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Michael Bastasch

Paper: Climate Policy Models Are ‘Useless’

12:46 PM 05/15/2015

Models used to craft climate models are "close to useless" when it comes to crafting policies to combat global warming, according to a recent paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Will David Cameron Make The UK An Energy Powerhouse?

10:35 AM 05/14/2015

For years, political gridlock and environmentalist opposition have prevented natural gas drilling to move forward in the UK, but the massive conservative victory in the country’s recent election could make Britain a world energy player.

Obama Offers Welfare To Miners Out Of Work From EPA Regs

3:04 PM 05/13/2015

Thousands of coal miners and coal-fired power plant workers have been laid off since President Obama took office, in part due to federal regulations. Now Obama is atoning for putting these Americans out of work by them $35 million in welfare grants.

Toyota Challenges Tesla With A Hydrogen Car

11:03 AM 05/13/2015

Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk recently introduced a new line of batteries to help solve the energy storage problems with his luxury electric cars. Too bad for him Toyota’s plans for a hydrogen powered car could upend Musk’s designs.

More GOP 2016 Hopefuls Bow To Ethanol Interests

11:18 AM 05/11/2015

Winning Iowa’s presidential caucus is key for any candidate that wants to nab the Republican nomination in 2016. It’s so important that ostensibly conservative candidates are now backing federal ethanol mandates.