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Michael Bastasch

Pope Praises Obama’s Global Warming Agenda

10:48 AM 09/23/2015

Pope Francis was quick to praise President Barack Obama’s plan to fight global warming during a Wednesday morning speech at the White House. Francis extolled Obama for “reducing air pollution” and taking the fight against global warming seriously.

GOP Rep. Demands EPA Chief Resign Over Mine Blowout

3:11 PM 09/17/2015

A handful of Republicans are demanding EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy be impeached for allegedly committing perjury before Congress this year, and now one GOP lawmaker is calling for McCarthy to resign over the agency-caused mine blowout.

Trump Mocks Obama’s Fear Of ‘Extreme Weather’ [VIDEO]

11:04 AM 09/16/2015

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump mocked President Barack Obama’s claim that global warming was the biggest national security threat facing the United States, going on to warn that “nuclear global warming” was a bigger threat because of the president’s Iran deal.