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Notes on Cantormageddon

2:33 AM 06/11/2014

You knew Majority Leader Eric Cantor was vulnerable--the press had already reported a non-trivial Anybody But Cantor vote in his district. But I would have settled for his challenger, Dave Brat, getting more than 40%. I was all ready to (legitimately) spin that as a warning shot across Cantor's bow. Instead, Brat went and actually beat Cantor--decisively, by 10 points, 55% to 45%. He and his campaign manager Zachary Werrell obviously ran a very effective race with minimal resources--against Cantor's millions. Independent anti-Cantor actors like the We Deserve Better group -- and various local conspiracies we don't even know about -- probably played a role as well.**

The Benefits of Beating Cantor …

2:00 AM 06/10/2014

Bottom-Up Bipartisanship? Yesterday Dave Brat, the conservative economics professor who is challenging Majority Leader Eric Cantor in today's primary, sent out what I assume will be his final pitch to voters. Here's a sample:

Cantor’s Mistake

5:55 AM 06/05/2014

"Muchas Gracias, Senor Cantor!" ** Famous ambitious positioner Eric Cantor probably thought he'd hit a Solomonic sweet spot last year when he dramatically announced his support of immigration amnesty for "the kids ...  those who were brought to this country as children." The MSM would predictably love it -- compassion from a Republican leader! Yet conservatives might not hate him -- after all, he wasn't endorsing a general amnesty of all 11 million undocumented immigrants.*** And who doesn't like "kids"?

Matt Miller Must Be Polling Well …

7:26 AM 06/03/2014

My friend Matt Miller, who's running for Henry Waxman's congressional seat, must be doing well in internal campaign polls because attacks on him are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. There's a last minute hit piece by Lee Fang in leftish Republic Report riddled with embarrassing errors which have now been corrected, but in a way that prevents readers from seeing how bad they were.

Smoking Gun on Cantor and Amnesty

6:15 AM 06/02/2014

There's a lot of discussion (in my admittedly distorted Twitter feed) about whether embattled House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is duplicitously campaigning as an anti-amnesty fighter, given his heavily publicized initiative to confer citizenship on illegal immigrants who entered the country as children -- a proposal he defends with impressive pomposity ("One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents"). Cantor has continued to push his "DREAM"-like kids plan during his reelection campaign -- e.g. on Cavuto last week -- even as his website has been scrubbed of all mention of it..

Will Virginia GOPs be fooled?

7:36 AM 05/27/2014

Cheesy Kabuki -- Panicked Cantor Claims He's Anti-Amnesty Champion: Now we know how embattled GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor plans to hold on to his seat against a primary challenger. A week after lobbyist Haley Barbour praised Cantor** the House GOP leadership's team for its commitment to passing an immigration amnesty -- and claimed that Republican voters support it -- Cantor dropped a mailer into GOP voters' boxes claiming that he's ... a fighter against amnesty! ("CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN ERIC CANTOR IS STOPPING THE OBAMA REID PLAN TO GIVE ILLEGAL ALIENS AMNESTY").

Profile in Spinelessness!

5:28 AM 05/22/2014

1) On Friday, the spokesman for GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor told the AP there would be no floor vote on the so-called ENLIST Act,  a seemingly narrow amnesty (for young illegal immigrants who serve in the military) that could nevertheless be expanded into a much broader immigration amnesty by the Senate, which has otherwise been unable to get such a bill through the House. The Cantor camp's statement came after he had been (accurately) criticized for supporting amnesty by his primary opponent, Dave Brat.

The Magic Bullet for the GOP

3:36 PM 05/21/2014

Attention, GOP Presidential Candidates**: We're always told there's no magic bullet to solve difficult policy problems. But there is something close to a magic bullet for Republican presidential candidates looking for a way to protect borders and wages without conceding Romney-sized losses among Latinos. The bullet is Enforcement First, with its implicit promise of Amnesty Second.

Cantor’s Still Protecting Amnesty

6:43 PM 05/19/2014

A Cantor-First Immigration Policy: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor seems to be in a real race to retain his seat in the GOP primary. His challenger, economist Dave Brat, has attacked Cantor as soft on immigration amnesty. The charge is accurate: Cantor's actually written his own version of the DREAM Act, legalizing young undocumented immigrants. He supports the ENLIST Act--a seemingly appealing measure (limited to DREAMers who enlist in the military) that would nevertheless give the Democratic Senate a chance to push a much larger amnesty in "conference." And he was reported to be a driving force behind including ENLIST in the defense authorization bill, which would give Harry Reid the opportunity to insert that larger amnesty in a must-pass bill.

2 Weeks and You’re In!

8:20 PM 05/07/2014

Amnesty al Fresco: Buzzfeed scoops the Democrats' internal debate: Should Obama should grant de facto immigration amnesty-by-decree now or wait, lest Republicans use any decree as a reason to say they don't trust Obama and therefore won't move an immigration bill. (Aside: Of course they shouldn't trust Obama!  They shouldn't trust the administration whatever it decides regarding a decree's timing. The mere fact that Obama is thinking about another de facto amnesty decree shows he is way too solicitous of Latino activists to reliably implement any enforcement provisions in a future amnesty bill  such as an employment-verification system.)

Ford’s Shame

2:27 AM 05/04/2014
Fuel Pumps vs. Flacks: Is it crazy to suggest that Ford’s recent lower-than-expected profits (including a 39% decline in net income) had something to do with the company’s products–in particular their continuing failure to achieve competitive reliability?  According to the latest Consumer Reports survey, “[A]most two thirds of the 34 Fords and Lincolns in our survey got [reliability] scores that […]

A Marxist Analysis of Hillary

12:25 AM 04/29/2014

... and the whole Clinton dynasty ... and maybe the Bushes too: Now that we are all Marxists, we need to uncover the materialist basis of even seemingly non-economic phenomena. Take Hillary Clinton's campaign/non-campaign for President. Is she running or not? Why won't she say?

Mario’s Double Secret Magic Amnesty Formula

4:04 PM 04/27/2014

What's the secret, Mario? For a while now, Florida Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart has  been boasting he's arrived at some sort of Magic Secret Formula that will win the support of enough Republicans to get an immigration amnesty bill through the House.  He tends to surface in the press every time the spirits of amnesty supporters need a boost. Here he is back in February ("We have legislative language"). Here he is last week:

Neoliberalism Works

3:37 AM 04/21/2014

Reminder -- Welfare Reform's Success: One reason Michael Bloomberg wasn't a bad mayor, despite all the self-righteous nannying, is that he had Rober Doar running his welfare department. Doar summarizes his 6-year experience here. His slogan: "If you work, we will help you." That's a popular and effective Clintonian/neolib thread that Obama lost (in part by letting long-time enemies of work requirements, Sharon Parrott and Mark Greenberg, run the federal welfare effort under Kathleen Sebelius).  .... After the work-oriented 1996 welfare reform, Doar notes, New York City's cash welfare caselaod plummeted (from 1.1 million to below 347,000), work by single mothers rose, and child poverty fell (42 percent in 1994, 28.3 percent in 2008). The late, sainted Senator Moynihan, who opposed the '96 law and predicted dire consequences, turned out to be wrong.**...