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You Always Fire The Manager

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In baseball, if things aren't going well with your team and you need to send a message, what do you do? You always fire the manager. Now, it might not be his fault. It might be other people's fault. In fact, it might be that you---the team owner---are to blame. But you can't fire yourself. So you ditch the manager.

John McCain Misspoke

6:53 AM 06/17/2016

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain ignited a bit of a firestorm when he said that President Obama was "directly responsible" for the mass shooting in Orlando. It was a stupid thing to say, but give him credit for not doubling down on it for too long; within hours, McCain walked the comments back, explaining that he "misspoke."

A Rapprochement?: How Trumpsters And GOPers Can Coexist After November

11:31 AM 06/10/2016

Yesterday, on my podcast, I moderated a thoughtful debate between two conservatives who differ on whether we should support Donald Trump. Kurt Schlichter, a columnist, veteran, and attorney, backed Cruz in the primary, but argues that Trump is a much better alternative to Hillary Clinton. Rob Neppell, a conservative blog pioneer and erstwhile Tea Party leader, is part of the “Never Trump” movement. Toward the end of our conversation, Neppell asked Schlicther whether we can all get along when this election is over. The general consensus was that it’ll be easy for the reluctant Trump supporters and the “Never Trumpers” to reunite. The bigger question is whether Trump’s most loyal fans can coexist with Trump’s most vehement conservative adversaries.

It Could’ve Been Me: Sympathy For Trump University Students

12:07 PM 06/02/2016

Thank goodness he never attended Trump University, but my dad did once drag me to a “timeshare” pitch. The mailer we received promised, “No strings attached.” We had won some sort of prize. Just sit through their spiel, we were told, and walk away with either a car or a boat. Upon leaving, we were handed an inflatable boat in a cardboard box.

Is Bill Kristol Just Trolling Us…Again?

9:20 AM 05/31/2016

"Leap and the net will appear." John Burroughs supposedly said that --- but it also describes Bill Kristol's model of punditry. His track record of making predictions is checkered. On the other hand, he gets a lot of press for teasing us. And there is rarely a price to be paid if things don't pan out exactly as he predicted. There's always a safety net (or a short fall); never a splat.

President Obama Crosses The Line With Attack On Trump

4:33 PM 05/26/2016

More of my criticism this year has been directed at Donald Trump than at Democrats, and this is because a) I'm more concerned about preserving conservatism, and b) I take it as a given that liberals are mostly wrong. But I think it's worth noting that President Obama has more in common with Donald Trump than most people realize, and that they both deserve to be criticized for their inappropriate behavior.

Democrats Think They Figured Out How To Beat Trump

10:20 AM 05/25/2016

As has been noted many times, the general electorate is vastly different from a Republican primary universe. That is the most obvious reason why Donald Trump's success might not be replicable in November. Negative information about Trump that GOP primary voters merely laughed off might actually hurt him among other voters.

The Importance Of A ‘Tribe’

7:12 AM 05/25/2016

I've been attacking "tribalism" a lot lately---and I stand by that. But you can take any point too far. It would be a mistake to conflate the intrinsic desire we all have for loyalty, community, and a band of brothers---our "little platoons," as it were---with the worst kinds of toxic identity politics that are currently infecting our political process.

Hillary Can’t Let Them ‘Normalize’ Trump

5:25 PM 05/23/2016

People keep looking for a silver bullet will stop Donald Trump, and they keep shooting blanks. They think that exposing examples of flip-flopping---or of some other scandalous behavior (say, the way he treats women)---will help. What they don't get is that you can't lose something you never had, or never pretended to have.

Is Civilization Better When We Suppress Our Dark Side?

3:36 PM 05/18/2016

One of the things we tell ourselves to make us feel better about the more negative aspects behind the rise of Donald Trump goes like this: At least people are now giving voice to their darker thoughts, rather than suppress them.

John Boehner’s Coming Revenge?

10:00 AM 05/17/2016

Back when John Boehner was Speaker, he was the unpopular establishment figure fighting against a passionate Republican base that adhered strictly to conservative orthodoxy. Today, in a surprising turn of events, Boehner---who supports Donald Trump---finds himself in a more enviable position.