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What is Ted Cruz’s foreign policy?

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz answers questions during the Reuters Washington Summit in Washington, Oct. 24, 2013. (REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

Ever since the Ted Cruz vs. Rand Paul foreign policy schism officially became a "thing," I've been trying to answer a simple question: What is Cruz's foreign policy, anyway? (Watch the short compilation video above, and I think you may be surprised by the rhetoric.)

Mark Pryor’s mess: Why he attacked Tom Cotton’s ‘sense of entitlement’ over his military service

1:07 PM 03/11/2014

You've probably heard about it. It might be the biggest gaffe in the most hotly contested U.S. Senate race this year. Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor recently uttered these infamous words: "I think that's part of that sense of entitlement that he gives off is that, almost like, 'I served my country, let me into the Senate.'"

Can you have a wildly successful career — and a life?

8:49 AM 03/11/2014

A young colleague recently attended a networking event where the speaker advised the room of aspiring journalists to avoid balance in their lives. "Really successful people," the speaker averred, "don't have balance."

Ted Cruz has the buzz; Rand Paul has the infrastructure?

11:24 AM 03/10/2014

We saw more hints of the coming clash between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz this weekend, when (as predicted) Sen. Cruz criticized Paul's foreign policy, painting it as dovish. (On Monday, Paul obliquely fired back.)

John McCain says Ted Cruz owes Bob Dole an apology for ‘President Dole’ line [VIDEO]

12:35 PM 03/07/2014

How Ted Cruz is trying to outmaneuver Rand Paul

4:25 PM 03/06/2014

Have you ever noticed that competitors open their stores next to each other? This seems crazy until you understand a principle called Hotelling's model of spacial competition. And once you do, you'll also understand how Ted Cruz is positioning himself to outmaneuver Rand Paul as the conservative candidate for the GOP nomination.

Rand Paul’s challenge: What if foreign policy becomes the dominant issue?

7:01 AM 03/06/2014

"I think you will see him in favor of strong measures here, including sanctions against Russia," a senior Rand Paul aide told me when asked how recent international events might impact Paul's political positioning. "Unless some go far out on the path to war -- calling for troops in Ukraine -- I think you will see him very close to his colleagues on this issue."

Three cheers for Texas

11:55 AM 03/05/2014

When Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Pete Sessions easily fended off primary challengers last night, you just knew there had to be a narrative.

Romney was right about Russia. So what?

11:59 AM 03/04/2014

When I was a kid, my mom always insisted I look both ways before crossing the road. This often seemed silly because downtown Frederick, Md. is full of one-way streets, meaning that unless someone was illegally going the wrong way, that extra look was superfluous.

‘We are wearing Valentino!’

1:50 PM 03/03/2014

Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos recently pressed Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, who is a mother, to answer the question: "When do you think life starts." "For me," Richards responded, "life began when I delivered them."

Did Obama’s ‘red line’ invite Putin’s power play?

10:48 AM 03/03/2014

In a fallen world, we tend to oscillate between two foreign policy strategies: Get involved in the world and sometimes mess it up, or bury our heads in the sand and watch it burn.

Style is character: Advice for the tea party’s next five years

10:16 AM 02/28/2014

The Washington Post's Aaron Blake has penned an interesting post which seeks to answer the question: Why is Arizona so often the flash point in these hot-button culture war questions?

Weak Texas tea

4:01 PM 02/26/2014

The first battle of the 2014 GOP civil war is set to kick off on Tuesday, where The Lone Star State will serve as the first test of strength.

Marco Rubio blasts media coverage of Venezuela

8:34 AM 02/26/2014

During a recent interview in Spanish with CNN en Español's Juan Carlos López, Senator Marco Rubio criticized the way American media has covered the crackdown of anti-government protests in Venezuela.

CPAC spox: ‘American Atheists misrepresented itself…’

5:47 PM 02/25/2014

The annual tradition of arguing over CPAC booths is alive and well. It kicked off again today when it was announced that Atheists would conduct conservative outreach via their booth. For a moment, this led to the predictable, "why can Atheists have a booth if the gay conservative group GOProud can't?" discussion.

In 2014, Republicans have the ‘Mediscare’ advantage

1:20 PM 02/25/2014

The Hill reports that "Senate Democrats are mounting a surprisingly strong defense of Medicare Advantage, a private insurance option that their party used to deride as a wasteful giveaway to insurance companies."

When ‘leave us alone’ became ‘bake us a cake!’

9:02 AM 02/25/2014

Would Jesus bake a cake for a gay wedding?

Charles Murray on Harold Ramis’ ‘Groundhog Day’

6:11 PM 02/24/2014

AEI scholar Charles Murray may be an author and political scientist, but he's also a movie fan. And this afternoon, we spent some time talking about one of our mutual favorites, Groundhog Day. The occasion, of course, was somber. Harold Ramis, the film's director, had passed away.

Ukraine’s former prime minister, just freed from prison, once attended CPAC

10:35 AM 02/24/2014

As the Conservative Political Action Conference prepares to gavel in a few weeks from now, turmoil in Ukraine provides a surprisingly appropriate backdrop to the meeting. That's because Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Ukrainian prime minister who was just sprung from her politically-motivated prison sentence this past weekend, was honored at the 2007 CPAC for her work as a leader of the Orange Revolution.

Venezuelan president calls Marco Rubio ‘loco’

4:16 PM 02/23/2014