

5:39 PM 12/05/2012

Nudists protested a new law banning nudity in San Francisco in the best way they know how: getting naked.

James Shively: Microsoft executive turned marijuana entrepreneur

2:22 PM 12/05/2012

A former Microsoft executive in Washington state has decided he wants to make it in the marijuana business, now that using the drug is legal under state law.

Jay-Z talks to cute old lady on the subway [VIDEO]

1:14 PM 12/05/2012

Group-home staff took illiterate, developmentally disabled resident to vote

5:17 PM 12/04/2012

Cecil Pearson is "shocked" his daughter voted for Barack Obama in November, but not for a typical reason: Darlene, Pearson's daughter, is intellectually disabled and functionally illiterate, and lives with five other women in a group home operated by Easter Seals.

NY town bills man for water used to extinguish his house fire

5:09 PM 12/03/2012

A New York town is charging Mike Petrio $1,400 for water -- and not the kind Petrio might have showered in or cooked with.

UK Foreign Office summons Israeli ambassador over settlement building plans

1:07 PM 12/03/2012

The British Foreign Office summoned Israel's ambassador for a meeting Monday after Israel announced that it would develop more settlement building in occupied Palestinian zones and withhold from the Palestinian Authority more than $100 million in collected taxes and tariffs.

New Zealand nudist jogger wins court case, can run naked

12:23 AM 12/03/2012

A New Zealand court upheld Friday a nudist's right to bare all during his naked runs, reports The Dominion Post.

14 illegal immigrants ditch car to escape police, arrested hours later [VIDEO]

5:15 PM 11/29/2012

A dashcam video caught 14 illegal immigrants jumping out of a car and running across the interstate to escape police in Oklahoma on Wednesday.

96 percent of Ivy League presidential donations were for Obama

1:23 PM 11/29/2012

An overwhelming majority of Ivy League college faculty and staff that donated to a presidential campaign this year, gave money to President Barack Obama's campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Chinese man builds own ‘Noah’s Ark’ to survive ‘Mayan Apocalypse’

3:13 AM 11/29/2012

A Chinese man who is concerned about the "Mayan apocalypse" projected to hit next month has put his life savings into his own "Noah's Ark."

10 bombshells from the nineties [SLIDESHOW]

1:42 AM 11/29/2012

The overstock of boy bands in the '90s had a number of negative effects on society --- most notably, we didn't pay nearly enough attention to all the hot chicks that surfaced during the decade.

NFL fines Suh $30,000 for kicking Houston quarterback in the groin

5:53 PM 11/28/2012

The NFL on Wednesday fined Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh $30,ooo for kicking Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin during a game on Thanksgiving.

Detroit Red Wings prospect arrested for being ‘super drunk’ was dressed as a Teletubby

12:10 PM 11/28/2012

No White Christmas in New York? Police seize 100 pounds of cocaine

4:32 PM 11/27/2012

New York State Police confiscated more than 100 pounds of cocaine in a dramatic, elaborate bust that brought down a major drug trafficking ring in Times Square, according to the New York Post.