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Michael Bastasch

Obama Executive Orders Target Federal Lands

3:14 PM 02/18/2015

President Barack Obama plans to use his pen and phone to designate thousands of acres in three states as national monuments, bringing the total number of national monument designations to 16 under the president.

Canada Calls Greenies ‘Security Threat’

12:33 PM 02/18/2015

While American intelligence officials are concerned about threats from Islamic terrorists, Canadian officials have identified a very different threat to their national security: environmental extremists.

OPEC Is Likely Doomed, And This Is How It Happened

10:23 PM 02/17/2015

As of Tuesday, the national average gasoline price stood at $2.26 per gallon. That's about one dollar less than prices from the same time last year, according to AAA Fuel Gauge. Gas has rebounded in recent weeks because of higher oil prices, refinery maintenance and union strikes, but the low prices are part of a much larger story playing out right now --- a story that could mean the end of OPEC as we know it.

Study: Climate Skeptics Know More About Global Warming

11:14 AM 02/13/2015

A soon to be published study in the journal Advances in Political Psychology found that skeptics of man-made global warming scored slightly better on questions about climate science than people who believe that humans are causing irreversible warming.

Amash: I Voted Against ‘Cronyist’ Keystone XL Bill

5:09 PM 02/12/2015

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash was the only Republican in either the House or Senate to vote against approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Why’d he do it? Amash says that while he supports the pipeline, the bill contained "cronyist" elements.

EPA Challenged For Calling CO2 ‘Pollution’

3:34 PM 02/11/2015

Republicans called out a top EPA official for the agency’s labeling of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, as a “pollutant,” equating the gas humans exhale every day to air pollutants like smog and mercury.