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Michael Sekora
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      Michael Sekora

      Michael Sekora is the former director of the US government’s Socrates Project.

How to reduce the national debt without raising taxes or cutting spending

Discussions about deficits and debt reduction inevitably center on whether and how to reduce government spending or increase tax rates. Proponents of increasing taxes argue over what level tax rates should be increased to and for which segments of the population. Proponents of decreased spending debate which federal programs should be trimmed or eliminated altogether. But this choice is a classic false dichotomy. If we grow the economy enough, we won’t have to rely on massive tax hikes or spending cuts.

An unfinished legacy: President Reagan and the Socrates Project

4:37 PM 12/06/2010

In the closing days of his administration, President Reagan had an executive order drafted to create a new government agency — the first new federal agency since the creation of NASA in the 1950s. Why would a president who built his reputation on reducing the size of the government want to create more government?