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GOP official says his party’s full of bigots!

Mickey Kaus

Finesse? Not Since Jefferson Dined Alone ... : A man named Shaun Kenney was recently named Executive Director of the Virginia Republican party.  Here is a post of his from the blog, Bearing Drift.  In it he argues that "Conservatives have a moral duty to drive out nativism once and for all." It becomes clear by the end of the post that when he says "nativist" he's including more or less everyone in the party who opposes "comprehensive immigration reform."

Jeb Bush’s Cunning Strategy?

6:21 PM 04/06/2014

Jeb's Jejune Swoon: Why did Jeb Bush say those provocative, seemingly jejune things about illegal border crossing being "not a felony" but "an act of love"? Obviously it's what he actually thinks. But, again, why did he say it? Two theories:

This 1 sentence explains what’s wrong with the Web!

2:32 AM 04/04/2014

The trouble with Web journalism, in a single sentence:  Dylan Byers of Politico explains the "real problem" with Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight web site--it's not "relevant" to the "news of the day." Byers' big example:

3 predictions I couldn’t make if I had an editor

6:43 AM 03/31/2014

Mindless Dateline Dept.: For his piece on the State of  Obamacare, National Journal's Ron Brownstein travels to San Antonio to visit a "local coalition working to enroll this city's legion of uninsured," in particular its lower-income population. But if you want to assess Obamacare's survival prospects, isn't that pretty much exactly the wrong place to look? The government can't be so incompetent that it will fail to eventually sign up the previously uninsured for what are in effect freebie or heavily subsidized policies.  If Obamacare collapses, it will be because the unsubsidized--those unlucky enough to be in the individual market but whose income is greater than 400% of the Federal Poverty Line--are unhappy with the quality and terms of the coverage that Obamacare makes available to them, no? Brownstein doesn't talk to those people. Here's one of 'em. ....

Amnesty backers gettin’ frazzled?

12:56 AM 03/31/2014

Sharry on the rocks! OK, let me get this straight. "Comprehensive"--i.e. 'legalization first'--immigration reform is stalled in the GOP-led House.  So Latino activists are pressuring President Obama to instead take executive action to halt deportations, even though a) Obama's record as ''deporter-in-chief" is mostly a PR mirage designed to a give a false impression that he's relatively tough on immigration, and b) unilateral executive action would probably anger Republicans and scuttle efforts to pass an actual piece of legislation.

The 1 percent vs. the .1 percent

12:32 AM 03/31/2014

The "1%" vs "99%" was always a political marketing gimmick when it came to talking about rising money inequality.  Based on casual empiricism (i.e. living) I  usually feel the real divide is something like the top 30% vs. the bottom 70%, in part because that financial divide seems to roughly coincide with a skills/education/taste/cultural divide.  Come now Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman to argue that, when it comes to wealth (as opposed to income)  the real divide isn't between the top one percent and the 99 percent, but between the top one percent and the tippy top tenth of one percent, who are the only people who've been increasing their wealth share.  This has sparked a wave of mock concern for those who  are stuck in the mere 1%, but not the .1%.

That Deceptive Koch Chart …

7:24 PM 03/24/2014

Explanatory Journalism! Decaf Koch: A friend sent me a chart from Robert Reich's Facebook page. You may have seen it -- this one.  It has "Koch spending during the 2012 election" at $412 million, while spending by unions is weak by comparison -- only $153 million from the top 10 unions. Reich's chart seems to come from Republic Report, which in turn relies on this Washington Post story by Matea Gold.

A New Opening for Amnesty?

10:56 PM 03/20/2014

Maybe the stakes in the Senate races are in the House: Is it really the Washington CW that

Deus Ex Zuckina

1:48 AM 03/19/2014

Inveterate innovator Mark Zuckerberg continues to shake up the Beltway by carving out new frontiers of sleaze on the political advertising front.  Here's his immigration reform lobbying group's ad for North Carolina Republican Renee Ellmers.

Will Asians Kill Race Preferences in California?

3:29 AM 03/15/2014

Overlooked: 'Coalition of the Ascendant' Goes to War--With Itself; If you're looking for moments when tectonic issue shifts seem to become visible--like the moment when Dems realized they had to give up on gun control, or the (coming) moment when there are enough charter school parents to defeat teachers' unions--here's one:  the moment when California Democrats abandon a push to reinstate race preferences because of constituent-driven opposition from Asian Americans in their own ranks. ...

Obamacare: Show Us Your Fixes!

8:16 PM 03/12/2014

It's Past Time to Talk About Obamacare Repairs: Byron York notes the pathetic answers Dem congressional candidate Alex Sink gave when she was asked (by her now-victorious opponent, David Jolly) how she'd fix Obamacare:

Are patients disappearing?

10:57 AM 03/11/2014

Mickey's Assignment Desk: A New York doctor friend of mine says patient visits have fallen dramatically -- people stopped coming in after January 1, 2014. He and his colleagues are trying to figure out why. Hard to believe it doesn't have something to do with Obamacare! ... It could be a good thing --higher co-payments cause people to avoid unnecessary visits, the health cost curve starts bending, etc. (assuming the docs don't just raise their fees to make up the difference). ... It could be a bad thing, if the patients guess wrong about which visits are unnecessary. ... It's almost certainly a bad thing if the cause is patients who've lost their insurance. ... Further journalistic investigation required. ... Remember: If there is some new trend, you'll hear it first in gossip from friends and random people you run into.  The academics will be the last to know.  The first people who knew about the "Gran Salida" of immigrants back to Mexico were schoolteachers facing empty classrooms. It took Pew researchers years to acknowledge the trend. ...

Kaus vs. Coulter: This Time It’s Personal!

11:15 PM 03/06/2014

Pre-Fight Hype: I'm debating Ann Coulter on Saturday at CPAC (at 1:30 PM). I intend to find something to disagree with her about--there's plenty, actually--and then cunningly turn the crowd against her. I'm betting the CPAC crowd now contains more journalists there to sneer at CPACers than actual CPACers. ....

VW Boss–Unionize or Else!

7:17 PM 03/01/2014

The Man Bites Dog: The United Auto Workers, having lost their big vote at VW's Chattanooga factory, have  filed an "unfair labor practice" complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  It's not a high-percentage shot--the UAW's main complaint is that Republican Tennessee politicians (including Sen. Corker) threatened loss of tax breaks, and said  that VW would bring more work to the plant if the union was rejected.  But Corker and the other politicians aren't VW officials or employees--the parties the NLRB traditionally regulates.

Cooking up Amnesty Today?

6:22 AM 02/25/2014

It's all about amnesty: As my colleague Neil Munro reports, President Obama and House Speaker Boehner are scheduled to meet this morning (Tuesday). Immigration is apparently on the agenda. Will they be trying to figure out a way to pass an illegal-immigrant-legalization bill, something they both favor?  Will Howie Kurtz have Lauren Ashburn on his show this week? ...

Paranoia Is Your Friend!

5:33 AM 02/25/2014

It's hard to read this analysis without concluding that Putin will take military action in Ukraine.  He reportedly does not think Obama is the sort to fight back in any significant way.  Of course, if Obama were truly cynical and 100% political, he might conclude that a confrontation in Ukraine would be just the thing to distract from the Obamacare rollout -- and maybe even cause a rallying around the flag -- in time for the mid-term elections. Obama isn't so cynical. But does Putin know that?

Rubio for President!

11:13 PM 02/23/2014

If Rubio's the GOP funder's favorite, amnesty's dead, no? Mike Allen's Playbook flags John King's report on Jeb Bush reaching out to "key funders" to let them know he's maybe still in the GOP mix for 2016. Which reminded me of a crazy conspiratorial theory I had about Marco Rubio and immigration "reform:"

Let’s “deal with” this Gallup poll!

2:11 PM 02/18/2014

Paranoids live better: It saves time and confusion, when you are trying to understand MSM polls on immigration, if you start from the premise that they are designed to produce the amnesty the MSM consensus favors. Why, for instance, would Gallup ask voters whether the main focus of immigration policy should be to "deal with immigrants who are currently in the U.S. illegally" (with the alternative being "halting the flow of illegal immigrants")?

UAW Crushed. What Comes Next?

1:07 AM 02/15/2014

No wonder they wanted card check:  I remember, toward the end of the last Bush administration,  whippersnappers all the confident young Dem policy warriors repeating labor's talking points about the need to allow the secret ballot in union recognition elections to be replaced by "card check," a system in which workers sign cards in the presence of union organizers. Without card check, management would "coerce" workers by pointing out the downside of unionization in mandatory propaganda meetings.

Schumer’s latest scheme

6:01 PM 02/09/2014

If they can wait 3 years ...: If Republicans don't trust President Obama's implementation of an immigration law, suggests Sen. Schumer, why not a compromise that postpones the effective date until after Obama leaves office?