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Navajos Distrustful OF EPA Promises On Toxic Mine Spill

Russell Begaye, the next president of the Navajo Nation. Photo from Facebook, also featured on Indianz.com

Navajo Nation is furious with the EPA, not just because the agency accidentally spilled three million gallons of toxic mine waste in the region, but because the agency is allegedly trying to get tribal members to waive rights to future compensation for damages incurred by the toxic spill.

Congressmen: EPA Must Answer For Spilling Toxic Waste

1:17 PM 08/12/2015

Republican congressmen are calling for the EPA to be held accountable for spilling 3 million gallons of toxic mine wastewater into the Animas River last week, especially since the agency is a government entity and won’t be punished to the same degree a private company would for spilling waste.

Congress Investigates EPA’s Toxic Wastewater Spill

10:50 AM 08/11/2015

The EPA accidentally spilled millions of gallons of toxic wastewater from an abandoned mine in Colorado’s Animas River, and a top Republican lawmaker wants  answers on just how bad the situation on the ground has become.

Kasich Befuddles The Public Over His Stance On Global Warming

11:46 AM 08/10/2015

Gov. John Kasich’s campaign has been scrambling to clear up the Republican presidential candidate’s stance on whether or not he believes in global warming after he told NBC News Sunday he didn’t want to “destroy people's jobs based on some theory that's not proven.”

The US Is Refining So Much Oil It’s Ridiculous

2:13 PM 08/07/2015

The U.S. oil and gas boom may be slowing down, but the refining industry is booming. American refineries are taking in more petroleum than at any point in the last 25 years -- refineries took in more than 17 million barrels of crude oil per day over the last four weeks, turning it into fuels and petrochemicals.

Fiorina: I’d Repeal EPA’s Global Warming Rule

10:27 AM 08/07/2015

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina took aim directly at the EPA’s latest set of global warming rules in the first round of presidential debates Thursday night, saying President Barack Obama’s “progressive” agenda needed to be peeled back.

Sen. Boxer Obscures The Truth About CA’s High Energy Bills

4:19 PM 08/06/2015

Sen. Barbara Boxer is at it again, claiming California’s green energy policies aren’t impacting how much Californian’s pay for energy. The California Democrat argued that even under cap-and-trade and green energy mandates, Californians still pay less than Oklahomans for electricity.

Climate Scientists Rip Apart EPA’s Global Warming Rule

10:51 AM 08/04/2015

The Obama administration recently unveiled regulations further limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, and some climate scientists are criticizing the rules for doing virtually nothing to reduce global temperature rises --- the whole point of reducing CO2.