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Celibate gay man encourages students at Christian university to abandon cultural, sexual identities

Christopher Yuan (Photo: Twitter)

A renowned Christian professor and author who crafts his message around his struggle with his identity as a celibate gay man living with HIV told Olivet Nazarene University's student body Wednesday to forget their sexual and cultural identities.

Sinkhole in Chicago swallows three cars, injures one person

5:00 PM 04/18/2013
'The pavement couldn't even handle it's own weight any more'

Missouri school trains teachers to carry concealed guns

3:53 PM 04/18/2013

Fairview School, in West Plains, Mo. recently announced its decision to allow and train some teachers to carry concealed weapons throughout the school day.

Humane Society wants to use birth control to cut Rock Creek deer population

12:48 PM 04/18/2013

Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. is in the midst of developing a program to control the park’s deer population and is considering using birth control vaccines as a more humane approach to deer management.

Zuckerberg: Staying glued to phone, Facebook app won’t ruin your personal life

5:15 PM 04/17/2013

Advertisements for the recently released “Facebook Home” app depict users ignoring loved ones and focusing entirely on their personal digital world, but tech titan and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that scenario isn't likely to play out in real life.

Obama honors NASCAR champ, denounces ‘cowardly’ attack in Boston

5:11 PM 04/16/2013

WASHINGTON -- During his speech Tuesday honoring NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Brad Keselowski, President Barack Obama vowed again to bring justice to those who committed the "cowardly" bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Social media services tackle what to do when a user dies

8:40 AM 04/12/2013

Rest in peace: Many social media services now have systematic plans for what happens to accounts after a users' death.

Poll: Majority of Americans do not know how to do their taxes

12:29 PM 04/11/2013

The majority of Americans do not know how to file their taxes, according to a poll released Thursday.

New study reveals that people do, in fact, like drunk munchies

12:17 AM 04/11/2013

Food choices move in an unhealthier direction for both men and women on days that they drink alcohol, according to a study recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

New Barbie doll line criticized for ‘promoting stereotypes’

5:21 PM 04/10/2013

Not only do Barbie dolls cause eating disorders, they now, apparently, encourage stereotypes.

Republican representative calls aspect of budget proposal a ‘positive development’

3:21 PM 04/10/2013

A Republican member of Congress called the president's acknowledgment of necessary entitlement program changes a "positive development" but said the budget, as a whole, was reckless.

Five people arrested for plucking feathers from ostriches

12:29 PM 04/10/2013

Five people, who stole $13,164.53 (R117,000) worth of ostrich feathers, were arrested Monday morning in Oudtshoorn, in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Former CNN anchor joins Al-Jazeera America, plans to host new show

6:32 PM 04/09/2013

CNN’s former chief business correspondent recently joined the American branch of Al-Jazeera, with plans to develop and host a daily business program.

Obama announces plans to fund brain research project

3:11 PM 04/02/2013

President Barack Obama announced Tuesday that he plans to include a $100 million brain research initiative in his budget proposal to Congress next week.

Flights to cost more for overweight passengers

1:59 PM 04/02/2013

Overweight passengers flying with Samoa Air will be charged more for their seats.

California politician proposes tax on email

4:35 AM 03/28/2013

Gordon Wozniak, a Berkeley city councilman, proposed taxing email messages during a recent city council meeting in an effort to reduce the spread of "spam," or unwanted emails.

Lawyer: Consumer protection laws apparently do not help consumers

4:19 AM 03/28/2013

Consumer protection laws are rarely passed to help consumers, but rather to prevent competition for existing businesses, according to an Institute for Justice lawyer speaking at the American Enterprise Institute’s panel discussion of regulation, entrepreneurship, competition and political influence on Wednesday.

Italian court orders retrial for murder case involving American Amanda Knox

3:53 PM 03/26/2013

The Italian Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that American Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, will have to stand trial again for the murder of Knox's former roommate, which occurred in Italy on Nov. 2, 2007.

Gritty ‘The Wolverine’ teaser released today

1:01 PM 03/26/2013

A new 20-second teaser of “The Wolverine” released by MTV today reveals a grittier, tougher Hugh Jackman, who plays the film's titular character.