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Politicians in comic books [SLIDESHOW]

Madeleine Joelson

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a brand-new comic book chronicling her life and times. But she's not the first politician to get the ink-drawn treatment.

Madonna shops a new religion: Opus Dei?

12:23 PM 04/18/2011

Madonna has spent the past 15 years making Kabbalah famous, but it seems the Jewish mystic religion’s most dedicated follower may be changing camps. She has reportedly been looking into Opus Dei, the Catholic sect made famous by "The Da Vinci Code."

Obama to appear on final season of ‘Oprah’

1:33 PM 04/14/2011

Just in case you needed reminding that President Obama is gearing up for a campaign: he just signed up to appear on the final season of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ NBC reports.

Survey: Doctors don’t take their own advice

2:26 PM 04/12/2011

A new survey in the Archives of Internal Medicine has found some potentially disturbing results. When faced with certain hypothetical treatment scenarios, doctors were more likely to recommend treatments with higher risk of death, but less severe side-affects, when told to imagine themselves as the patient.

Broadway gets ‘Rocked’ as comedian Chris Rock makes debut

12:22 PM 04/12/2011

Watch out, Broadway. Chris Rock, one of America’s most shocking comedians, made his Broadway debut on Monday night in a new play called “The Motherf**ker With the Hat.”

Robert Pattinson urges Twilight fans to ‘destroy’ ‘Breaking Dawn’ leakers

12:41 PM 04/04/2011

Robert Pattinson expressed his anger at the recent "Breaking Dawn" photo leak on MTV News, reports He called the hackers “idiots” who “maliciously” leaked the photos online.

New report: Princess-to-be Kate Middleton related to George Washington and Ellen DeGeneres

1:51 PM 03/31/2011

With her upcoming wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton will enter into England’s storied royal family. But a new report claims that she's related to the man who wouldn't be king: America's own George Washington.

Gaddafi’s glam daughter Aisha joins the fight against Libyan rebels

12:11 PM 03/31/2011

Gaddafi has unleashed a new weapon against Libyan revolutionaries — his glamorous daughter, Aisha.

Left-wing journalist Nir Rosen resigns LSE post after two days

12:47 PM 03/28/2011

After just two days, left-wing journalist Nir Rosen has resigned from his position as a fellow at the London School of Economics.

End of an era: Final ‘Oprah’ episode to air on May 25

10:50 AM 03/28/2011

Oprah Winfrey has set a date for the final episode of her show, reports People Magazine. After 25 years on the air, the last episode is scheduled for May 25.

Bart Stupak ‘accosted’ in airports one year after healthcare reform

1:37 PM 03/24/2011

One year later, former Congressman Bart Stupak is still feeling the effects of the critical role he played in healthcare reform. In an interview with 'The Atlantic,' Stupak said he still gets “accosted” by angry citizens.

Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon criticizes Obama

12:32 PM 03/24/2011

During an interview with NBC News’s Brian Williams, NBC’s Late Night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon began criticizing the president for neglecting his presidential duties.

People we never should have heard of [SLIDESHOW]

12:14 AM 03/23/2011

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you've heard of Rebecca Black. And if you've seen her video, you've probably wondered why you had to hear about her in the first place. Well, we had the same reaction, so in honor of her "popular" music video, "Friday," we decided jump on the Internet bandwagon and celebrate mediocrity by compiling a list of people who are famous for no apparent reason.

Wyclef Jean has ‘no idea’ who shot him, but police say no one did

10:25 AM 03/21/2011

Wyclef Jean says he has no idea who shot him during an election riot in Haiti, but police say that his injury was caused by broken glass.

Gibson’s latest film (finally) released to surprisingly good reviews

3:15 PM 03/17/2011

With Charlie Sheen filling the role of Hollywood’s resident trainwreck, it may have seemed like the perfect time for Summit Entertainment to schedule a premiere for Mel Gibson’s latest film, which had been delayed due to Gibson's relationship troubles.

New scholarship in Texas set to benefit white men only

11:41 AM 02/28/2011

A new Texas non-profit has announced its intention to provide scholarships for one group they feel has been left out of college scholarship programs — white men.

‘Geezer Bandit’ wreaks havoc in California

12:03 PM 02/14/2011

Known as the ‘Geezer Bandit,’ a bank-robbing old man in California has won the hearts of thousands, reports the Washington Times.

Post-handgun ban, wealthy D.C. residents stock up on firepower

1:09 PM 02/08/2011

Washington, D.C.’s well-to-do residents have armed themselves at a greater rate than residents of poorer, more crime-ridden areas in the two years since the Supreme Court ended D.C.’s ban on handguns.

Study: Women still underrepresented in top Hollywood jobs

2:07 PM 02/01/2011

It took more than 80 years for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award the Oscar for Best Director to a woman. But despite doing a bang-up job of busting through the glass ceiling in 2010 with “The Hurt Locker," Kathryn Bigelow wasn't able to bring the rest of Hollywood's women with her.