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Mischa Popoff grew up on an organic grain farm and worked as a USDA-contract organic inspector. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Is it Organic?, a Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute, and delivers lectures in defense of modern, science-based food production.

Organic Tail Wagging In DC

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
The farming sector wasted years trying to compromise with a special-interest group that has no respect for science.

World's First Organic GMO Opposed By Some GMO Executives

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
Is there an actual reason – legal or scientific – why we shouldn’t make use of the organic industry’s rules to grow an organic GMO crop?

There's No Reason Why GMOs Shouldn't Be Considered Organic

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
The time has come to stop organic activists from creating controversy where none exists.

Huge Split In The Pro-GMO Community: Is Dr. Patrick Moore Out?

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
Politicians are writing agreements allowing for the gradual acceptance of GMO foods the world-over.

Even Republicans And GMO-Friendly Executives Are Caving To Insane Anti-GMO Demands

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
Where's their fighting spirit?

I'd Rather Die Of Obesity Than Starvation

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
Calls for a unified, centralized food policy are dangerous.

Why India Is Right On Organics: Anti-GMO Activists Are Pro-Death Activists

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
Should we trust what people who want a mass die-off say about food production?

Jackson County, Oregon Bans GMOs In Another Victory For The Anti-Science Left

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
The goal of labeling campaigns is to open GMO-contaminated organic crops to legal action.

Vermont GMO Labeling Law Will Set Back America’s Food Supply

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
If enough states enact their own laws, food manufacturers will be forced to package to a national standard.

Time for organic activists to stop spreading lies

Opinion | Mischa Popoff
There is no evidence organic crops are harmed by GMOs.

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