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The Daily Caller

The Jamestown hack job

Myers Mermel
Manhattan Real Estate Owner/Investor

Like many people, I like a little sensationalism in my morning newspaper. It gets the day started. However, this morning I was disappointed to see sensationalism darken the courageous and honorable reputation of our Virginia colonists at Jamestown.

No relief in sight for Hurricane Sandy’s victims

3:29 PM 11/04/2012

Against Thanksgetting

10:07 AM 11/15/2011

Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Walmart recently announced plans to move the starting time of Black Friday sales from Friday to Thursday. That’s right, in order to sell more goods, these companies are starting their sales on Thursday and interrupting the Thanksgiving celebrations of their employees, vendors and literally millions of shoppers who depend on lower prices in these hard economic times.