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Twitter's new Political Index tracks sentiment toward Obama, Romney

Tech | Matt Pitchford
The Index will sort through 400 million tweets a day using 'sentiment analysis' to determine what people think

Reid: Romney 'didn't pay taxes for 10 years!'

Politics | Matt Pitchford
Reid quotes an anonymous Bain investor that Romney has been skipping out on his income taxes

Obama and Romney launch new mobile apps

Elections | Matt Pitchford
Obama has a new campaign toolkit, and Romney has the 'Mitt's VP' announcement service

Rapper Snoop Dogg is now Rastafarian Snoop Lion

Entertainment | Matt Pitchford
Snoop: 'I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated'

Twitter versus the Olympics

Tech | Matt Pitchford
At home and abroad, Twitter is causing a headache for the news networks

Pelosi prefers rain forest-destroying KFC over traditional marriage Chick-fil-A

US | Matt Pitchford
Greenpeace has criticized KFC for using rainforest wood in its chicken buckets

Boston Mayor backs off attempt to block Chick-fil-A: 'I make mistakes'

US | Matt Pitchford
Menino's retraction comes a day after Antoine Dodson posted his YouTube opinion

So-far secret group to promote Internet freedom and economic interests

Tech | Matt Pitchford
The Internet Association is meant to be 'unified voice of the Internet economy'

Iran's nuclear program disrupted by virus that blasts AC/DC in the middle of the night

Tech | Matt Pitchford
According to Iranian scientist, virus is rocking the casbah with 'Thunderstruck'

Colorado shooting suspect speaks in recently released video

US | Matt Pitchford
Alleged theater shooter James Holmes researched 'subjective reality'

Internet Defense League launches network to defend Web freedom

Tech | Matt Pitchford
'Networking is the tactic that beat SOPA'

Washington becomes first state to offer voter registration on Facebook

Tech | Matt Pitchford
State elections director: Facebook voter registration is 'more efficient' and 'more secure'

Movie: Occupy wasn't spontaneous, it was a scheme

Politics | Matt Pitchford
'Occupy was only spontaneous to the untrained eye. The radical left didn't hijack it, they planned it out'

Pirate Bay bans not working

Tech | Matt Pitchford
Report: British and Dutch bans on popular file-sharing site are useless

Book: Obama's Communist mentor influenced his political beliefs

Politics | Matt Pitchford
In 'The Communist,' Dr. Paul Kengor shows how Frank Marshall Davis informed the president's early political beliefs

Conservatives divided on how Romney should handle Bain attacks

Elections | Matt Pitchford
Bain's possible impact on Romney splits conservative strategists, opinion leaders

Marketers know what you will do before you do

Business | Matt Pitchford
Latest technology tries to place ads right where you will look first

Danielle Pletka: There is a 'conspiracy of silence' about problems in cybersecurity

Tech | Matt Pitchford
No, the government doesn't want your porn

Resurrected? Lamar Smith plans piecemeal push to zombify SOPA

Tech | Matt Pitchford
Reddit alert: Texas Republican wants to increase government regulations one step at a time

Allen West: Social Security disability is 'modern slavery'

Politics | Matt Pitchford
West: 'We should not regret telling the truth'

Wealthy Clinton donor dodges taxes by ditching citizenship

US | Matt Pitchford
Denise Rich, ex-wife of billionaire fugitive pardoned by Bill Clinton, will save millions by moving to London

Rand, Ron Paul announce 'Technology Revolution' manifesto

Tech | Matt Pitchford
Manifesto is meant to be a conservative response to the 'Declaration of Internet Freedom'

European Parliament strikes down ACTA, Internet activists rejoice

Tech | Matt Pitchford
EU rejects copyright enforcement crackdown

Internet activists unfurl declaration of online freedom

Tech | Matt Pitchford
'The Declaration of Internet Freedom' is five principles meant to guide policy

'Facebook Email' is having technical difficulties

Tech | Matt Pitchford
But according to Facebook, most of the problem results from 'confused users'

Group uses Chicago's gun turn-in as a fundraiser for NRA youth camp

Guns and Gear | Matt Pitchford
'We hope they do it again next year.'

Report: Katie Holmes believes she is under surveillance by Church of Scientology

Entertainment | Matt Pitchford
Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise after five years of marriage last Friday

Texas researchers hack into a government drone

Tech | Matt Pitchford
Professor: Hijacked drones could be turned into missiles

18 year old's 'experiment' republishes embarrassing Facebook posts

Tech | Matt Pitchford
"Don't publish status updates containing potentially risky material as 'Public.'"

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