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Neil Munro
White House Correspondent

Boehner Allows Obama’s Amnesty

3:05 PM 12/04/2014

House Speaker John Boehner says GOP legislators support his decision to allow funding for President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty in the 2015 budget bill.

Boehner Plans Amnesty Sellout To Pelosi

11:49 PM 12/03/2014

Press reports say House Speaker John Boehner will ask Rep. Nancy Pelosi to help him overcome "snowballing" GOP opposition to the GOP leadership's draft 2015 government budget bill.

Boehner Retreats On Amnesty

11:04 PM 12/02/2014

Pressure from GOP voters and legislators is forcing House Speaker John Boehner to part-way oppose President Barack Obama’s personal amnesty for illegal immigrants, say GOP legislators.

Obama Kills Tax Cut Because It Didn’t Help Illegals

2:12 PM 11/28/2014

President Barack Obama quietly killed a draft tax-cut because the GOP leadership wouldn’t agree to his demand that valuable tax breaks be given to millions of illegal immigrants, according to a Politico article about the secret negotiations.

Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans

10:02 PM 11/25/2014

The only Americans who can legitimately object to immigration are native Indian-Americans, President Barack Obama told his Chicago audience Nov. 24, as he made an impassioned ideological plea for endless immigration, cultural diversity and a big government to manage the resulting multicultural society.