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Matthew Kandrach
Matthew Kandrach
President, CASE
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      Matthew Kandrach

      Matthew Kandrach is President of CASE – Consumer Action for a Strong Economy.

Idaho Health Plan Well Intentioned But Serves As Misguided Precedent

Idaho Shutterstock/MM_photos

While health care has largely been eclipsed in national media, significant policy decisions are happening in states, like Idaho, that may fundamentally alter the insurance landscape everywhere. Governor Butch Otter is quickly moving to expand Idaho’s Medicaid program and alter its insurance exchange ostensibly to lessen skyrocketing premiums. The governor’s plan, now being considered in Idaho’s state legislature, would restructure the current eligibility for the state’s health insurance exchange to allow childless working adults to buy subsidized health insurance on the marketplaces while moving the state's sickest adults onto Medicaid.

Yes, Some Senate Republicans Are Actually Blowing The Opportunity Of A Lifetime With Tax Reform

2:19 AM 12/01/2017

Earlier this week, the Senate Budget Committee voted to approve tax reform legislation, advancing Americans one step closer to benefiting from meaningful, growth-oriented tax cuts. And while the plan is far more complicated than it should be, it is critical for the Senate as a whole to pass the bill in order to help turbocharge our economy and allow American families to keep more of their own hard-earned money.   

Obamacare Incentives Are Causing Hospital Monopolies To Put Profits Over Patients

7:07 PM 11/21/2017

For most Americans, being hospitalized is a rare and frightening event. Trips to the emergency room, or even for an out-patient procedure, are draining, and too often the experience is made worse when patients are left with unexpected bills. Now, hospitals are adding to that burden by raising prices -- and it's not because they're improving care.

Pro-Consumer Tax Reform Lowers Rates for Everybody

1:42 PM 10/16/2017

With true game-changing tax reform one step closer to the finish line with the 2018 budget resolution passing the House and scheduled for the Senate vote during the week of October 16th, Washington policy wonks have had a field day debating and clashing swords over the tax reform framework GOP leaders released last month. Unfortunately, lost in the muddle of their pie charts, graphs and projections is how all of this will impact America’s consumers.

Angry Rural Voters Deserve Better Policies From Washington

1:43 PM 04/08/2016

For months now pundits have offered various arguments as to why the current presidential cycle is so tilted on its axis. Speculation has abounded to explain both the rise and staying power of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, but as we've progressed through more than half the state primaries and caucuses, a unified theory has emerged tying America's economic and political angst into a tidy package with the word 'trade' stamped up top in bold red letters.

Fixing Puerto Rico: A Road Map For Congress

7:19 PM 09/08/2015

As Congress gets back to work, they will have many important policy issues to confront, including, not least, what to do about Puerto Rico. After recent statements by Puerto Rico’s Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, that his government would refuse to pay debts, even Puerto Rico’s own constitutional debt, the stakes for seniors and small investors in whatever process Washington pursues have gotten much higher.