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Jill Kelley requested $80 million for lobbying gig

Monique Hamm
              Jill Kelley leaves her home Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012 in Tampa, Fla. Kelley is identified as the woman who allegedly received harassing emails from Gen. David Petraeus' paramour, Paula Broadwell. She serves as an unpaid social liaison to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where the military's Central Command and Special Operations Command are located. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Jill Kelley, the woman whose complaint to the FBI led to the discovery of then-CIA Director David Petreaus's affair, requested $80 million from an energy company seeking to hire a lobbyist with military connections.

Video shows Pakistani boys, orphans training with al-Qaida

1:33 PM 11/18/2012

A video released on an underground al-Qaida site apparently shows young boys -- some reportedly orphaned by fathers who died fighting for al-Qaida - training with the jihadi group in Pakistan to commit acts of terrorism, according to The Mirror.

Thousands in France protest gay marriage bill

2:45 AM 11/18/2012

Nearly 20,000 people gathered in cities all across France to protest a pending bill that would legalize gay marriage and adoption in the country.

Melbourne’s Metro releases ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ PSA [VIDEO]

2:40 AM 11/18/2012

Melbourne, Australia's public transit Metro system has recently seen a number of unfortunate accidents on its railways. Rather than sit idle as commuters continue to become flattened like lemmings, Metro decided to create a morose yet strangely cute public safety video titled "Dumb Ways to Die."

Hamas claims to have downed Israeli fighter plane

6:25 PM 11/17/2012

Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaida released a statement on Saturday evening claiming the terror group has fired hundreds of rockets towards Israel and brought down an Israeli fighter plane.

Taylor Swift reportedly dating One Direction’s Harry Styles

3:44 PM 11/17/2012

Attention everyone: A new celebrity power couple may be in the making.

Hackers claiming to be members of hacking collective Anonymous take down thousands of Israeli websites

3:40 PM 11/17/2012

The activist hacker group Anonymous successfully disabled thousands of Israeli websites on Friday, in the midst of heightened tensions in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Israeli minister calls for ground offensive after Palestinians launch dozens of rockets into Israel

1:48 PM 11/11/2012

At least 85 rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israeli forces and civilians since Saturday morning, and one Syrian mortar shell exploded in Israel --- prompting retaliatory warning shots by the Israeli Defense Forces.

UPDATED: Woman who reportedly received Petraeus biographer’s threatening emails revealed

7:00 PM 11/10/2012

Nuclear talks between Israel and Muslim countries canceled due to regional instability

4:49 PM 11/10/2012

High-level diplomatic talks between Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East about the proliferation of nuclear weapons have been called off due to "unstable conditions" in the region, according to diplomats who spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

The skimpiest NBA cheerleaders outfits [SLIDESHOW]

4:19 PM 11/10/2012

The Dallas Mavericks dance troop has received criticism for its recent performance outfits --- The Daily Mail even said “the briefness of the Mavericks' new ensembles could raise some eyebrows.”

Barack Obama sings ‘U Can’t Touch This’ [VIDEO]

3:01 PM 11/10/2012

After winning the presidential election and the endorsement of MC Hammer, President Barack Obama is featured in a dubbed 'U Can't Touch This ' music video.

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps [SLIDESHOW]

1:31 PM 11/10/2012

The Marine Corps has honorably served the United States for 237 years.

Conservative countries to move to [SLIDESHOW]

1:36 AM 11/07/2012

Conservatives will still have a powerful voice in the House of Representatives next year, but the presidency and the Senate will remain in the hands of the Democrats.

Wasserman Schultz claims Fla. Obama victory

3:55 PM 11/04/2012

DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed on C-SPAN's "Newsmakers" on Sunday that President Barack Obama has won Florida, thanks to early voters and the campaign's "strong ground game."

TheDC Interview: Madison Wickham, co-founder of conservative-oriented youth clothing brand

2:56 AM 11/01/2012

Madison Wickham, the co-founder of the Grandex media and commerce company, has noticed through sales of the company's conservative-oriented clothing brand, Rowdy Gentleman, that young Republicans are more energized than ever in the run-up to Election Day.

Hurricane Sandy leads presidential campaigns to cancel events in Virginia

1:23 AM 10/28/2012

The two major presidential campaigns are making some last-minute adjustments to avoid the path of Hurricane Sandy, which began rolling up the Eastern Seaboard this weekend.

Paul Ryan campaigns in Ohio, telling swing state voters to reject Washington ‘red tape’

1:11 AM 10/28/2012

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told an audience in Zanesville, Ohio on Saturday that Mitt Romney is the best candidate for the state's economy.

Marine Corps Marathon: a 19-year-old’s comeback race

1:26 AM 10/25/2012

While most college students spend four years trying to discover their passions, 19-year-old University of Virginia sophomore Axel Tarnvik has found his -- and he's bringing it to the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 28.