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Why We Blew It

10:48 AM 11/10/2016

As I said on Election Day, I think my knowledge of the history of modern electoral politics makes me more skeptical of seemingly fantastical scenarios where, say, a Republican wins Pennsylvania or Michigan. Being an "insider" can sometimes be a curse. Wisdom is good, but conventional wisdom is bad. But know this: Every year I have people (typically someone running for U.S. Senate or Congress) come to me and tell me they are going to do the impossible; they are going to pull off some miracle. And I'm just too stupid or cloistered to see it. And you know what? They end up going down in flames 99 times out of 100.

Trump Wins!: Some Immediate Thoughts

2:48 AM 11/09/2016

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Wisconsin and spoke about the campaign. I told the audience that there were only two scenarios where I could envision a Donald Trump win: The first was a huge October surprise, and the second was Donald Trump stringing together a couple of weeks without going off script. Amazingly, both came to fruition. Trump closed the election in arguably his strongest position of the entire campaign.

Not With Her. Or Him.

7:41 AM 11/07/2016

As I prophesied back in August, I won't be voting on Tuesday. This is a first for me, and while I see it as a legitimate form of passive resistance (or, at least, a defensible decision—all things considered), it is one of the least popular stances I have taken thus far in my career.

To Discover Your Purpose, Revisit Your Childhood

1:24 PM 11/02/2016

With less than a week to go before this election season is mercifully over, I thought I would provide some counter programming and talk about something more hopeful. As regular readers know, I'm a fan of podcasts, and I recently stumbled across a simple (yet profound) way to help discover your life's calling.

Serious Question: Can ‘Checks And Balances’ Survive The Smart Phone?

9:24 AM 10/31/2016

If FBI Director James Comey's "October surprise" has any electoral fallout, it is more likely to be in U.S. Senate races than in the presidential race. For one thing, this scandal buttresses their message; several vulnerable Republican Senate candidates have already essentially conceded a Trump defeat, and they have enacted a triage strategy of arguing that a Republican Senate is vital to provide checks and balances against "crooked Hillary."

How We Cover Religious People

10:41 AM 10/25/2016

Regular readers of this space will know that I am fascinated by the topic of media bias. And the most interesting kind is not obvious or even intentional. For example, a reporter might approach an individual story objectively—but the real bias already occurred upstream, when the decision was made regarding which story to cover. This is called selection bias.

When Character Was King

11:09 AM 10/13/2016

In 1998, Dr. James Dobson was stunned by the public's ability to "rationalize" Bill Clinton's behavior. In a public letter, he lamented the fact that as long as Clinton did a good job in office, many Americans felt that "it’s nobody’s business what he does with his personal life.”