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Bernie: Trump Has ‘Very Strong Political Instincts’ [VIDEO]

9:20 AM 01/10/2017

At CNN's town hall with Bernie Sanders on Monday, one member of the audience asked Sanders to talk about Trump's greatest attributes. Sanders proceeded to compliment Trump's "perseverance," "political instincts," and ability to "connect with people," as well as the fact he successfully took on the establishment.

The 8 Best Reddit Memes About The Russian Hacking [SLIDESHOW]

8:39 AM 12/15/2016

On Dec. 9, the Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the CIA had conducted "closed-door meetings" where they informed members of Capitol Hill that it was "quite clear" the Russian government had coordinated efforts to disrupt the 2016 U.S. election and hand Donald Trump the presidency.

Tucker Carlson’s New Show Is One Big ‘Thug Life’ Compilation [VIDEO]

3:28 PM 12/03/2016

Our former Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson's new show is a huge success. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” premiered on Fox News November 14 and has seen massive increases in viewership compared to the November 2015 figures for “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," the show that at the time had Carlson's 7:00 PM EST time slot. (RELATED: ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Gives Fox News Historic Ratings Boost)