Elementary school students suspended for playing with Nerf guns

US | McHenry Lee
The teacher allegedly gave them permission to bring in the toys guns for a class project

Former Taiwanese President attempts suicide

World | McHenry Lee
Chen Shui-bian is currently serving a 20 year sentence for corruption

Pfc. Bradley Manning's trial begins Monday

US | McHenry Lee
Manning could face life in prison if he is convicted

10 most badass swimming pools in the world

Entertainment | McHenry Lee
From Sydney, Australia to Dallas, Texas, these are the coolest swimming pools in the world

John McCain might have taken a picture with suspected kidnappers

World | McHenry Lee
On a recent trip to Syria, McCain took a photo with several rebels suspected of kidnapping 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims last year

Bin Laden's bodyguard: SEALs didn't do it! Osama blew himself up

World | McHenry Lee
'The American president lied,' claims rumor-spouting bin Laden pal

Federal disability payments hit another all-time high

Politics | McHenry Lee
Rise for the 196th straight month

Congressmen call for Redskins to lose the 'R word'

Politics | McHenry Lee
'Native Americans throughout the country consider the 'R word' a racial, derogatory slur'

MLB players don camo for Memorial Day

Sports | McHenry Lee
Continues the 5 year tradition of honoring military

Ex-Judge charged with stealing cocaine from cases

US | McHenry Lee
Nearly 30 years on the bench

Royals fan fakes out a cop and steals the rosin bag

Sports | McHenry Lee
Provides some humor to an otherwise boring Royals game

Europeans institute automatic 10-game ban for soccer racism

Sports | McHenry Lee
UEFA seeks to crack down on public incidents

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