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Michael Bastasch

Media Running Scared On Oil Price Plunge

12:34 PM 12/01/2014

OPEC agreed not to cut oil production to buoy plunging oil prices --- news that has the media sounding the alarm, saying OPEC's move could jeopardize the U.S. energy boom and wreak havoc in oil markets.

EPA Sneaks ‘Costliest Regulation Ever’ Over Holidays

12:14 PM 12/01/2014

While millions of Americans were getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, the  Environmental Protection Agency unveiled stricter standards for ozone, or smog, levels --- a rule that has been criticized as possibly the costliest the agency has ever promulgated.

Media Misleads On Polar Bear Numbers

10:45 AM 11/20/2014

Media outlets have been reporting that polar bear numbers in Beaufort Sea north of Alaska have fallen 40 percent in just 10 years as Arctic sea ice melts and takes away hunting grounds.