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Why Ted Cruz’s speech at Liberty University should concern Rand Paul

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz speaks to the media after a welcome home rally hosted by members of the King Street Patriots group in Houston Oct. 21, 2013. (REUTERS/Donna Carson)

Ted Cruz didn't so much give a speech at Liberty University today as a sermon -- and a darn good one, I might add. Plenty of others, I suspect, will dissect his words, but I think the political potential also serves some exploring.

A response to Dave Weigel

12:17 PM 04/01/2014

A post I penned yesterday about how Democrats are preemptively laying the groundwork to explain potential 2014 losses wasn't terribly well received by Dave Weigel. The often-astute Slate reporter and blogger took umbrage at my suggestion the media was carrying liberal water, sniping: "If there was a meeting where the AP and NYT coordinated their coverage, I was not invited."

‘Noah’: Why Christians should see it

9:05 AM 03/31/2014

* * * (Spoiler alert: I'm not sure if it's possible to spoil the story of Noah's ark, but be forewarned...)

Christie deftly defends appointment of Muslim Judge at RJC meeting

12:48 PM 03/30/2014

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition's meeting in Las Vegas on Saturday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responded calmly, but strongly, to a question about Sharia Law, taking the occasion to address lingering concerns about a Muslim judge he appointed in 2011.

Dems attack Tom Cotton’s bio. But is it true?

9:46 PM 03/27/2014

A few weeks ago, I predicted that in order to defeat Rep. Tom Cotton in the Arkansas Senate race, Democrats would have to try to attack his time working as a management consultant for a global management consulting firm.

Republicans should assume Hillary is healthy

1:32 PM 03/27/2014

TheDC's Alex Pappas sparked controversy recently when he reported on the proliferation of rumors that Hillary Clinton "will not run for president again because of health concerns." The story grew legs when Politico's Roger Simon penned a piece about the piece about the rumors. (To his credit, Simon didn't throw stones -- which was good, inasmuch as reporting on the existence of rumors is pretty widespread.)

How Ted Cruz killed IMF expansion: A timeline

9:24 AM 03/26/2014

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats dropped International Monetary Fund reforms that were holding up passage of an aid package for Ukraine. Conservatives declared victory, having always viewed the inclusion of the reforms as (at best) a non sequitur, and (at worst) potentially harmful (as the New York Times reported, the reforms would have ironically given more authority "to emerging economic heavyweights like China, Brazil — and Russia.")

Hobby Lobby counsel: ‘The general tenor of the questions was in our favor’

12:48 PM 03/25/2014

The Supreme Court heard arguments this morning on the controversial Hobby Lobby case, which pits ObamaCare's contraceptive mandate against religious liberty.

Marco Rubio uses Uber as an example to talk about free markets and big government

5:28 PM 03/24/2014

Until I talked to Sen. Marco Rubio this afternoon, I had no idea you couldn't buy a Tesla in New Jersey, the best sunscreen isn't even on the market in America, or that Miami Dade County, Florida has a taxicab crisis.

The Big Bang Theory (and not just the TV show)

4:37 PM 03/24/2014

The flap over vouchers for private schools (that teach creationism) is the latest reminder that we've burned too many calories arguing about this particular skirmish in the culture war.

Obama gets history wrong: Says Dems tend to ‘get clobbered’ in midterms

11:20 AM 03/21/2014

"President Barack Obama told Democratic donors that Democrats tend to 'get clobbered' in midterm elections," reports Politico.

Is Hillary a ‘human shield’ for a weak 2016 field?

10:22 AM 03/21/2014

Maggie Haberman is out with a terrific piece today, titled "Hillary Clinton’s delay: Frozen field or human shield?" In it, Haberman quotes smart sources who are able to make pretty compelling arguments either way.

Can Rand reach young progressives?

2:35 PM 03/20/2014

If only Nixon can go to China, then maybe only Rand can go to Berkeley. (Or, at least, maybe only Rand can get a standing ovation at Berkeley.)

Who wants to ban Internet gaming?

4:43 PM 03/19/2014

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that "Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz is preparing to introduce a bill that would restore the pre-2011 federal ban on Internet gaming, a spokeswoman confirmed on Wednesday. It would join a similar bill to be sponsored in the Senate by GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina."

The unsettling truths behind why we’re obsessed with a missing airplane

3:24 PM 03/19/2014

Beyond simple curiosity, there are deep-seated, primal reasons we are so obsessed with the conspiracy theories surrounding missing Malaysian Flight 370.

Thomas Roberts exposes Mike Barnicle’s ‘straight, white, male’ privilege

10:30 AM 03/19/2014

Whenever Joe Scarborough takes a day off, I have a simple rule for judging whether or not Morning Joe is worth watching. If there is more Thomas Roberts than Willie Geist, that's a warning sign. And if Al Sharpton is also part of the equation, I turn it off.

I invented the Republican ‘hipster glasses’ thing

2:44 PM 03/18/2014

It's important to play against type. For this reason, during college, I relished showing up for my poly sci classes with unruly hair and a shirt once worn by a gas station attendant. Had I looked like a typical College Republican (I reasoned) my liberal professors might have had an easier time dispatching my (then) libertarian-leaning arguments.

The courage to lede

2:11 PM 03/18/2014

I'm at a writer's conference today, which means I'm part coach and part student -- which, come to think of it, is pretty much what this blog is about, too. This morning, I sat through an hour on how to write a good lede (pace Jake Tapper, this is the more fun spelling).

The left’s attempt to co-opt Irishness (and St. Patrick’s Day)

10:57 AM 03/17/2014

They say you should never let a crisis go to waste, and I suppose this applies even if that crisis was a potato famine that occurred more than a century and a half ago.

Ezra Klein, Paul Ryan — and the left’s demand for strict conformity

4:59 PM 03/13/2014

An observation: The American left is very unhappy when conservatives or liberals play against type.