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Yellen’s low-flation nonsense

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Larry Kudlow
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United States Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks at the 2014 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference in Chicago, March 31, 2014. REUTERS/John Gress

Will somebody please explain to me how rising inflation is somehow going to extricate us from the tepid economic recovery? I don't get it.

Charles Koch fights back

5:11 PM 04/04/2014

Is it too farfetched to connect the dots between a brilliant Wall Street Journal op-ed <>  by Charles Koch, the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, and the continued sluggish recovery in jobs, business investment, and the overall economy? I don't think so.

Deflating Russia can be done

5:08 PM 03/21/2014

President Obama has ramped up his second round of economic and financial sanctions on Russia, and on Vladimir Putin in particular. Some of this is already working. But if anybody believes it will be easy to financially deflate Russia, they better think again.

Republicans hammer away on the growth theme

6:00 PM 03/14/2014

Sizing up last week's unexpected congressional win by Florida Republican David Jolly, Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote, "The Republicans who win this fall will be those who have serious answers to the attacks leveled on them -- about Obamacare, the economy, women's and seniors' issues." Sound advice.

Recalling the days when Democrats cut taxes

10:38 AM 03/05/2014

By Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic*

Bitcoin is not real money

6:12 PM 02/28/2014

Just before the bankruptcy of the Mt. Gox bitcoin digital-money (or virtual-currency) exchange, Japanese finance minister Taro Aso predicted the inevitable failure. “No one recognizes them as a real currency,” he told reporters. “I expected such a thing to collapse.”

A three-year Obamacare moratorium

6:18 PM 02/21/2014

Slowly but surely President Obama is unwinding, rolling back, and even canceling his very own Obamacare. A couple of years ago he told Republicans not to mess with his plan. He said he’d veto any changes. But now, in substantial ways, he’s messing with his own plan.

Janet Yellen’s problem

8:01 PM 02/14/2014

Stock markets cheered Janet Yellen's maiden congressional testimony this past week, as the new Fed chair emphasized the word "continuity" and offered no boat-rocking surprises. Continuity? I assume she means a steady diet of tapered bond purchases that will lead to the end of QE3 this autumn. In other words, investors seemed to think QE has run its course, probably overstayed its welcome, and that it's time the Fed got out of the bond-buying business, since that policy isn't doing much good and may be doing harm.

Obama’s work trap: Create fewer jobs and induce people to work less at those jobs

5:45 PM 02/06/2014

So let me get this right. Team Obama taxes millionaires who create jobs, while Obamacare creates incentives not to work at those jobs. No wonder recovery is so anemic. The policy here is to create fewer jobs and induce people to work less at those jobs. If my logic is correct, this runs counter to the most basic principles of our economy and our country.

Left turn in the emerging markets

6:05 PM 01/27/2014

There’s a new cynical perception among international investors that Brazil is becoming Argentina and Argentina is becoming Venezuela. But these investors are starting to boycott all the so-called emerging markets, since nearly all them are moving to the left, abandoning free-market principles, reverting to the bad old days of higher spending and taxing, inflating the money supply, accumulating large trade deficits, and letting their currencies go to hell in a hand basket.

Business Roundtable wants growth, growth, growth

5:06 PM 01/17/2014

Growth, growth, growth is the new mantra of the venerable Business Roundtable, whose member companies generate annual revenues of more than $7 trillion while employing 16 million workers. In past years, the BRT has put out lengthy pamphlets proposing intricate solutions for budgets, entitlements, the environment, regulations, health care, and more. But this year, the BRT has gone back to basic economic blocking and tackling by bluntly saying, “If we want to control the deficit, preserve key entitlement programs, educate our children, and offer upward economic mobility for everyone, we have to get our economy growing faster.”

Enough pot happy talk

4:53 PM 01/03/2014

There was way too much giddiness in the media about the first day of legal pot selling in Colorado. Instead of all the happy talk, I think it’s time for some sober discussion and a strong dose of education about the addiction risks of smoking marijuana -- particularly among young people. It may start out as a party, but it often ends up as something much, much worse.

Bernanke gets taper call right

5:46 PM 12/20/2013

So Fed chairman Ben Bernanke finally pulled the taper trigger this week. And it was the right thing to do.

Paul Ryan saves the GOP from itself

6:03 PM 12/13/2013

Did Paul Ryan’s budget deal save the Republican party from itself? I think it did.

The challenge is growth, not inequality

5:35 PM 12/05/2013

Either President Obama needs a new speechwriter, or he needs a new set of economic policies. Actually, he needs both.

Yellen needs rules

5:07 PM 11/22/2013

The greatest central banker in my professional lifetime was Paul Volcker. His signal achievement was bringing down the inflation rate from roughly 15 percent to about 3 percent more than three decades ago. The simplest way to look at the economic evils of runaway prices is to think of inflation as a tax hike -- on consumers, savers, investors, corporate profits, capital gains, and so on. One humongous tax hike. And it was the myriad tax-hike effects of high inflation that wrecked the American economy in the 1970s.

Attack Obamacare, but talk growth too

5:19 PM 11/08/2013

There’s no question that the catastrophic debut of Obamacare -- including the website breakdown and the millions of pink-slip cancellations -- will be a great card for Republicans to play on the way to the 2014 midterm elections. No question.

The liberal entitlement-state dream is crumbling

5:35 PM 11/01/2013

May I ask this question? Why is it that Americans don’t have the freedom to choose their own health insurance? I just don’t get it. Why must the liberal nanny state make decisions for us? We can make them ourselves, thank you very much. It’s like choosing a car, buying a home, or investing in a stock. We can handle it.

Congressman Paul Ryan: “Obamacare not workable”

5:04 PM 10/29/2013

Obamacare’s glitches are here to stay, according to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.