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We Will Remember You: A Tribute To Mike Flynn [VIDEO]

10:48 PM 02/15/2017

Michael Flynn told it like it was when it came to the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism, and he put Iran "officially on notice," recognizing the threat posed by a country that chants "death to America" even after receiving a multi-billion-dollar deal from the Obama administration.

Sanders Vs. CRUISE [VIDEO]

10:43 PM 02/10/2017

Tuesday's Obamacare debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders was an entertaining and informative affair. Some of us may have wondered how things would have gone if it was Tom Cruise instead of Ted Cruz facing off against Sanders. See for yourself.

Get Your LaserDisc Box Set, ‘The Obama Years’ [VIDEO]

9:12 AM 01/23/2017

Donald Trump is president. Own a piece of history with this LaserDisc box set, "The Obama Years." Featuring some of our first half-white president's greatest hits, like "Obamacare," "Benghazi," "My Muslim Faith," and "Not Taking Putin Seriously (Until Hillary Lost)."