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Mark Goldblatt
Author, "Bumper Sticker Liberalism"
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      Mark Goldblatt

      Mark Goldblatt is the author of “Bumper Sticker Liberalism.” He teaches at Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY).

Re-Visiting The Central Park Five

Last year, Fashion Institute of Technology, the State University college at which I’ve taught since 1989, screened The Hunting Ground, a controversial documentary about the plague of sexual assault on American campuses. The event was sponsored by a generous in-house diversity grant…because we take diverse viewpoints seriously at FIT. So much so that this month, via that same in-house diversity grant, we’ll be hosting the Central Park Five—five guys who, back when they were teenagers, chanced upon a female jogger in New York’s Central Park, beat and stomped her senseless, stripped her nearly naked, and sexually assaulted her.

New York’s walking dead

5:26 PM 08/13/2013

They walk among us, even now. We don't know who they are, precisely, but we know what many are like, and we can hazard guesses. The elderly woman hobbling home from church. The young executive taking a shortcut to work. The jogger glancing at his watch at sunset. The parking lot attendant scrambling to find a sedan. The deli owner depositing cash receipts. The young mother sitting on her stoop ... the toddler she's minding.

Iraq, with hindsight

12:08 PM 03/05/2013

As we near the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, liberals still cling with canine ferocity to the idea that President George W. Bush and his administration duped us into an unnecessary war which ultimately accomplished nothing. It’s an attitude deftly summed up by the bumper sticker, cum antiwar rally cry, cum Upper West Side yoga mantra, “Bush lied. People died.” What do liberals believe Bush lied about? In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, he claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and thus needed to be removed from power. Who died? Several thousand Americans soldiers --- and, depending on whom you believe, perhaps a million Iraqi civilians.

Throwing the Enlightenment under the bus

3:02 PM 10/17/2012

If you want to understand the full disgrace of the Obama administration’s response to the September 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, here’s the question to ask: What if the video had been any good?

An honest debate about gun violence

9:37 AM 10/02/2012

Few things in American public life are as predictable as gun control advocates taking to the airwaves and editorial pages in the immediate aftermath of a shooting spree to call for more stringent gun control measures. The summer of 2012 was a banner season for anti-gun rhetoric since it featured not one but two horrific incidents: the July 20th massacre of patrons at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and the August 5th massacre of worshippers at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.