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Mark Macias
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      Mark Macias

      Mark Macias is a former Executive Producer with NBC, Senior Producer with CBS in New York and author of the book, Beat the Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media. He now runs media and crisis campaigns for politicians, financial organizations, nonprofits and tech companies with the New York-based firm, Macias PR.

Millennials Might Have A Say In The NRA’s Tipping Point

A gun wrapped in an American flag. (Shutterstock)

The NRA should forget their expensive PR firms advising them on strategy and messaging. The gun rifle lobbying group can learn more about crisis communications from high school students. And if you’re a business owner, politician, consultant or just interested in stimulating debate, students from Stoneman Douglas High are providing solid messaging lessons for anyone interested in the gun debate.

Why The Russians Had Insiders

10:12 AM 10/05/2017

The FBI and Congressional Intelligence Committee may still be investigating the 2016 Russian election hack but there is no doubt in my mind -- based on my experience running social media and political campaigns, as well as my times working with Eastern European tech startups -- that the hackers behind the multi-state attack had help from Americans.

Scaramucci Was The Poster Boy For Disorder

10:37 PM 07/31/2017

The rapid firing of White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, suggests the days of freelance messaging might be over in the Trump administration. And for Trump fans, that’s a good thing.

Scaramucci Is In Over His Head

1:06 PM 07/24/2017

You can play a doctor on TV, but that doesn’t mean you are qualified to conduct surgery in real life. Likewise, the new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci plays a solid part on TV defending President Trump but he isn't qualified to lead the communications strategy for an administration in crisis mode.

Advice For The Next White House Spokesperson

12:37 PM 05/18/2017

You don’t have to work inside the Beltway to have known that Sean Spicer’s days as White House press secretary are numbered. When the boss starts contradicting you in public, your credibility and respect is shot with colleagues – or in this case, with the American public.

Donald Trump vs Thomas Jefferson: Battle Of The Press

2:47 PM 06/09/2016

Thomas Jefferson was one of the biggest proponents of the free press. When it came to holding government accountable, the author of the Declaration of Independence believed the ability to investigate government leaders was vital to liberty.