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From Larry to Lana: 'Matrix' director reveals sex change

Entertainment | Nicole Choi
Larry-turned-Lana Wachowski is the first well-known film director to switch genders

10 handy dandy iPhone cases [SLIDESHOW]

Feature:Slideshow | Nicole Choi
Whether saving you from a bullet or being used as a camera mount for shaky hands, these iPhone cases come to your rescue

'Game of Thrones' inspires high-priced designer shoes

Entertainment | Nicole Choi
The TV series has inspired designers to create fashionably rugged footwear

Report: Aurora shooter mailed psychiatrist notebook with doodles of mass murder

US | Nicole Choi
Madman attempted to reach a psychiatrist before murdering 12 people -- mail not delivered for unknown reason

Asian 'Jersey Shore' strips group of 'model minority' label [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Nicole Choi
The series attempts to shed stereotypes by featuring cast members partying, drinking and fighting

Book: Mick Jagger and David Bowie slept together

Entertainment | Nicole Choi
Bowie's ex-wife reportedly served the naked singers coffee in bed

Man whips out his pennies, pays off his mortgage

US | Nicole Choi
A penny can give you more than just good luck!

McCotter has a future in Hollywood?

Politics | Nicole Choi
Michigan congressman's impressive creative streak might outshine his political career

Southwest Airlines offers Fox News, MSNBC on flights, but not CNN

Business | Nicole Choi
CNN, currently in a deep ratings slump, just can't catch a break

'Henchman' admits to trying to whack Tupac in 1994

Entertainment | Nicole Choi
Crook fesses up, but won't be punished for the crime

Ron Paul: 'Obamacare's legal apologists wholly ignorant of constitutional principles'

Politics | Nicole Choi
'What America needs is a rejection of all government systems in favor of free market mechanisms'

Reinstatement of former UVA president considered

US | Nicole Choi
Students' wrath towards 'dragon lady Dragas' brings consideration to reinstatement of deposed UVA president

Would Jesus cheer for ruthless 'Christian' beat-downs?

Sports | Nicole Choi
Documentary explores unorthodox interpretation of 'actually living out your faith'

Illinois boosts cigarette tax, police promise to hammer evaders

US | Nicole Choi
Authorities may demand online suppliers' customer lists, send them a bill for unpaid taxes

'Christian' publisher fires 25 workers after one gripes about outsourcing

Business | Nicole Choi
Publisher administers bizarre collective punishment, gives condescending speech [AUDIO]

English teacher to privileged high school grads: 'You're not special'

US | Nicole Choi
'Astrophysicists assure us the universe has no center; therefore, you cannot be it'

Mining rescue dog rallies Appalachian communities against 'war on coal'

US | Nicole Choi
As Obama administration pushes coal toward obsolescence, industry pushes back with mining-safety agenda

Obama cabinet member puts brakes on proposed Ike memorial

US | Nicole Choi
Ken Salazar asks the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to stop moving forward with their plan until he can review the proposal

IKEA avoids raunchy sex labels for furniture

Business | Nicole Choi
Swedish company hires locals to translate product names, uncovering a few naughty ones

American food trucks invade Paris

World | Nicole Choi
Food from the States gets surprisingly warm reception in France

Legislation could force Ontario Catholic schools to recognize gay student clubs

World | Nicole Choi
Amended law would support 'LGBTTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed, queer and questioning)' students

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