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The Sexxxtons and the mainstreaming of porn

Matt Philbin
Managing Editor, Culture and Media Institute

Mom always said, “Son, if you want to find a nice, grounded, well-adjusted girl, go to work in the porn industry.”

So ‘weird’: Mitt, Mormonism and the media

5:42 PM 01/20/2012

Mitt Romney is “weird.” At least he is sometimes to some in the Obama campaign. He’s “slick,” with an “innate phoniness” and “personal awkwardness.” Oh, and just coincidentally, Romney’s a Mormon.

Baptism by fire

10:02 AM 12/08/2011

You’re a network reporter. You’ve drawn the short straw and have to cover a prayer rally led by a conservative politician and involving representatives from a group whose social views you abhor. "Even some mainstream Christians are concerned about the event," you report. To prove it, you could interview a Catholic priest or even a gay Episcopalian bishop.

We’re sorry, Mr. President

5:11 PM 11/16/2011

We’re sorry, Mr. President. We really are sorry. We’ve let you down again. In attracting foreign investment --- as in so many other things --- we just haven’t lived up to your standards.

Pete Seeger, Lech Walesa and Occupy Wall Street

5:02 PM 10/24/2011

Fancy the luck of the Occupy Wall Street kids. According to a fawning New York Times piece, Pete “Red Depends” Seeger, a beloved old folk fossil at 92, joined up with them the other night, leading some 600 fans from a concert hall in a song-filled march to Zuccotti Park.

The Flight 93 memorial: ‘Let’s roll,’ not ‘let’s roll over’

2:17 PM 09/07/2011

Hancock spurred to where we stood, calling out as he reached us, "What regiment is this?" "First Minnesota," replied Colvill. "Charge those lines!" commanded Hancock. Every man realized in an instant what that order meant --- death or wounds to us all, the sacrifice of the regiment, to gain a few minutes' time and save the position. And every man saw and accepted the necessity for the sacrifice... --- Lieutenant William Lochren, 1st Minn. Infantry, writing in 1893

Good riddance, Oprah

12:11 PM 05/25/2011

From a dirt poor farm in Mississippi to a Gold Coast Chicago penthouse, Oprah Winfrey worked hard, took risks and built a media empire. Her brand is instantly recognizable. She’s a businesswoman par excellence, and a generous philanthropist.

Journalists’ crush on Al Jazeera English

4:30 PM 05/11/2011

Whether the “Arab Spring” will eventually bring the blessings of liberty and human rights to residents of the Middle East is still unclear. But we already know it has done wonders for Al Jazeera English (AJE), a “news” network owned by the ruling family of Qatar and funded by its government.

MSNBC’s strange obsession with the Confederacy

5:59 PM 04/11/2011

Tuesday, April 12 marks the 150th anniversary of the bombardment of Fort Sumter and the start of the U.S. Civil War. Over the next four years, the nation will be commemorating the bloody events of a century and a half ago, pondering their meaning and their place in history. Media outlets will produce features on the valor and the squalor, the heroes, martyrs and villains, and what they mean to today’s Americans.