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The pro-earmark fantasy argument

Maury Litwack

Despite the fact that the Republican caucus has sworn off earmarks, the Senate failed this week to receive the necessary 2/3 majority for a legislative ban on earmarks. A silly narrative emerged prior to this vote warning cities of all shapes and sizes that they would suffer colossal funding losses if earmark reform was enacted. Lacking in this analysis were basic facts that everyone should know.

Why lobbyists are here to stay regardless of how you vote

12:37 PM 10/29/2010

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that lobbyists are now courting potential Republican chairmen with fundraisers in an effort to create and cement relationships prior to a potential Republican takeover of the House. The White House communications director called this story another sign of Republicans’ “loyalty to these special interests.”

How to really depress Chuck Todd: truly sad lobbying situations

5:03 PM 10/12/2010

“There's just something a tad depressing that it takes hiring a lobbyist to help navigate the Haiti rebuilding process” – Chuck Todd

Dr. King got it wrong — the metric of a successful political rally

3:24 PM 10/04/2010

President Obama has endorsed the Stewart/Colbert rally set to take place at the end of the month.  The president got the name of the rally wrong in his remarks last week but seems to support the general goal -- restoring sanity.  Given its presidential support, one can only assume that this rally will be a success.  But what defines success for a Washington political rally?  Has the president hitched his wagon to a successful rally?  What if it fails?  How does one judge success or failure when critiquing a Washington rally?  I have a metric.

Why Lady Gaga and Stephen Colbert’s lobbying efforts failed

10:01 AM 09/27/2010

Lady Gaga and Stephen Colbert entranced the media for a few days this past week with their respective lobbying efforts. Gaga’s efforts were intriguing because she took her advocacy not to Washington but to Maine, home to Senators Collins and Snowe, who were holdouts on the threatened GOP filibuster of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Colbert played “expert” with his immigration reform testimony.