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Thad Cochran’s Daughter Rails Against New Right And … Mississippi?

Republican Sen. Thad Cochran (R) speaks to supporters at a dock facility under construction during a campaign stop in the Gulf Coast city of Pass Christian, Miss., June 19, 2014. (REUTERS/Lee Celano)

Conservatives are often accused of divisiveness, but it is interesting to see how many "loyal" Republicans can't handle a loss -- or even adversity. Instead of putting on a happy face and endorsing the Republican nominee, of late, it has been moderate Republicans who seem more likely to take their ball and go home when they lose.

Does Oppo Research Belong in The Newsroom?

2:59 PM 06/23/2014

You've probably heard about the latest dustup over the Free Beacon's use of files from the University of Arkansas library. Their reporting has already had a major impact (big enough to garner the push-back they are now receiving), and much will be written about the latest wrinkle(s) to the story.

New Book: Beatles Breakup Led To Paul McCartney’s Depression

1:58 PM 06/23/2014

Tom Doyle's new book, Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s, opens with a portrait of a severely depressed Paul McCartney, mourning the breakup of the Beatles:

My World Cup Fling

10:37 AM 06/23/2014

Over at Grantland, Bill Simmons argues that our reaction to Sunday's match against Portugal (which ended in a draw after America surrendered a last-minute goal) says something about our lack of passion for the game:

HBO’s John Oliver Has Some Advice For Journalists

9:17 AM 06/23/2014

Comedian and host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, offered some advice for comedians -- and journalists -- during a recent episode of NPR's Fresh Air.

Can Conservative Revolutionaries Ever Become Congressional Leaders?

1:19 PM 06/20/2014

My latest column for The Week was motivated by the realization that -- after ousting Rep. Eric Cantor -- conservatives failed to prevent Rep. Kevin McCarthy -- who is arguably to Cantor's left -- from assuming Cantor's post as majority leader.

Chuck Todd Bashes ‘Paid MSNBC Contributor’ Brian Schweitzer

10:23 AM 06/20/2014

On the heels of Marin Cogan's profile of Brian Schweitzer (which resulted in his later having to apologize for some of his comments), NBC News' Chuck Todd bashed the former Montana governor on his MSNBC show, The Daily Rundown.

Rand Paul’s Powerful Pro-Life Video at Faith and Freedom Conference

9:00 AM 06/20/2014

Sen. Rand Paul has long been a voice for the Pro-Life cause, and if this is any hint, he will be talking about that today. This will play before his speech at Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" conference: WATCH:

‘Big Money’ Author Kenneth Vogel On McCain-Feingold’s Unintended Consequences

5:09 PM 06/19/2014

In reading Kenneth P. Vogel new book, Big Money: 2.5 Billion Dollars, One Suspicious Vehicle, and a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics, one thing comes to mind: McCain-Feingold was an unmitigated disaster.

George Will Has A Question For Republican Presidential Aspirants

1:48 PM 06/19/2014

In his latest column, George Will poses this question to "Republican presidential aspirants":

‘Being Offended Is The Natural Consequence Of Leaving One’s Home’

9:15 AM 06/19/2014

The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins -- who wants the Washington Redskins to change their name on their own -- has a good column up on why the the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's decision to cancel their trademark was a mistake.

Someone Just Polled Eric Cantor’s District To See Why He Lost

4:57 PM 06/18/2014

Rather than simply guessing what happened to Rep. Eric Cantor, a political firm called Silver Bullet LLC has gone into the field to find out what went wrong. They surveyed people who voted in the Republican primary election in Virginia’s 7th district, and found a few things of interest, including the fact that:

Disenchanted Obama Voter: ‘It’s Time For Somebody New … Like Hillary.’

2:17 PM 06/18/2014

A Wall Street Journal story on President Obama's falling poll numbers included this quote from a disappointed former Obama voter: "'It's time for somebody new,' she said, 'like Hillary.'"

Interview: Christie Explains Why Every Cop In NJ Will Carry Life-Saving Drug Now

4:09 PM 06/17/2014

Chris Christie knows he's saving lives.

T.W. Shannon vs. James Lankford

9:43 AM 06/17/2014

It hasn't garnered as much attention as it might, but the upcoming open senate primary in Oklahoma is yet another surrogate battle between the outsiders and the insiders. (It's more complex than that, of course, but this is the simplistic narrative that will frame how the outcome is interpreted.)

Why The Media Missed The Dave Brat Story

10:24 AM 06/16/2014

Yesterday, Fox News' Media Buzz ran a segment on why the media botched Eric Cantor's loss.

Did Eric Cantor Learn The Lesson Of Lugar Too Well?

8:54 AM 06/16/2014

After political survivors like Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch effectively fended off conservative primary challenges, the conventional wisdom was that they -- unlike Sen. Richard Lugar, for example -- took these contests seriously from day one.

For Hillary Clinton, It’s Been ‘Hard Choices’ and Tough Interviews This Week

1:06 PM 06/13/2014

Move over, "No Drama, Obama!" If the rollout for Hillary Clinton's new book is any indication, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president will be fun to cover in 2016.

‘Embarrassingly Wrong’? Let’s Talk About That Daily Caller Poll In Virginia

4:19 PM 06/12/2014

When Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost on Tuesday night to conservative David Brat, it stunned not only observers, but his own campaign. You just knew blame would be assigned. After all, this wasn't merely an embarrassment for Cantor, but for the press, who had been similarly asleep at the wheel.

The Time Dr. Ben Carson Knifed Someone

12:34 PM 06/12/2014

The first person ever to go under Dr. Ben Carson's knife ... was stabbed by him in school.