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Lindsay Boyd
Lindsay Boyd
Director of Policy, Beacon Center of Tennessee
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      Lindsay Boyd

      Lindsay M. Boyd is Director of Policy at the Beacon Center of Tennessee and former Director of Marketing and Communications for the Independent Institute in California. Her articles have been published in Forbes​​, Washington Times, Daily Caller,, and the Tennessean, among others.

Another Federal Healthcare Scheme That Fails Tennessee’s Most Vulnerable

FILE - In this Feb. 20, 2008, file photo, a shopper walks toward the pharmacy at a Little Rock, Ark., Wal-Mart store. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

If national polls are right and just a third of the people signing up for a plan under Obamacare were actually uninsured last year, the reform has made only a tiny dent in Tennessee's 866,700 uninsured population. How could a program carrying a $1.8 trillion price tag fail this miserably to deliver on its promise to dramatically expand coverage in its first year?