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OPINION: The Left Is Dead Because It Is Rootless And Stands For NOTHING

Opinion | Nirmal Dass
The left is structured for failure because it pursues the imaginary through language manipulation

OPINION: THE SINISTER DR. MARX: How Marxist-Consumerism Has Wrecked Christianity

Opinion | Nirmal Dass
Marx gave capitalism a solid materialistic philosophy which is now justified via relativism

OPINION: Jordan Peterson's Tragic Folly

Opinion | Nirmal Dass
Peterson lacks theology and history. He doesn't even know that real Marxists hate postmodernists

OPINION: Jordan Peterson's Anti-Christian Vision

Opinion | Nirmal Dass
The consequences of Peterson's ideas are fear and self-loathing

SORRY OSAMA: There Was Never An 'Islamic Spain.' That's Just Another Dumb Leftist Myth

op-ed | Nirmal Dass
Islam was always limited in Spain and began a slow decline into irrelevance after the 11th century

Cannibalism And Child Sacrifice Are Obvious Evils. Why Can't Cultural Relativists Admit That?

op-ed | Nirmal Dass
What is there to understand about children being tortured, slaughtered and then eaten?

The Idea Of A Prehistoric 'Matriarchy' Is A CRACKPOT Fable Started By An Obscure Swiss Dude

op-ed | Nirmal Dass
Humans never separated themselves along a sexual divide. Why would they?

'Flat Earth' Is A MYTH And A FRAUD. Only Kooks Have Believed The Earth Was Flat For 2,000 Years

op-ed | Nirmal Dass
Such liberal lunacy actually begins in the Enlightenment

Here Is The Unbelievably Dumb Reason Fancypants Leftists Changed 'Moslems' To 'Muslims'

op-ed | Nirmal Dass
Where are the language police getting their money?

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