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Note To Franklin Graham: Donald Trump Isn’t King David

10:09 AM 06/23/2016

Evangelical leaders met this week to politically baptize Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. Because of his many transgressions, doing so has required employing sophistry---plausible, but misleading, arguments---to justify their support.

You Always Fire The Manager

12:31 PM 06/20/2016

In baseball, if things aren't going well with your team and you need to send a message, what do you do? You always fire the manager. Now, it might not be his fault. It might be other people's fault. In fact, it might be that you---the team owner---are to blame. But you can't fire yourself. So you ditch the manager.

John McCain Misspoke

6:53 AM 06/17/2016

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain ignited a bit of a firestorm when he said that President Obama was "directly responsible" for the mass shooting in Orlando. It was a stupid thing to say, but give him credit for not doubling down on it for too long; within hours, McCain walked the comments back, explaining that he "misspoke."

A Rapprochement?: How Trumpsters And GOPers Can Coexist After November

11:31 AM 06/10/2016

Yesterday, on my podcast, I moderated a thoughtful debate between two conservatives who differ on whether we should support Donald Trump. Kurt Schlichter, a columnist, veteran, and attorney, backed Cruz in the primary, but argues that Trump is a much better alternative to Hillary Clinton. Rob Neppell, a conservative blog pioneer and erstwhile Tea Party leader, is part of the “Never Trump” movement. Toward the end of our conversation, Neppell asked Schlicther whether we can all get along when this election is over. The general consensus was that it’ll be easy for the reluctant Trump supporters and the “Never Trumpers” to reunite. The bigger question is whether Trump’s most loyal fans can coexist with Trump’s most vehement conservative adversaries.

It Could’ve Been Me: Sympathy For Trump University Students

12:07 PM 06/02/2016

Thank goodness he never attended Trump University, but my dad did once drag me to a “timeshare” pitch. The mailer we received promised, “No strings attached.” We had won some sort of prize. Just sit through their spiel, we were told, and walk away with either a car or a boat. Upon leaving, we were handed an inflatable boat in a cardboard box.