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Michael Thielen
Executive Director, Republican National Lawyers Association
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      Michael Thielen

      Michael Thielen has served as the Republican National Lawyers Association's Executive Director since 2000. He graduated from the University of California Los Angeles (B.A. History, 1989) and Pepperdine School of Law (J.D., 1993) and is a member of the California Bar. Michael worked for the Republican National Committee (RNC) from 1994 through the 1996 election. At the end of the cycle, he worked as a Senior Research Analyst for the RNC. In this position, he uncovered the connection between Arief Wiriadinata and the Clinton administration, which became the Chinese Campaign Finance scandal or the John Huang scandal. He also helped to uncover information linking the Clintons to alleged Mafia Union Boss Arthur Coia. After leaving the RNC, Michael worked for candidates for elected office in Virginia including candidates for Congress, Attorney General and the Virginia House of Delegates. In the latter, he worked for a candidate who unseated a 22-year incumbent. In addition, Michael has executed independent research projects for candidates for Federal and State office. Michael has also worked for conservative advocacy organizations.

On Voting, Schumer Apparently Considers Some Democrats Neo-Nazis

3:51 PM 08/31/2017

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently compared President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to the neo-Nazi protesters of Charlottesville.  This comparison is both wrong and offensive as the commission is set up to do exactly what Schumer asked for later in his same rant when he called for “public debate about these issues where experts can discuss policies like same-day registration as well as alleged voter fraud.”  

Loretta Lynch: Politics Over Justice

11:44 AM 08/10/2017

There is a fundamental difference developing between Democrats and Republicans that is the cause of many of the problems in Washington now.  Since Democrats are no longer the part of government, they are now the party trying to undermine government.  Democrats do not believe in equal treatment under the law, but rather feel they are above the law.  Right now, Democrats are not about issues — they are about politics over justice.

Why Not Designate Elections As ‘Critical Infrastructure’?

11:25 AM 08/03/2017

This week, alarm cries went up with headlines screaming that our elections could be hacked with ease after a publicity stunt at the DEF CON, a hacking conference in Las Vegas, where hackers accessed mock voting machines.  The reality is, if anything, DEF CON proved it is hard to hack our election systems, but one possible cure to this problem may be worse than any disease. 

Why Establishment Democrats Won’t “Count” Vote Fraud in Florida

10:53 AM 07/27/2017

In just the last four days, numerous stories have broken about vote fraud in Florida.  Actual vote fraud, which according to DC establishment liberals and Democrats is as mythical as a unicorn or worse, a racist ploy.  The stories from Florida this week show the reality of vote fraud from a corrupt election official to an organized scheme to steal an election to 103% voter registration in a corrupt county.  The fact that establishment Democrats refuse to even discuss the problem makes prosecuting vote fraud or stopping it next to impossible.

Why The Commission On Electoral Integrity Is Necessary

3:26 PM 07/20/2017

Yesterday, President Trump spoke and kicked off his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.  At one point, he asked about those states refusing to share publicly available voter registration information: “If any state does not want to share this information, one has to wonder what they’re worried about.  And I asked the Vice President, I asked the Commission:  What are they worried about?  There’s something.  There always is.” 

Democratic Obstructionism Needs To End

12:05 PM 07/13/2017

Senate Democrats are obstructing and delaying President Trump’s nominees on an unprecedented scale, merely to score political points with their increasingly liberal base.

FEC’s Commissioner, Weintraub, Flagrantly Abusing Power

10:49 AM 06/29/2017

The Trump Administration, from its inauguration, has faced remarkable partisan opposition even from people who work for, and purport to speak for, the government. These partisan “resistance” operatives inside the government often operate anonymously, through “alt” Twitter accounts, but some have gone public with their opposition to President Trump.

The Left’s Crusade Against Honest Elections

10:12 AM 06/22/2017

The long-discredited tale blaming Sarah Palin for the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was resurrected by The New York Times last week in the wake of the shooting of Majority Whip Steve Scalise.  Yet it wasn’t the only highly partisan distortion of the truth by the Times on a conservative Republican.  They allowed a similarly tortured effort by long time opponent of any effort to protect the integrity of elections, Ari Berman, on another leading conservative: Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity Vice Chair and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. 

The Democratic Party’s Sore-Loser Theater

2:32 PM 06/08/2017

Former FBI Director James Comey begins testifying today and all of Washington and the media will be consumed by the details. But they’ll likely overlook why his testimony is so fascinating that has nothing to do with Russia.  Rather, it has to do with what then-front runner and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton found “horrifying” during the 2016 campaign: the suggestion that her opponent Donald Trump might not accept the election results. That’s right, back in October, Hillary said refusal to accept the election results would be “talking down our democracy.” She must have changed her mind because now she is leading the charge to resist and undermine the results of last November’s election.

The Left’s Campaign To Silence Opposing Views

12:57 PM 06/01/2017

At its best, politics is a battlefield in the war of ideas.  Ideally, all sides are heard and the best, most persuasive side wins.  Faced with arguments that are offensive or wrong, the answer — and one codified in our First Amendment — is more speech rather than attempts to silence the incorrect speaker.

Democrats Think Their First Amendment Is Different (And Superior)

11:51 AM 05/18/2017

Representative Val Demings may be the first Democrat to admit to how the left views the First Amendment. The Florida Congresswoman replied to a critical comment by saying, “My First Amendment Right is different from yours." Any honest political observer has to admit that this is a salvo in the war the left and Democrats are currently waging on free speech. They try their best to silence any speech that does not fit their dogma, and Demings, intentionally or not, just revealed the game plan.

The Other, Much Worse Hacking Story

1:45 PM 05/11/2017

Russia tried to interfere with our election last year. Part of that interference was the unethical release of true but confidential information from the DNC regarding how the DNC tried to rig their primary for party-insider Hillary Clinton against party-outsider Bernie Sanders.   Russian interference is a matter of concern and unfortunately interference is something that adversarial countries often attempt.

The Death Of The Reid Rule

10:52 AM 04/07/2017

Yesterday, the Senate voted to end the first ever successful partisan filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee by the so-called “constitutional,” “Reid” or “nuclear” option.  In other words, democracy was restored because simple majority rule was restored.

Democrats Should Hold To Their Own Standards

9:58 AM 03/21/2017

Today, Senators will begin to question Judge Gorsuch at his Supreme Court hearing.  We wonder if they will remember their own standards and the standards of those they profess to admire.  There are, at least, four standards that Democrats have previously applied to Supreme Court nominees.

Yes, Democrats Have Tried To Rig Elections

12:47 PM 08/05/2016

A lot of attention has been paid to the Republican National Lawyers Association’s agreement with Mr. Trump’s statement that Democrats have tried to “rig” elections. One of the examples that has generated the most controversy is the listing of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Executive Order earlier this year overturning 186 years of precedent in Virginia to allow 206,000 convicted felons to vote – attempted election rigging that was recently struck down by the Virginia Supreme Court.  

President Obama’s voter registration hypocrisy

10:56 AM 04/11/2014

On Wednesday, in speech at a fundraiser at a posh residence in Texas, President Obama accused the GOP of being un-American for “active efforts to prevent people from voting.” Ironically one of those so-called efforts to prevent people from voting -- maintaining accurate voter registration lists -- is backed by the president’s campaign counsel and former White House Counsel Bob Bauer, and was endorsed by the president’s own Commission on Election Administration.

Three liberal myths about the McCutcheon campaign finance decision

1:06 PM 04/03/2014

The left is apoplectic about the Supreme Court’s latest effort to support our First Amendment free speech rights because it does not see its speech being protected. The Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC yesterday affirmed free speech and struck down aggregate campaign contributions. According to liberal Public Citizen: “Even after Citizens United, this case is absolutely stunning. It is sure to go down as one of the worst decisions in the history of American jurisprudence.” Yes, that’s right. According to the far left, the McCutcheon decision is as bad as Dred Scott (African Americans are not citizens) and Plessy v. Ferguson (upholding segregation).