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Michael Bastasch

EPA Wants To Rebuild Its Workforce By Hiring Over 500 People

2:45 PM 07/14/2015

The Environmental Protection Agency has plans to rapidly expand its workforce in the coming months amid attempts by Republican lawmakers to cut the agency’s budget. According to a government watchdog report, the EPA is looking to hire more than 500 employees to replace those who left last year.

Iran Nuke Deal Adds To World Oil Market Instability

12:08 PM 07/14/2015

As if problems in the Middle East, China and Greece weren’t already enough to spook global oil investors, now the Obama administration has announced it has reached a nuclear deal with Iran after months of tense negotiations.

Scientists: The ‘Little Ice Age’ Cometh

3:58 PM 07/13/2015

Is the world on the verge of another “Little Ice Age”? Scientists with the University of Northumbria say the world could plunge into another mini ice age within the next 15 years as solar activity declines.

Study Urges Media To Frame Global Warming As A ‘Public Health’ Problem

1:24 PM 07/13/2015

A new study is urging activists and the media to talk less about how global warming will impact the environment and more about how it will negatively impact public health. Framing global warming as a public health issue, the study says, will convince people to support policies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.