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Harry Reid’s Legacy Of Shameless Partisanship

10:49 AM 09/21/2016

The 2016 presidential race has sucked up all of the political oxygen for months now, but it's appropriate to take some time to excoriate retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on his way out the door.

Club for Growth Shifts To A General Election Focus

10:38 AM 09/13/2016

Back in 2010, there were plenty of flabby, old Republicans in Congress who had lost their way. The most efficient way for conservatives to change the system was to defeat them in the primary. Today, thanks to those efforts, there's an impressive, young crop of thoughtful conservatives already in office. The main challenge, now, is to make sure they are re-elected.

Our Last Hope: Donald Trump Finds Jesus

10:40 AM 09/09/2016

We're now at the point in the election cycle where our best hope is that 70-year old Donald Trump will experience a major religious conversion that radically changes him.

The Future Of Conservative Media (In A Post-Trump World)

9:10 AM 09/08/2016

One of the interesting subplots taking place in the internecine struggle over the future of the GOP is the battle over the future of center-right media. For as long as I can recall, there has been a dichotomy with journalists/writers on one side and bloggers and talk radio hosts, etc. on the other.

When A Cough Is More Than A Cough

11:55 AM 09/06/2016

The worst gaffes confirm preexisting narratives. That's why Hillary Clinton's recent "coughing fit" matters politically. Donald Trump has taken a lot of heat for raising questions about her health, but he has planted the seed of doubt in the public's collective mindset. Sometimes a cough is just a cough, but Trump has turned this very human function into a gaffe. And now, when Clinton demonstrates any sort of frailty, she is perceived as weak.

12 Takeaways From Trump’s Arizona Rally

1:52 PM 09/01/2016

A smart reader attended Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix, Arizona, last night and passed along the following observations. I now pass them on to you. Anyone who is interested in the Trump phenomenon --- or the future of conservatism --- would do well to read his take on the good, the bad and the ugly.