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From Larry to Lana: ‘Matrix’ director reveals sex change

Nicole Choi
The director in 2012 and the director in 1999 (Photo Warner Bros. Pictures/ Getty Images)

"The Matrix" director Larry Wachowski now goes by the new name Lana Wachowski after undergoing a sex-change operation, making her the first well-known film director to publicly switch genders, the New York Post reports.

10 handy dandy iPhone cases [SLIDESHOW]

11:20 PM 07/30/2012

An iPhone case can serve more purpose than making your phone look pretty and keeping it safe from cracks and scratches. Cases can also be used as camera accessories, weapons or a cunning bluff by bored children in Sunday School. Here are 10 iPhone cases that make your phone into something more than apps and eye candy.

‘Game of Thrones’ inspires high-priced designer shoes

12:05 PM 07/27/2012

Helmut Lang has launched a shoe collection inspired by the fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones," according to StyleBistro.

Report: Aurora shooter mailed psychiatrist notebook with doodles of mass murder

1:11 PM 07/25/2012

Police and FBI agents found a package sent by  James Holmes, the man who allegedly murdered 12 people during a screening of "The Dark Night Rises" in Aurora, Colo., that was left unopened in a campus mailroom since July 12.

Asian ‘Jersey Shore’ strips group of ‘model minority’ label [VIDEO]

11:31 AM 07/16/2012

"K-Town", a YouTube reality series based in Los Angeles' Koreatown, plans to shed the model minority label placed on Asian Americans.

Book: Mick Jagger and David Bowie slept together

4:52 PM 07/09/2012

Mick Jagger's charisma made him sexually irresistible to provocative singer David Bowie, according to the new book "Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger."

Man finds a practical use for his pennies

4:49 PM 07/06/2012

Thomas Daigle of Milford, Mass. paid off his last mortgage payment with 800 pounds of pennies, according to CBS Boston.

Rep. McCotter’s TV show proposal: ‘Drinking, sex, race, flatulence, puking and women’s anatomy’

2:05 PM 07/06/2012

Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, the GOP presidential candidate who couldn't get enough signatures to remain on his congressional primary ballot, has an impressive creative streak that might outshine his political career.

Southwest Airlines offers Fox News, MSNBC on flights, but not CNN

2:49 PM 06/29/2012

Southwest Airlines is adding live in-flight TV to five planes, reports Biz Journals.

‘Henchman’ admits to trying to whack Tupac in 1994

4:59 PM 06/26/2012

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond admitted to arranging the 1994 ambush of Tupac Shakur that almost resulted in the rapper's death, The Village Voice reports.

Ron Paul: ‘Obamacare’s legal apologists wholly ignorant of constitutional principles’

5:45 PM 06/25/2012

Ahead of the Supreme Court's Thursday ruling on Obamacare, Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul explained that government is already too involved in health care.

Reinstatement of former UVA president considered

4:07 PM 06/22/2012

University of Virginia Rector Helen Dragas released a statement Thursday about the decision to oust president Teresa Sullivan.

Would Jesus cheer for ruthless ‘Christian’ beat-downs?

3:01 PM 06/21/2012

"Fight Church," a documentary film currently under production, explores a Christian subculture that values savage beat-downs as an expression of faith.

Illinois boosts cigarette tax, police promise to hammer evaders

6:22 PM 06/13/2012

Illinoisans are scrambling for cheaper ways to get their nicotine fix before the state's $1 tax increase on a pack of cigarettes kicks in, CBS Chicago reports.

‘Christian’ publisher fires 25 workers after one gripes about outsourcing

4:48 PM 06/11/2012

Implying that he exercised the mercy of God long enough, Christian CEO Ryan Tate of Tate Publishing announced it was time to punish the "morons" and "idiots" who breached the company's employee confidentiality contract and said to them, "I'm gonna getchya," during a meeting that was secretly recorded.

English teacher to wealthy, entitled high school grads: ‘You’re not special’

4:31 PM 06/08/2012

Dressed in graduation robes, the class of 2012 at Wellesley High School, in a wealthy and elite nook of suburban Massachusetts, sat in their seats listening to their English teacher tell them what they didn't want to hear: "You're not special," David McCullough Jr. told them. "Astrophysicists assure us the universe has no center; therefore, you cannot be it."

Mining rescue dog rallies Appalachian communities against ‘war on coal’

1:12 AM 06/08/2012

With the Obama administration EPA's clean-air regulations squeezing the coal industry into a tight spot, the economic sector that generates 42 percent of America's electricity is pulling out all the stops to re-frame coal in a friendly light. And a well-bred companion is the latest defensive weapon in what coal miners say is the president's "war on coal."

Obama cabinet member puts brakes on proposed Eisenhower memorial

7:10 PM 06/07/2012

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has asked the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to stop moving forward with their planned Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial until he can review the proposal, effectively postponing government approval until at least September and allowing opponents to rally against the design, by modern architect Frank Gehry.

IKEA avoids raunchy sex labels for furniture

1:30 PM 06/07/2012

As Swedish furniture giant IKEA expands internationally, the company takes care to avoid putting sex in the face of unsuspecting customers when translating Scandinavian product names.