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Michael Cutler
Former INS Special Agent
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      Michael Cutler

      Michael Cutler graduated from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York with a B.A. in Communications Arts and Sciences and is a retired Senior Special Agent of the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service). He began his 30 year career in 1971 as an Immigration Inspector, served as an Adjudications Officer and, in 1975, became a Special Agent. He rotated through every squad in the Investigations Branch of the INS in New York City. In 1988 he became the first INS agent to be assigned to the Unified Intelligence Division of the DEA and in 1991 was promoted to the position of Senior Special Agent and assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force where he worked cooperatively with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies including the DEA, FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshals Service and with law enforcement agencies of other countries including Israel, Canada, Great Britain and Japan.

      He has testified before well over a dozen Congressional hearings in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. He most recently testified before a hearing conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 20, 2013 on the topic:

      “Building an Immigration System Worthy of American Values”

      He provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission and has testified before numerous state legislative hearings throughout the United States. He assisted the law firm retained by Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer to defend her and her state against the DOJ lawsuit in response to Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070. He also provides expert witness testimony at trials where immigration is at issue.

      He has appeared on numerous national television programs on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Newsmax-TV and other television networks and on numerous radio programs. He has participated in numerous panel discussions and debates on the immigration issue on college campuses and other venues across the United States. He is a Senior Fellow with Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) and is a columnist for FrontPage Magazine. He hosts his own radio program, “The Michael Cutler Hour” that airs on Friday evenings at 7:00 PM, Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio.

      His website is http://michaelcutler.net/

Immigration: A Matter Of Integrity – Or A Lack Thereof

2:35 PM 11/30/2015

Before we discuss immigration we must first consider that the army of civilian federal employees who are charged with enforcing and administering our immigration laws get their marching orders from the President of the United States, much the same way that the members of our armed forces operate under his command.

Syrian Refugees Cannot Be Vetted: However, Neither Can Aliens Who Cross Our Borders

5:22 PM 11/23/2015

It is entirely understandable that there is great consternation about the obvious national security issues created by admitting aliens who claim to be refugees from Syria into the United States. The vetting process of such aliens is fatally flawed because our officials do not have access to databases or other sources of reliable information to ascertain the true identities and backgrounds of these foreign nationals.

Political Candidates, Immigration And Home Repair Con-Artists

4:33 PM 11/13/2015

There is no shortage of stories about crooks who prey on unsuspecting homeowners by swindling these hapless victims out of their money without delivering the repairs they promise. Sometimes home improvement contractors begin repairs that exacerbate the original problems. In other instances they simply take the deposit they demand in advance of beginning work and disappear.

Sanctuary Cities: No Peace And No Justice

1:27 PM 07/10/2015

Donald Trump has ignited a firestorm with his statements about the failure of the United States to secure the Southwest border and prevent criminal aliens from Mexico entering the United States and committing violent crimes. In point of fact, the emphasis on the U.S./Mexican border while understandable, ignores the fact that the United States has 50 “border states.” Any state with an international airport has access to America's tens of thousands of miles of meandering coastline, or lies along the northern as well as the southern border are all “border states.”

Congress Has Fully Funded The DHS — America’s Biggest Document Mill

2:15 PM 03/09/2015

The term document mill is used by law enforcement authorities to describe a criminal organization that manufactures and sells fake identification. Document mills are behind much of the identity theft that has victimized millions of people in the United States. Among the customers of fraud document vendors are fugitives from justice, international terrorists, members of transnational criminal organizations, and illegal aliens.