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Ted Cruz’s Latino Answer Uses Exact Language From 2012 Interview

9:04 AM 04/08/2016

One of the things that has always comforted me about Ted Cruz, even when he was shutting down the government, was the notion that he was playing a game. (You know I love the players. And you love the game.) On one hand, this suggests Cruz is cunning and calculating. On the other hand, this means he's not crazy. And maybe we need someone who is crafty to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Political Pundits Correctly Predict Wisconsin (As Usual)

9:22 AM 04/06/2016

Trump lost Wisconsin, and we all called it. It was like a storm that the meteorologists saw developing weeks in advance. Sometimes the experts get it right. Actually, most of the time they do. We don't notice when they do; we only complain when someone gets our order wrong, when we get a salad instead of fries. We rarely notice that the kitchen almost always gets our order correct, because that's what they're supposed to do.

Ted Cruz Shows Us How To Handle A Bully

9:28 AM 03/25/2016

Donald Trump's worldview is primal. It's all about wielding power and authority. It's about dominating others. In this paradigm, forcing a man to endure attacks on his wife is more humiliating and emasculating than forcing a man to endure attacks on himself. So it's probably no surprise that this is one of his "go-to" moves.