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Gay Christian professor tells students to stop ID'ing people by sexuality

US | Nicole Lafond
'My identity should not be defined only by my passions or desires or feelings'

Sinkhole in Chicago swallows three cars, injures one person

US | Nicole Lafond
'The pavement couldn't even handle it's own weight any more'

Missouri school trains teachers to carry concealed guns

Education | Nicole Lafond
Certain teachers undergo 40-hour training class to beef up security post-Newtown

D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

US | Nicole Lafond
D.C. national park considers using porcine zona pellucida vaccine to render female deer population barren

Zuckerberg: Staying glued to phone, Facebook app won't ruin your personal life

Tech | Nicole Lafond
'People often think of staying connected as frivolous. It's not'

Obama honors NASCAR champ, denounces 'cowardly' attack in Boston

Sports | Nicole Lafond
Brad Keselowski welcome ceremony shadowed by deadly, unsolved Boston Marathon bombing

Social media services tackle what to do when a user dies

Tech | Nicole Lafond
From trustees to programs that mimic your 'likes,' there's a plan out there for you

Poll: Majority of Americans do not know how to do their taxes

Business | Nicole Lafond
About two-thirds say the federal tax system is too complicated

New study reveals that people do, in fact, like drunk munchies

US | Nicole Lafond
Data suggested more calories, less healthy food, when imbibing

New Barbie doll line criticized for 'promoting stereotypes'

US | Nicole Lafond
'These images seem very dated and seem to have been created for a different time'

Republican representative calls aspect of budget proposal a 'positive development'

Politics | Nicole Lafond
Diane Black praises entitlement treatment, but calls rest of budget 'reckless'

Five people arrested for plucking feathers from ostriches

World | Nicole Lafond
Ostrich industry has reportedly suffered 'substantially'

Former CNN anchor joins Al-Jazeera America, plans to host new show

US | Nicole Lafond
Foreign-based broadcast news channel announced plans to launch new series on American economy

Obama announces plans to fund brain research project

Tech | Nicole Lafond
'Initiative will accelerate the development and application of new technologies'

Flights to cost more for overweight passengers

World | Nicole Lafond
Plan is 'fairest way of traveling,' CEO says

California politician proposes tax on email

US | Nicole Lafond
Says the effort may reduce spam

Lawyer: Consumer protection laws apparently do not help consumers

Politics | Nicole Lafond
The panel conversation was held to discuss consumer protection regulation

Italian high court orders Amanda Knox retrial

World | Nicole Lafond
An appellate court overturned the murder conviction against Knox

Gritty 'The Wolverine' teaser released today

Entertainment | Nicole Lafond
The teaser features a sneak peak of Wolverine's adventures in Japan

Democratic city official under investigation for yelling at special needs child

US | Nicole Lafond
Official reportedly used 'foul language' at Texas Roadhouse

Boy Scouts members plan coalition to keep gays out of organization

US | Nicole Lafond
Concerned BSA members plan to campaign to keep scouting's original policies

Singer to respond personally to fans upset by 'faggots' remark

Entertainment | Nicole Lafond
'I'm abiding, letting everyone's true colors show before I undertake a personal response'

Poll: Americans trust Democrats on immigration, don't know much about deportation

Politics | Nicole Lafond
Deportation rates have increased under Obama

Extinct frog species that gives birth through its mouth comes close to resurrection

World | Nicole Lafond
Researchers hope to bring the frogs back to life 'Jurassic Park' style

Cops raid family home over Facebook photo of child posing with gun

Gun Laws & Legislation | Nicole Lafond
New Jersey family gets a scary late-night visit from cops and apparatchiks

GOP Doctors Caucus says young people should be most worried about Obamacare

Politics | Nicole Lafond
'More than five million Americans in their twenties are presently without health insurance'

70-year-old twin sister prostitutes retire after 50 years in the industry

World | Nicole Lafond
Twin prostitutes claims to have slept with 355,000 men combined throughout career

Kansas legislators probe Chuck Hagel's involvement in defense contract

Military | Nicole Lafond
The Sierra Nevada Corp. was awarded the $427.5 million LAS contract

Young mother attempts to sell children via Facebook

US | Nicole Lafond
'I'll give you all of her stuff and let y'all have her forever for $1,000'

Gluten-free diets rise in popularity, but may not be healthy

US | Nicole Lafond
Eating gluten free as a dietary plan can be unhealthy if not done carefully

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