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Tennessee legislature moves to block state employees from implementing Obamacare

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Mike Maharrey
Communications Director, The Tenth Amendment Center
Visitors enjoy an evening walk over the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge and take in the view of the skyline in downtown Nashville, Tennessee June 18 2013. REUTERS/Harrison McClary

Tennessee state lawmakers have decided to step up and take on Obamacare in the Volunteer State.

What Northern resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act can teach us about ending NSA spying

5:32 PM 11/12/2013

It seems each day offers new insights into the scope of NSA spying.

Chris Hedges’ last stand

10:23 AM 09/19/2013

In a recent column, Chris Hedges argued that his appeal to the Supreme Court will be “the last chance” to stop indefinite detention under the National Defense Authorization Act.

On the Second Amendment, Kansas points the way

3:32 PM 04/18/2013

Opponents of federal gun control won a victory in the Senate Wednesday. But without a doubt, Congress will pass some sort of gun-control legislation. And that act will certainly violate the Constitution.

For one Washington State lawmaker, indefinite detention is personal

4:18 PM 02/09/2013

For most Americans, the debate over the indefinite detention provisions included in the National Defense Authorization Act plays out primarily as an academic exercise. The average Joe walking down Main Street U.S.A. simply doesn’t worry about armed government thugs snatching him up, throwing him in the back of a van and hauling him off to some camp somewhere.

The misunderstood history of nullification

8:28 PM 07/09/2012

Could the recent Supreme Court ruling on the federal health care act bring conservative Republicans back to their state-sovereignty, nullification roots?