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Study: Climate Skeptics Know More About Global Warming

11:14 AM 02/13/2015

A soon to be published study in the journal Advances in Political Psychology found that skeptics of man-made global warming scored slightly better on questions about climate science than people who believe that humans are causing irreversible warming.

Amash: I Voted Against ‘Cronyist’ Keystone XL Bill

5:09 PM 02/12/2015

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash was the only Republican in either the House or Senate to vote against approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Why’d he do it? Amash says that while he supports the pipeline, the bill contained "cronyist" elements.

EPA Challenged For Calling CO2 ‘Pollution’

3:34 PM 02/11/2015

Republicans called out a top EPA official for the agency’s labeling of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, as a “pollutant,” equating the gas humans exhale every day to air pollutants like smog and mercury.

Gulf Coast States No Longer Import Light Crude Oil

11:51 AM 02/10/2015

Talk about energy independence! Gulf Coast states have virtually eliminated imports of light crude oils from foreign countries due to booming U.S. oil production from hydraulically fractured wells over the country’s shale plays.

GOP Energy Agenda: Build Keystone, Stop The EPA

11:46 PM 02/09/2015

Republican lawmakers have released a new energy strategy to boost counter President Barack Obama’s climate agenda. The main points of the plan: build the Keystone XL pipeline and other projects like it and prevent the EPA from over-regulating.

Unions Turn On Coal, Demand Higher Royalties

4:22 PM 02/09/2015

Unions are targeting the coal industry and joining a prominent liberal think tank in calling for the federal government to force coal companies to pay more royalties for minerals extracted on federal lands.