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Marc Levin
Policy Director, Right on Crime
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      Marc Levin

      Marc Levin is the policy director for Right on Crime, a national campaign for conservative criminal justice reforms led by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He can be reached at [email protected] or

New Shoes And New Ideas For Local Justice Systems

              Kristopher Rush, 14, shows off one of the Nike Air Jordan shoes he got for Christmas from his parents Friday, Dec. 23, 2011, outside the Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis, where he waited in line with his father and brother for over three hours. Police were called in to control crowds of shoppers flocking Lafayette Square and Castleton Square malls in Indianapolis to control the crowds waiting for the shoes. The release of Nike's retro Air Jordans caused a frenzy at stores across the nation early Friday, with hundreds of people lining up for a chance to buy the classic basketball shoes and rowdy crowds breaking down doors and starting fights in at least two cities. AP Photo/The Indianapolis Star, Danese Kenon)  NO SALES

Every week in the United States some 220,000 adults are booked into county jails for everything from murder to marijuana and kidnapping to shoplifting. Yet, on January 1 in Framingham, Massachusetts, one offender become a story rather than a statistic. When Jason Duval couldn’t post bail, Judge Douglas Stoddard took him up on his creative offer of leaving with the court his new Nike Air Jordan sneakers he had received as a Christmas gift in exchange for his release. This case reveals how sought after this footwear is, but it tells us even more about what’s wrong with the pretrial justice system.

Conservatives are leading on prison reform

2:45 PM 02/24/2013

Many Americans might be forgiven for thinking that, just as liberals often have a program for every problem, conservatives have a prison for every problem. However, conservative criminal justice policy today is charting a new course that is more consistent with the traditional conservative principles of limited government and personal responsibility. In conservative states like Texas, Georgia, and South Dakota, conservative policymakers have spearheaded statutory and budgetary reforms that prioritize prison space for violent and dangerous offenders while strengthening cost-effective alternatives that hold nonviolent offenders accountable.

What it means to be ‘Right on Crime’

11:04 AM 01/27/2011

Conservatism is not simply about slashing federal budgets or limiting the size and reach of government. Certainly, on the surface, these are the tactics right-of-center advocates use, but at their root, conservative values embrace the principles of capitalism and competition in order to produce better results on a more efficient budget for the taxpayer -- all while staying within the boundaries of the Constitution.