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Mike Collins
Mike Collins
Former Spokesman, RNC
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      Mike Collins

      Mike Collins is a former national spokesman for the Republican National Committee who now runs a public relations firm with offices in Tampa and Washington, D.C.

Artificial sweetener

              In this Sept. 8, 2012 photo, people drive a classic American car past a sugar cane field in Camaguey, Cuba.  Just two years ago, Cuba's sugar industry was on its knees after the worst harvest in more than a century. Now Cuba's signature industry is showing signs of life. With world market prices rebounding, sugar is suddenly more profitable, and a reorganization of the sector could offer a blueprint for how to lift up the rest of the island's economy.  (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

House Republicans could recover their fumble of the farm bill by blocking a job-killing protectionist scheme that adds to the grocery bill of every American family.